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DNA – Transcription Of Light

By on January 24, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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DNA - Transcription Of Light

by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

The Change in our Cellular Knowing

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DNA transcription is the change of our cellular light structure to a lighter frequency that vibrates on a level of higher consciousness. The frequency of sound and light this is infiltrating, and part of the planet structure, is the DNA frequency of the future, the present, the now.

It is a place and space where magnificent manifestation is to occur. We are going through the physical process as humans, please know that as time or life unfolds you may not understand all things but if you can just allow, as we are moving to a place of complete knowing and not of understanding.

But for now, as we are here, it is important to point out some aspects of what is occurring for this gives peace to many at this time, until it is no longer required. For at this time there are still many transitioning the cellular and energetic structure, you could say, some may be experiencing great shifts on one or all levels of the 4 bodies, mind, body, emotion and energetic.

The heart is the center of our peace.

It is easy to say that, ‘focus on your heart’s intent’, for if we are in the midst of this transition and change, it may be difficult to focus on your intent.

Please know all is as it should be.

There is no right or wrong way, feeling emotion or thoughts, for if we judge ourselves so harshly, we create more discord. Again, easy said if the depths of despair are upon you at this time.

But for now, I give you what is required.

The transcription of our DNA in simple terms, is to try understanding a process that is so complex in human thought, but simple in God terms.

Simple DNA Light Transcription is the cellular upgrade from current DNA to the next level. The current DNA you hold has more density for a simplistic word. Remembering words are too, quite dense. But here we are needing words to explain right now.

The light and the codes within our cellular structure are changing and have been transforming for years.  For many of us, there is great shift occurring, hence, possible great upheaval, clearing or cleansing in some way. When I say clearing,  this means emotion, memory, thoughts, habits and physical life that have been quite ingrained into the current DNA structure. You are being challenged to the depths of your beliefs.

Our DNA has carried us through time. Time and time again, carrying our completeness. What is time for now is the structure to carry more, if not only, light. Light that is opposite to dark.

Light which is joy happiness, passion, spirit, essence, balance, alignment in exchange for the heavy, dark, bewildered, lost, down trodden, misaligned emotions. For the heart is where the balance is held.

The transcription of light is a process that will be different for everyone, but an experience for all.

As our current DNA copies information to move into new format, the darkness cannot be held in this new frequency. All you need to do is to have intended it, thought it.

If you are a lightworker, healer, practitioner or just a person who is aware and chooses the new way, then you have intended and asked for the shift in your structure. We all come onto the planet knowing our purpose is to be light, all we do is choose the path in our own unique way. Know that the DNA transcription process of change of our light codes is an amazing experience for we, dear ones, are the first to experience the grand shifts. There have been many great shifts upon our planet, and here we are, you are, creating this new world together with others. Thinking you are alone, we are working together. You have been a great light and support of our earth and here we are now in the midst of great change.

Experiences and challenges will be unique to you. Reach out to others for support, know your answers lie within. Share your experiences for they are gifts to others. Be prepared to allow the light in full force to flow through, which may mean the dark gets blow away quickly and swiftly, gently and easily. All that you have been given in your experience is all you require. This includes all the tools you have acquired, your friends, your family, exactly where you are, you can do it. It is part of the plan. The complete plan.

Transcribing information from one form into the next is quite a shift so be gentle and kind with self.

You are a magnificent being. Our DNA is simply in a process of change from place of duality to a place of balance. It is occurring everywhere in everything on every level on our own time lines. As you go through your process, it is truly a process for all.

May you know you are well cared for. May you know you are an aspect of god. May you know you are pure blissful light. May you know that the power is love. May you know you are the power of love. May you know your truth. May you know your light. For you dear one, are magnificent. And so, it is done.

Allegiance of Light.

Channeled by Angelina Stojic

This channel was brought through a few years ago when great upheaval was bestowed upon my life, where challenges brought me to my knees, and I could not see the light. I reached out to all the friends I felt understood some of what was happening, healers, people of pure heart and love that I felt safe with. If you are experiencing any upheaval in any way, know that this too shall pass, know that you will be in the light again soon, know that we understand and we love and thank you. You are here for you are the strong, powerful and have all the tools you need. May Gods love see you through.

Blessings in Light now and forever.

Angie xx


Image: Pixabay

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