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Deconstructing the Mainstream Mindset

By on December 11, 2018 in Awareness
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Deconstructing the Mainstream Mindset

by James Hallahan,
Contributing Writer,

At the onset of the spiritual awakening, as one first begins to contemplate the nature of reality, there quickly comes out of obscurity a subtle yet formidable “opponent”. Marvelously,and without our knowing, this opponent has already erected itself a barrier over certain territories of thought which have apparently been deemed inappropriate for our deliberation. In a clever and underhanded way, it’s somehow been able to convince us, without proof, that these areas of thought have already been determined to be invalid. What’s more, is that it has given us the understanding that just their mere consideration is a sign of ignorance—or worse insanity. By far the most astonishing thing is that no one ever actually questions its judgement. There’s the notion, rather shallow and ungrounded, that this barrier must surely have been put up in good faith—and that if there was something of substance behind it, then of course our eminent and wise intelligentsia would have discovered this long ago. Little are they aware,however, that the eminent and wise intelligentsia have virtually not set foot outside the barrier, and for the same fear that keeps everyone else in.

The formidable opponent is of course the conditioned “mainstream mindset”, and as the first step to true enlightenment—and the first step to freedom—it promptly needs to be overthrown and its barrier permanently deconstructed. The illogic of this barrier can be expressed simply: Have we really in fact, at this early stage, discovered all there is to know about reality? When attempting to find truth, is it really wise to restrict our search to confined parameters? Should we really presuppose in advance what is possible—without actually investigating? With respect to the spiritual journey, which is in large part a search for truth, this kind of mindset is not only obstructive but is in fact completely antithetical. For such an endeavor to be undertaken seriously, it is fundamental that we’re open to all possibility and that we let go of our preconceived notions in their entirety.


The necessity of an open-minded approach is exceptionally warranted by the fact that there has undoubtedly been manipulation—and on a very large scale. In its devastation, sorry to say, it has thoroughly corrupted science. Behind the scenes and all along, it has been suppressing inquiry into various fields of research which, we can presume, are somehow threatening to the existing paradigm. This fact, needless to say,changes the game entirely. Ascertaining truth about reality unfortunately becomes a more complicated task—one that actually requires starting over (from the ground up), on a completely clean slate, and totally independent from the conventional wisdom. On the surface, this of course appears extreme; however,upon seriously taking stock of the manipulation, one discovers quickly are markably high level of sophistication, quite over and above what we would anticipate. The capacity, it can honestly be stated, is that of virtual omnipotence—and with its blessing, there unfortunately has been very little restraint. It may well be argued that science as we know it, to a very far degree, is essentially a “device”—a clever contrivance used to manufacture a counterfeit worldview with the aim of concealing the true nature of reality.

But, as is widely known, the mainstream mind will not give countenance to such possibilities—not through any persuasion. It has concluded, prematurely, that this is too unrealistic. The basis for this—please take note—is that, because this has not yet been announced on the television, everything must therefore be in good order.Frightfully, this is the level of wariness of the human species. If you wish to lead them astray, simply present to them a man who’s well-groomed and appears to have some comprehension of what he’s talking about. Rest assured, the majority of them will acquiesce and conform to his bidding. For the more rebellious ones who are still unswayed, all that need be done is to convey the deceit within the context of a Hollywood movie. Be sure to add in numerous people firing off weapons and have no doubt this will string along even the most recalcitrant. This may appear a slightly immoderate assessment, however,upon taking survey of what’s hidden beneath the water-line, I think we can safely say that this is accurate.

Returning the idea of wholesale corruption in science, the unacquainted reader will most likely conclude that I mean duplicitous scientists, employed by a secret cabal, who, with willful intent, are misleading the public. This, for the most part, is not the case.The methodology it turns out is quite different, and the scientists, by and large, are unwitting. From my own perception, it can be likened to the cultivation of a garden—whereupon the (undamaging to the system) “good” ideas,are the ones that receive nurturing, and the (nonconformist) “bad” ideas are the ones that get stamped out and treated as weeds. The means by which this is accomplished is simply by controlling the consignment of funds. The architects of the manipulation, having prominent influence over these funds, in turn control where they go. And so, with relative ease, the whole of science can be molded & directed and its parameters kept easily in check.

This “behind the scenes” management of science—implementing a suppression of alternative ideas—resulted in the philosophy of “materialism”: The theory that matter is the only reality and that everything can be explained through material agencies. On evaluation of this, bearing in mind the manipulation, it can be postulated that orthodox materialism is in fact a comprehensive form of subterfuge—which, with great efficacy, keeps the whole of science at bay and prevents our ascertainment of the true reality. The reason it works is simple: If the metaphysical is excluded as even being a possibility and is presumed to not exist, then, quite predictably, no one is ever going to conduct research on it. It will be categorically dismissed and, due to the astonishingly unscientific culture, it will also be shunned and therefore avoided for fear of defamation. This is precisely what has occurred and, accordingly, the scope of scientific thought has become largely homogeneous and based solely upon observable, physical processes.Noteworthy here is the fact that this preconception of reality is essentially implanted into the scientist from the get-go. They are in fact bred to be materialists and, safe to say, the validity of it is never really questioned.Amazingly, it’s almost as if it’s regarded to be a kind of law of physics,which it should be kept in mind that it is not. It is absolutely still a theory.

Despite its abhorrence to the orthodox scientist, I will nevertheless draw our attention and scrutiny to the revered “scientific method”. I am in no way proposing that it is ineffectual,but only that it perhaps contains one sizable flaw: By reason of its own principles, it does not technically have the capacity to ascertain phenomena of a non-physical nature. So if it just so happens that we do in fact live in a much more complex universe—one which contains non-physical aspects—then scientists, needless to say, will continue to go along merrily unaware of it and will likely be the last ones to know. They will no doubt persist in their conviction that if it can’t be observed, measured or empirically tested, then it therefore must not exist. Is it not self-evident the problem with this inflexibility? Yes, it can be seen why this appears unproblematic to them—but that’s because they presume that they’re right. The trouble arises of course when it’s found that they’re wrong and this rigidity turns out to be a tremendous fault which has led them far down the road into error. Given the fact that science is still practically in its infancy, the possibility of this does not at all seem improbable. Moreover, I think it can be argued that such overturns are bound to happen. We have seen sizable ones in the past, such as for instance with plate tectonics, which was at the time thought to be a lunatic fringe idea. Of foremost indication of this is what has been revealed in quantum physics. It’s clear now that matter on the subatomic level has some very bizarre and unexpected properties which just cannot be fully explained by current models of physics. Additionally it has been shown that, when carrying out experiments, the observer itself actually has an influence to some degree on their outcome. What this is proving, at long last, is that consciousness is indeed transcendent beyond the brain and also that it does seem to have some kind of interplay with the external environment. Reasoning from this alone, I would say it isn’t going to be long before it’s brought to light that materialism has all along been fundamentally flawed.

The trouble though, however, is that materialism has been at large for quite some time now and is essentially the foundational philosophy which overarches every field. To illustrate this allegorically: The whole tree of science basically—root and branch—has spawned from a bad seed and by deliberation has grown crooked and in the direction opposite to truth. In light of this, there will perhaps need to be a significant pruning down the road. Many things that have been overlooked will need to be taken account of and, furthermore, much that has since been established will of course need to be reassessed. The most problematic issue though, by far, is that materialism has by no means remained confined to just the scientists. By virtue of our specious education system, it has instead been distributed in widespread fashion and is now situated inexorably within the minds of virtually everyone. In effect, it has formed the foundation of our sense of rationality—the central component of the mainstream mindset—and in so doing has narrowed our perception of what is possible to a very limited spectrum. As I will argue, this a considerable problem as it has essentially blinded us to the most critical and determinative aspects of reality. Further than that, it is of course the principal means by which the manipulation is able to be kept secret. Very advantageously it operates outside the range of our awareness. If we’re wholly unbelieving of the metaphysical, we’re wide open to a vast array of designs and none of it can be made known to the public as it will of course be mechanically dismissed and regarded without thought as an impossibility.

In illustration of this, I will diverge momentarily and direct attention to what is probably the most fundamental mechanism used in the object of control and repression. To orthodoxy this will, on the surface, appear to be rather outlandish; however,rest assured that to the above manipulator this is something of paramount importance and is utilized extensively on a grand scale. It involves what is known as “vibrational attraction”—a quite remarkable aspect of reality which has extraordinary implications. It is based on the understanding that reality is not really so much an external locale, but rather an internal experience which is being generated by our own consciousness. So, contrary to appearances,it is not at all the solid physical environment we see it as. It is actually energy which we only perceive to be physical, and underlying it there are forces at play which govern the nature of its experience. Rather mysteriously,it is directly correlated with our perception and the beliefs that we uphold.That is to say, what we take on in our mind, in turn projects itself onto our reality. If we have doubts, they become deficiencies. If we feel we are powerless, we thereby render ourselves as such. And so, little did we realize,it is our own consciousness that has been running the show and creating our experience.

As ill fortune would have it though,malignant and influential forces—who I regret to say are at the helm of civilization—have long known about this. They know as well that the human soul is essentially boundless and at full potential cannot possibly be ruled over or held by any form of control. It is therefore understood that to achieve and maintain supremacy, the spiritual force must somehow be subverted and its capacity rendered to a lower level of functioning.

The manner in which this is done is through utilizing the above-mentioned knowledge. In essence, it is hijacking the soul’s own creativity capacity by instilling within the mind conceptions which are conceding to inability (self-limiting beliefs). In our particular situation this has been carried out through far-ranging infiltration of societal institutions, most predominantly religion, and in more recent times science. In terms of religious doctrine, I would say that the perniciousness is largely attributable to the partitionment of mankind from the divine—which I suspect was the fulcrum of the entire manipulative design. If you separate man from God and recast their relationship as a kind of partitioned hierarchy—where man is required to look outside of himself to the help of a deity—then naturally this will engender a disposition of impotency. With science, it’s more straightforward. If you relegate man to nothing more than biology, then of course you will have reduced spiritual capacity full measure. And so, when the world at large becomes saturated with the view of humans as being naturally fallible—cleverly framed as the notion “being only human”—then what ultimately develops is a kind of transmutation of the species into something far diminished from what it was formerly. With that said though, I do not mean to imply that this was the sole machination that has brought us to where we are now, but rather just one of many.

Taking this fully into account, it becomes plainly visible the tremendous folly of scientific dogmatism and its resultant mainstream conception of reality. The barrier they’re so keen to maintain hasn’t just impeded our pursuit of truth—it has, without question,been far more consequential. Little do they know, they are preserving the conditions permitting of our foremost vulnerability. And due to this, we’ve gotten ourselves into a rather large-scale predicament—containing, perhaps, an oversupply of adversity. This isn’t to be cynical, but only to point out just what a bad idea it can be to fall into narrow-mindedness. What you’re omitting from your framework could turn out to be critical. Among other things, the seeming “quiescence” of the universe could turn out to be misleading. Perhaps,not having a very complete understanding of this place, that we should have been giving thought to recondite contingencies. Perhaps this would be just standard procedure of an intelligent species—to exercise a latitude of thought,so as to identify unrecognized dangers. In this vein, it would only be consistent that we carefully appraise this barrier—and consider deeply how it could, at the end of the day, turn out to be a blindfold.

At the same time though—moving away from science—it really isn’t at all surprising that the “beyond the barrier”territory is so widely deserted. The difficulty is that the separation between it and the norm is quite substantial. In truth, it is an immense chasm which,from the narrow mainstream perspective, makes the esoteric seem incredibly anomalous and without real basis. With careful inspection of this circumstance,however, it can be deduced that this is designful. Apart from the delusive conceptions propagated by science, what else has been taking place is a systematic and widespread marginalization of spiritual and esoteric philosophy. In substance,it is a calculated process whereby spiritual and esoteric ideas are deliberately misrepresented in order to dissuade belief and slant opinion in the unfavorable direction. Film and television are of course the most efficient means to effectuate this, and it is safe to argue that they have in fact been designed specifically for this purpose—that is, to mold public perception.

Naturally though, this is being done in a very underhanded kind of way. As with science, it doesn’t really require a full-scale infiltration. Once the mindset (or the norm) has been established,the entertainment industry, to a large extent, will conform to the agenda virtually on its own accord. Further influence and direction is exerted through the appropriation of certain key positions, naturally the overarching ones,which are secured via secret society networks already in place and interwoven throughout the higher echelons. Their methodology, in the broad sense anyway,is relatively uncomplicated. The sentiment that is intended to be propagated is embodied within the likable characters and is portrayed throughout as favorable.On the other hand, the sentiment that is discouraged is, for the most part,excluded from film and television entirely. When there are references to it—such as things relating to spirituality and esotericism—there’s more often than not a distinguishable slant which in some way detracts from or cheapens its quality. Through these regular and calculated perversions, the perception of these subjects has become standardized and ultimately misrepresentative of their true essence. As a result, any and all information pertinent to these subjects is now linked to the orthodox conception and carries along its designedly unappealing stigma—effectively debarring it from serious consideration.

To expand on this, take for instance the paranormal, which is perhaps the epitome of this whole design. This subject should very conceivably have the undivided attention of the world—and most particularly the scientists. The reason for this is straightforward: Genuine ascertainment of anomalous phenomena potentially reflects a major deficiency in our understanding of reality. In other words, it reveals that we may be wrong—in perhaps a big way—and which of course would, in turn, have big implications. In spite of this though, we have a remarkably different situation.The subject, on the whole, is regarded as frivolous and, rather confusingly, a shaving little or no value in the furtherance of our knowledge. This is beyond any shadow of a doubt peculiar and should have us very curious as to how it could be so easily dismissed. The answer, I think we can be fairly certain, has quite a lot to do with our inculcated perception, via the entertainment industry. As a useful exercise, just for a moment strip away the attached connotation of the paranormal. Imagine that there had never been corny ghost movies, low-budget sci-fi films, and likewise all of the modern shows which depreciate it as well. We would of course be left with a very different image that I think would almost surely prompt serious attention. After all, accounts of the paranormal are of an undoubtedly inordinate magnitude—exceeding well beyond what could be explained through mental illness or fabrication. So what we have here basically (scrubbing the connotation) is an unacknowledged presence, ranging both physical and nonphysical, that has been here, right in our midst, over pretty much the whole period of our existence (a fairly substantial contingency). And so my point here is that, from an alternate perspective,this particular framing of the paranormal is perhaps a bit conspicuous and seems conveniently to have engendered not only incredulity but also a kind of casual attitude—and in respect to a subject that should legitimately be of great concern to the human species.

In concert with this agenda and as key progenitor of the mainstream mindset, we must of course turn our attention to the “mainstream media”. On the exterior, indeed, it truly does convey a sense of professionalism and authenticity. And yes, admittedly, it does seem to have persuaded a large quantity of intelligent humans—who the general public no doubt presume are of enough discernment to know if it were fraud. It is this fact, incidentally, that perpetuates confidence that we’re being told the truth. We all feel that if the media was really a deception, then surely smart people would by now have come to the fore and explained this to us. It’s just too hard for the average man to fathom that the entire population,intellectuals and all, could be so thoroughly hoodwinked and on such a massive scale. However, it is in fact this perception of implausibility that ultimately enables its possibility. What I mean is that if the world’s media hadn’t already been corrupted, an elite consortium (possessing the capability) could go right ahead and achieve this with very little trouble. There would be no interference from the public, because (due to the mindset/barrier) they have already predetermined that this is too unrealistic and would therefore make no endeavor to investigate. And so we have here, once again, in a very clear-cut way, the shortcoming of the mindset. It can unfortunately be exploited and quite easily turned to advantage.

Now in terms of the smart humans who, in the event of a deception, would theoretically spring up to notify us—the fact of the matter is this has long since already occurred. The mainstream, however, is unaware of this because, unfortunately, they have only been monitoring mainstream channels of information—and not unexpectedly, the mainstream is prohibitive of such news stories. The smart humans have had no choice but to try to alert us through alternative means, namely the internet,the only unrestricted outlet we have. Convenient for the system though—and not by accident—the internet has been branded as “untrustworthy”. The notion smoothly circulates around via the clever catch phrase “don’t believe what you hear on the internet”. It’s a farcical statement though because, of course, the internet is not one particular information source but a medium. It’s about as indistinct as saying “don’t believe what you hear on the telephone”. All the same though, this unfair sentiment has more or less disqualified the entire alternative news media in the eyes of the public—relegating them exclusively to mainstream outlets. Now how intelligent is it that literally the whole of the population has enclosed itself into a system of information controlled by a handful of people? I think it’s within reason to say that this is reckless—and perhaps a bit foolhardy.

In addition, it must be remembered that as a business the media of course caters to the majority. So unless one is of the mind that the common people are actually in line with the true state of things, perhaps then the mainstream isn’t the ideal place to locate truth.After all, does the content of the media truly reflect deep knowledge of society? I think that with just a cursory examination, it must be agreed that it does not. Setting aside the manipulation, it seems plain that this is cosmetically designed trivia which appears distinctly remiss on questions of true significance. Notable as well is the glaring lack of genuine vigilance. It just cannot be stated with sincerity that these expert journalists are truly on task and in scrutiny of legitimate issues. The crucial oversight here is their belief that heads of state are the final arbiters of power. This is very plausibly an invalid premise which of course would mean that the entire media has been grossly off track and their reporting of very little consequence. We should ask sincerely: what of this strange inattention to the billionaires of our society? Should we really not concern ourselves with the subject of unchecked power? Perhaps there’s a little more than just lobbying going on.Maybe it really isn’t so unimaginable that behind the scenes there could be something extensive that we didn’t know about—an interrelationship, perhaps,between government and powerful families that is deep-rooted and pre-existent to the modern era. Should it really surprise us that there could be large-scale collusion—given especially the historic relationship between power and corruption?

Shifting course here, I’d like to call attention to what I think is veritably the most distinguishable and perhaps bizarre characteristic of the mainstream sentiment: That is, the extraordinary and almost universal lack of interest in the nature of our reality. Allow me to delineate: We’ve been spawned into “existence”. It is this black void of stupendous proportion which is sparsely populated with these mysterious balls of hydrogen. Deep inside, we find ourselves gravitationally clung to a large rotating sphere of rock which is circling around one of these mysterious balls. Having a mind and conscious awareness, you would naturally think that the foremost concern would be—what the hell is going on here? Although,shockingly, this concern is entirely absent. In fact, it rarely if ever enters the mind—at least not in any serious or contemplative way. In place of this interest—somewhat disconcertingly—we find ourselves thoroughly captivated by what certainly qualifies as meaningless, trivial rubbish. Namely, our material belongings: ornamental objects, electronic gadgets, wheeled vehicles,etc.—insignificant “niceties” basically. This weird unconcern should genuinely confound us quite simply because we don’t know what this strange setting is exactly—we’ve never been informed. And so, in all seriousness, can we really infact refer to ourselves as truly being conscious given this extreme inobservance? Perhaps Orwell’s expression regarding the 1984 society can be equally applied to our own: “Orthodoxy is unconsciousness”.

It’s important to understand though that we did not by any means fall into this stupor unassisted. The truth is that we have been “knocked” unconscious. The mainstream mindset was a premeditated infliction designed to incapacitate us spiritually while at the same time rendering us inattentive to the overarching manipulation. Ultimately,it is the central component of a control system. It may be hard to fathom, but on the broad level human society has been annexed and is being used for very recondite purposes. We are being subjugated and though it isn’t obvious, we are under a kind of restraint. This isn’t recognized because it concerns an aspect of ourselves that is being concealed by the barrier and also because we have no conception of normal conditions. This restraint is holding back what has been termed as our “vibrational frequency”—which, for practical purposes, can be equated with our level of spiritual advancement. Because of the nature of the control system—requiring fear-based thinking and diminished awareness—it is necessary that we are kept in a lower frequency range, otherwise this would not be possible.The manner in which we are kept in this low frequency range is largely by influencing behavior so that it is unconducive to spiritual development. To facilitate this, it follows that a collective mindset be created.

As the means to create a collective mindset, a disposition of inordinate judge mentality must first be engendered.This fine trait I suspect we have derived largely from religion or, more directly, from the misguided notion that there are precise and fixed doctrines that we must follow in order to be in the right with God. This expanded our conception of right and wrong to encompass behaviors which are benign and at the same time gave rise to societal rules of conduct. It essentially created a system where conformance is rewarded and where non-conformance is judged as being “wrong”—and thereby shunned. Because of these consequences for being in the wrong (or merely different), naturally everyone flocks to the norm and falls into a kind of “herd-mentality”. For the purposes of control, this kind of tendency is almost a prerequisite. It enables an apparatus of centralized control by means of manufacturing the norm and setting its confines. What’s significant here is that the enforcement of this control is largely being carried out by ourselves. When a person crosses the boundary of the norm and starts to diverge in their thinking, what ultimately stops them is not any kind of authority but their own family and friends. As their views become disclosed,they are invariably met with almost automated disparagement. There is never a thoughtful attempt to discern their reasoning. A conclusion is instantly drawn that the person must surely be incorrect (or insane) because these views are at variance with conventionality and what we have been told in school. The dissenting individual therefore, having just a sample of this discomfort, immediately heads back to the cover of the norm and returns to conformity.

And so, when these constraints have been set up and the whole of society begins singing from the same songbook, it is only a matter of adjusting this songbook that you can direct and ultimately cultivate their behavior. As I mentioned, the central purpose of this was to bring about a cessation or decline in human spiritual development so as to enable control. The most contributive element to this aim is our extreme disharmony with the natural world. As it so happens, everything in the universe is integrated via energetic fields, and it is for this reason that the fundamental requisite for spiritual advancement entails harmony with nature.The architects of the manipulation, comprehending this, appear to have engineered the mindset to be intrinsically discordant with this reality. On the whole, I would speculate that this was largely a matter of framing society around material aspiration, which naturally would bring about excessive exploitation. This may seem instinctual and just a product of human nature,however, on reflection, it’s possible that this condition prevails only due to our deficient understanding of reality. If you detract from knowledge the true understanding of the human identity and ourselves as “soul” (an undying energetic material) and displace this with the notion of mortality and the belief of only one lifetime—then it’s fairly predictable that this would ultimately give rise to a kind of selfish nonchalance, where man’s only concern is material gratification. All that’s further needed is the smug perception that we’re of an exalted status and have been bestowed with divine authority to rule over and tyrannize all of creation. By instilling such qualities which are adverse to universal integrity, you can in fact counter the normal development of soul essence matter—which essentially undercuts our collective frequency level, confining us to a lower-vibrational status for an indefinite time frame.

Before drawing this essay to a close,I would like briefly to address the impending question of—where are my grounds?I am not unaware of the fact that I’ve largely been writing on the affirmative and leaving out much of the supporting information. The intention of this paper was not to recite the already circulated evidence, but rather to provide tenable insights which would demonstrate that there is advisability in questioning the mainstream conception. As for the veracity of large-scale manipulation and its metaphysical foundation, I would direct you to the insiders themselves for this—of which there are now substantial numbers. Practically speaking, it is really the only way in which one can begin to conceive its possibility. The mainstream philosophy has been so firmly implanted that, presented with whatever information, we will generally carry on doubting almost without end.However, if one is an astute observer and takes careful examination of insider testimonies, there are many indications of legitimacy. For one thing, there are too many connecting points of information stemming from independent sources. If this was solely a matter of fanciful “storytelling”, there would be much more of a dissimilarity between accounts than what we’re seeing. At any rate, the idea of fabrication I would say is a fairly doubtful hypothesis to begin with.Referring to what I said previously, there are tough consequences when someone decides to step out of the norm and contrary to what some may believe, negative attention is most often undesired. With regard to claims that these are people who suffer from mental illnesses, this is egregiously mistaken and demonstrates a very crude understanding of human behavior on the part of those who would designate them as such.

In summary of this, I would emphasize the following regarding the mindset:

It is (by design) inherently unsuspecting.

It relegates its thinking to an outside source but makes no endeavor to investigate its reliability.

It has predeterminately ruled out alternative ideas without any attempt to ascertain their viability.

It has, without justification, ruled out virtually all contingencies pertaining to conspiracy and intrigue.

It habitually acquiesces to conformity, even when it’s in opposition to our true feelings.

It glosses over everything that is of true significance and, instead, hones in on the mundane.

It is the underlying factor which has allowed for our control and, by doing so, has brought about a very daunting situation for humankind and the planet.

On consideration of this, I think we can call into question the merit of the mainstream mindset. On the surface of course, it would seem to be a practical way of thinking: We accept what the authorities and experts tell us because they seem genuine and in good faith. We focus our lives on comfort and entertainment because we presume that physical life is finite. We don’t stray too far from normal social bounds because we dislike ridicule and desire approval from our peers. It all seems reasonable and justified, however, only in relationship to the orthodox view of reality.If it just so happens that the orthodox view doesn’t conform to fact—and if even just a small percentage of what insiders say is true—then, suffice it to say, the normal way in which we’ve been conducting ourselves is terribly unsound. It desperately needs to be uncovered that the spiritual component of reality is genuine. The development and maintenance of the soul is not merely just a beneficial activity but is quite veritably the fundamental purpose of life.

To be clear, the spiritual problem is not that we are all indisposed to meditate, but rather that we are complicit in a somewhat severe form of planetary degradation. It is true that we are being underhandedly coerced, however, due to the evasive techniques in how it is being conducted, we are still largely responsible and subject to the spiritual consequences. It isn’t entirely practicable that we could swiftly persuade the masses to pull away from things like factory farming and other forms of abuse—though the awakening humans, which are in great numbers, should be readily able to accomplish these things. In such event, the upgrade in our individual frequency (due the interconnection of energy fields) would in turn elevate the collective frequency level, conceivably resulting in a global shift in consciousness—which ultimately would give rise to an increased regard for the planet and its lifeforms. The predicament, however, is that there are too many of us who still concede to the norm, which interferes considerably with these endeavors. Simply put, the possibility of falling out of favor with the in-crowd is just too much of an unpleasant consequence for us. On this matter,I would bring to mind that there is without any doubt a significant disparity between popularity and perspicacity—and that, given the society we find ourselves in, the two are perhaps not very compatible. In light of everything,I’d say it’s clear that the mainstream mindset is not at all the prudent mode of operation it is seen to be, but is perhaps rather inept—and particularly so in dealing with the exigencies of human sovereignty. For these reasons, I suggest that we depart from the mainstream entirely—and in the process, seed the notion (as respectfully as we can) that orthodoxy is more or less naiveté and that closed-mindedness is actually thoughtlessness.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

-Mark Twain

About the author: I would consider myself a spiritual advisor who’s focused primarily on the newly awakening—helping to facilitate soul-purpose activation. I see it as central the task of bringing abstract metaphysical concepts further in range of acceptability of the rationalistic mainstream. In addition, I see it as also vital the need to reassess the whole of spiritual philosophy and to establish with greater certainty the veracity of our prevailing beliefs. It is an exhilarating line of work, and I’m greatly honored to take part in it. I reside in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania USA, and I make myself available to anyone who wishes me to expand on anything. I can be reached at:



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