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Curses: How Projections Can Negatively Affect Us

By on July 23, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Curses: How Projections Can Negatively Affect Us

by Sven Carlson,
Contributing Writer,

A typical curse is nothing more than a negative projected thought form. A parent telling a teenager that he is hopeless, is delivering a curse, as is someone who says, “I hope you get sick and go to hell.” All of us have both given and received curses, if not in this current incarnation then in past incarnations.

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If you have given a curse, it is a two-way street which opens you to receive the same in return. In the dowsing (an ancient shamanistic method), when we transition and come back in, we don’t receive a clean slate for curses. They remain with us until they are cleared. There are many methods for clearing curses but dowsing is definitely one of the most efficient methods. We are not only able to eliminate such non-beneficial energies but also we are able to detect where they come from and to what degree they are impacting our lives.

To give you an example of how common curses are, a light curse might result from an argument or problem with a neighbor, and you simply need to clear it so that tensions don’t continue. Obsessing about an argument after the event might indicate the existence of a curse.

A stronger type of curse is a professional curse given by a dark shaman or black witch. Clearing a professional curse requires more preliminary work. A professional curse often has a shield that hides the curse or disguises it as a different problem, and only when the shield is removed can we clear the curse. These are all aspects that can be investigated through dowsing.

A curse can be placed on a person, a house, a location, a family line, an animal, or anything you can imagine. Curses on business transactions and ancestral or hereditary lines can be very significant. When there are existing curses in place, things just don’t go right or well. A curse can impede progress in life and prevent healing. Some curses are placed only on the female side of the family or the male side. These curses can have powerful affects on marriage, or lack of marriage, prosperity, fertility, children, death and disease.

In the early 1900’s a young man in the U.S. Midwest accused of theft continued to claim he was not guilty as he was led to the gallows. Just prior to his hanging, he stated that to prove his innocence, no grass or flowers would ever grow on his grave. To this day, although there have been many attempts to grow grass, apply grass squares, or plant flowers over his grave, it remains totally brown on top.

We worked with an Amish family in Kentucky whose farm was on land that had a professional curse. The husband’s brother in Delaware, a dear friend who believed in our dowsing work, explained that his niece had developed mild seizure symptoms on her 16th birthday and that her 17-year-old neighbor had developed the same symptoms the year before on her birthday. Both girls had MRI’s and cat scans and had been seen by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist said their problems were emotional disorders, even suggesting that the girls were faking their symptoms. These two neighboring Amish families had farms with greenhouses, and they believed their daughter’s symptoms might be related to their use of pesticides. They considered it pure coincidence that each girl had first been affected on her 16th birthday, even though none of the other family members suffered similar symptoms or illnesses.

When we visited the farm in Kentucky, we saw a circular Native American mound about thirty meters in diameter surrounded by a corn field. Out of respect, the family had built a fence around the burial mound, but they planted corn right up to the fence line. We learned that in the previous century a 16-year-old girl had been brutally murdered in a massacre of Native Americans in the valley where these two farms were located. Our dowsing informed us that a Native American shaman from that time had put a curse on any 16-year-old girl living in this valley, asking that she suffer illness and seizure symptoms. Our intuition with the land spirits and native people was to create breathing room for their burial mound. We suggested that the farm owners move the fence around the burial mound back about five meters.

If the recipients of a curse reject its authenticity and power, then we cannot clear it. Because the Amish brother discounted our dowsing and the curse, he refused to move the corn crop back, and his belief system didn’t allow us to clear the curse.

Another type of curse is a self-curse, and it is more common than you might suspect. Negative self thoughts such as “I´m not good enough”, and derogatory body image perceptions “I´m too fat”, or “not pretty enough.” Over time, these thoughts create a negative impact upon us. Some of our clients had previous lives as healers, witches, or people in a position of power. Perhaps they failed in their task or misused their power, or perhaps they were hung because of the church’s influence on the populace. As a result, they may have sworn never again to use their healing gifts or assume a position of power. These self-curses could very well hold them back through lifetimes, until they are drawn to dowsing to identify and clear them. Even if they again have a position of power, they retain a subconscious fear of repeating the pattern or mistake. Once we identify and clear these curses, a client can have major life changes.


All in all, its important to notice how we may unconsciously project negative thoughts in our life, both to ourselves and towards others as these can very clearly bind us to negative situations. We all have negative thoughts and not all of them become curses, yet it is incredibly beneficial to bring awareness into what we project and how other people’s projections can negatively affect us. Dowsing is an incredible tool to clear these energies frequently and even daily. In these transformative times it is helpful to increase our awareness of the power and energy in words.

About the author: Sven Carlson is a highly gifted Energy Dowser. He works with clients to clear old patterns and investigate the root causes of disharmony in the mental/emotional, physical and spiritual states of being. One of his keen interests is the power held in the words we choose and being able to look deeply into the thoughts and patterns we believe are ours. Many times these are imprinted on us through our culture, heritage, religion or our ancestral lineage. To learn more about curses and how to clear them, visit:

Image: Pixabay

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