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Dizzy? Vertigo? Light Headed? Here’s Why And What You Can Do!

By on April 10, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Jelelle Awen,

For the next two days April 10th and 11th, a stream of SOULar winds are coming in and with them, a geomagnetic storm. These winds are also carrying in SOULar energies from a growing wide hole in the sun’s surface. A hole to help make us WHOLE…. is how it feels to me! We are now checking space weather like we used to check regular weather!

With the intensity of what these cosmic energies can bring up, it can be good to track it somewhat and make connections to what is happening ‘out there’. I use for that purpose now and my connection to Star Family provides downloads and a ‘from Gaia’s orbit as connected to the center of cosmos’ sense as well. I am experiencing regular meetings with my Star Family/Guides these last weeks to feel into my own personal manifestation of my highest timeline as a Galactic Ambassador, along with collective impacts esp. on the emotional body and Metasoul/Higher Self soul source level. As everything around galactic consciousness awakening seems to be accelerating, these visits are helping to support and ground me.

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Even as describes these SOULar winds as ‘gently buffeting’ Gaia’s surface and the geomagnetic storm as “minor”, it doesn’t feel that way to those of us who are highly tuned in and sensitive to these energies and how they impact us and the overall Ascension process. To us, it can feel VERY intense as our bodies adjust, as our emotional bodies calibrate, as our chakras and DNA activate, as our every living cell clears out.

You may be feeling this ‘clearing out’ on a deep purging level of nausea and even vomiting, wanting and drawn to eating very clean and light. You can experience dizziness, vertigo, light headedness as the third eye, crown chakra and upper chakras are activating too and bringing into more union the left and right sides of our brain and energy bodies/streams/flows too. Purging also happens during sleep and MEGA sleepiness during the day seems to be the hallmark of these energies….even after many hours of sleep during the night!

There can be an increase in head, neck, shoulder, and back pain as the Higher Heart and Personal Sun Chakra Vortexes activate and start swirling faster in response to these energies. Overall, it is a feeling of just not being ‘here’ as you walk around, do work, even during service of love sessions I can feel this to some degree. Driftiness, inability to focus (esp. on linear tasks!), losing ‘words’ or using the wrong ones are all aspects of this rewiring and activating too.

This is a guided meditation that I did with Mother Mary to help ease body ascension aches and pains….so soothing!

As always, embracing rather than resisting what the response is on every level allows for more surrender, ease, and LESS pain/suffering.

MUCH love to you during this UPgrading process to BEcome sacred human!! We are IN it and we ARE IT! <3 <3

Jelelle Awen
Do reach out if you would like some guidance/support/feeling digestion as you navigate this time:
We are holding our next FREE Unity Meditation call this Saturday, April 14th at 11:11am CST. Join us for teachings, guided meditation, and personal sharings!

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With these SOULar winds, the auroras are beautiful with wonderful galactic codes in them! Picture is from Finland.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

YES!  Isn’t it wonderful when it all comes together?

Many of us have been experiencing dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, etc… and were looking for reasons as to WHY this has been happening.

I made several posts on Facebook and MANY people experienced the same thing recently:

As I’ve mentioned, it feel as if both hemispheres of my brain are merging with one another.

Thank you, Jelelle, for your explanation!

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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