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Did A 5D Portal Open Up Over Texas?

By on March 10, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Did A 5D Portal Open Up Over Texas?

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

In 2014, I was told that earth will become a star.

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I sent this picture that Linda Good McGillis took of the sun the other day, to Gregg Prescott:

Did A 5D Portal Open Up Over Texas?

Then, someone put a filter on for clarity and sent it back to Linda, who forwarded it to me:

Did A 5D Portal Open Up Over Texas?

I as I gazed at the filtered picture #2, I could see all the presence of multi- dimensional beings, even a couple of what appeared to be human.

I sent this to Gregg Prescott last night. He then took the picture, did a reversal imagery, and added a filter to it:

Did A 5D Portal Open Up Over Texas?

…and said the following, based on his results: “It looks like a wormhole, perhaps a portal into 5d”:

Did A 5D Portal Open Up Over Texas?

I sent his picture, which is picture #3, and response to Linda, who said, “Earth is going through the sun and become a magnetic sun. So the image he sent makes full sense to me. Per Gregg, “The sun is a wormhole portal” I have witnessed many things go through that portal.”

Do you remember all the pictures that were posted of the extremely heavy magnetic field in the atmosphere of the last few weeks? We captured more pictures over the last few weeks!

What I do know is all the multidimensional and inner-dimensional and extraterrestrial are watching us do something that has never been completed before.

I think Linda, Gregg, and I are all are in agreement.

Much is taking place in the unseen world.

Now just wondering what is your take???

~ Rosie Neal

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Image: Linda Good McGillis

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