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How To Deal With The Increasing Energy Shifts

By on November 27, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Deal With The Increasing Energy Shifts

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by Sylvia Molera,
Guest writer,

Have you ever tried reading a map?  It is not always clear which is the best route to take.  It can be confusing and unclear.  Navigating your path does not have to be filled with stress.  Your path to bliss can be discovered with ease.  Let this energy guide you.  Let go of all those puppet strings you are so desperately attempting to control to the point of exhaustion.  Your arms are achy and tired.  It’s not working.  The harder you struggle to force things the more you deplete yourself.  Detach from the drama.  Preserve your precious energy.  Surrender.  Trust.  Allow.  “When you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything at all” is the general advice to eliminate doubt and avoid taking a wrong turn.


With the increasing energy, shifts, people leaving both quietly or with a bang.  Changes, loss of a job, loss of a home, relationships devolving or evolving it has been quite the challenge not to hide under the covers and stay in bed.  Fear is a liar!  It will never tell you the truth.  It limits you in every single way.  You are good enough!  You are strong enough!  You do have something of value to share!  Your opinion matters! We all need to hear what you have to say.   Along with that fear there is also a quiet tap on the shoulder from Spirit.  Nudging you.  Guiding you.  How about this?  I wonder what that feels like?  That would be a cool place to live.  That class is so interesting, I want to know more.  They come so quietly we tend to sometimes ignore them.  And that is our own GPS attempting to steer us in the right direction.  One breadcrumb, one idea, one curious investigation at a time.

In order to fully take advantage of this guidance we must consciously be aware of it and listen for it.  Be aware of what sparks your curiosity.  What looks interesting?  What sounds fun?  The road to your new life is disguised as fun.  We disregard it because we tell ourselves we have serious work to do.  I can not waste time right now messing around coloring, taking classes, fill in the blank.  I have to figure out what my next move is!  Filled with sudden desperation to solve this enormous mystery right this very moment.  Panic.  Fear.  Withdrawal.  Smother it with food, alcohol, tv.  Twisting yourself into knots to try and please everyone around you to keep the status quo.  To prevent change.  To make them happy so they will like you.   Conforming.  Making yourself smaller.  Silencing your voice, your wants your needs so that they won’t leave you.  All the while you become further and further disconnected further and further confused further and further depressed and filled with thoughts of giving up.  That is when the dark takes over.  Yes! We got her!  We got him! We managed to steer her away from her light.  He gave up!

Stop the insanity.  Relax.  You have not wasted any time because you learned something.  Everything has been for your greatest good no matter how messed up it felt like when it unfolded.  Even now looking back you can think of a few times that life seemed to blow up in your face and now you see what a huge gift that was for you as it was the catalyst for a blessing right around the corner.  And that happened when you were “asleep”!  What glory awaits you now that you are conscious and aware?!  How exciting!  Anything is possible!  All you have to do is create!  Let go.  Stop trying to control anything.  Drive your own car. Stay in your own lane.  Don’t go trying to drive someone else ‘s car.  That’s when you crash.  And I’m sure you are quite familiar with crashing, am I right?  We all are.  Let everyone else worry about their own road.  You stay on yours.  Nothing else matters but your happiness.  Point blank period.  Relax, listen, investigate.  What lights you up?  What makes your heart sing?  What looks cool?  What sounds interesting?  Go there with an open mind.  Don’t talk yourself out of anything.  The mind will try to sabotage your investigation telling you all the ways you will fail because of stuff that went down in the past.  All that exists is this very moment.  Just now.  Nothing else.  Allow yourself to be guided to your next breadcrumb.

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Take a chance! Take many chances!  Do not label anything as stupid or ridiculous.  You cannot know for sure this is not going to lead you to your next discovery.  If you feel drawn to get a reading or a healing, do it!  Wisdom and guidance will come in all forms.  Do not limit the way you are willing to receive your next breadcrumb.  Stay open and alert.  Constantly observing the synchronicities that arrive at your doorstep.  A conversation with your sister.  A text message.  A book you read that has the most amazing idea!  It can come to you in a myriad of ways.  Be prepared to receive it however it may come to you.  It may even come from a child.  It will feel as if its dawning on you for the first time when you hear it.  Observe.

What is meant for you is unstoppable and you cannot mess this up.  The fastest way to feel good is to be good to yourself.  You are transforming.  Any pain from what is unfolding around you is the meagerness of your old life leaving you forever.  Let it go.  Allow it to leave.  You can’t stop a baby being born.  All you can do is try and get as comfortable with what is transpiring as you possibly can.  Labor pains.  As you birth your dreams.  Just the way you would treat a beloved child is the way to treat yourself during this transition.  Rest.  Go to bed early.  Walk in nature.  Breathe.  Take long hot baths.  Eat nutritious foods.  Drink lots of water.  Exercise to move that energy out of your body.  Any kind of exercise.  When your body tells you it needs to sleep, listen to it.

Each day will be different.  We are not in 3d anymore.  What worked back then is not what is required now.  This is new.  The old world was set up to keep you programmed like a robot.  The same thing every day.  The same formula day in and day out.  Now we are being called to respond differently.  Not react.  Respond.  Softly.  With ease.  In an elevated way.  Let us be our own cheerleader, caretaker, best friend and advocate.  After all, it’s our life.  We should be the one to decide what that life looks like and with whom we share our light with.


Sylvia Molera

About the author: I was part of the law enforcement community in my 3d life for almost two decades until I had my spiritual awakening which came when I reported a death threat against an officer.  This led to my wrongful termination from a corrupt and dark agency.  I have been expanding my knowledge and light ever since.  I am a mother of four and married to a police officer.  My life is transforming constantly and what is true one moment is no longer true in the next.  Ever evolving.

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