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Decalcify The Pineal Gland With Alkaline Foods

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Decalcify The Pineal Gland With Alkaline Foods in5d in 5d

by S. Ali Myers

Charge up your third eye (pineal gland) with high-vibrating, nutritionally enriched foods and drinks!

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Most people, especially in America, are consuming a diet that is detrimental to our spiritual growth. With the influx of low vibratory foods (ie. fast food, sodas, microwave dinners, sugars etc.), we are contracting more diseases and evolving slower spiritually than we have to.

There are two types of foods: acid-forming or alkaline-forming. The differences between the two are like night and day. Or, diseased and not diseased. Or, a healthy pineal gland versus a overly calcified pineal gland.

Your body is designed for your blood pH balance to be between 7.35-7.45. Too much acid in the blood causes imbalance and eventually, diseases and further calcification of the pineal gland. Whenever you eat something that is incomplete (not wholesome) and acidic, your body has to pull the nutrients out of your body’s minerals to try to neutralize the acidity.


A high level of spiritual growth through pineal gland decalcification can be gained by eating more alkaline foods. Look at it as alkaline charges you up while acid drains your power. The following list will provide you with a number of food options that will help you charge up your third eye and re-gain your innate spiritual power!

Once you begin to consume more alkaline foods you will start to increase your intuition, ‘psychic’ powers, dreams, calmness, peace of mind, happiness, creativity, and overall energy!

Note: Green supplements are a wonderful addition to any diet to get more chlorophyll and alkalinity.

The foods listed below are all alkaline-forming. There is a difference between acid-forming and alkaline-forming. A citrus fruit like an orange is acidic but when your body assimilates it, it leaves an alkaline ash. Therefore, the orange is an alkaline-forming fruit.

This list is a combination of all the research and experiences I’ve had. There may be other foods that are not listed but that just means it slipped my eye. The important thing is that we make a conscious effort to consume as much alkaline-forming foods as possible.

Please share this list with everyone you know!

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Alkaline-Forming Vegetables (All fresh, not processed or canned)

Alkaline-Forming Fruits (all fresh, not processed or canned)

Alkaline Forming Spices & Seasonings

Other Alkaline Forming Foods

Worst Acid Forming Foods (These “foods” should be limited or avoided)

There are many acid-forming foods (mainly all the unnatural, man-made “foods”) but these are the worst of the worst.

Image: Pixabay

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