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Early Detection: Smart Watch Catches Heart Conditions Before Death

By on January 19, 2023 in Awareness, Health with 0 Comments
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(Image: Elaine Thompson / SWNS)

Elaine Thompson, a 59-year-old mother, claimed that she could have died if it wasn’t for her Apple watch alerting her to an undiagnosed heart condition.

In April 2018, Elaine started experiencing seizures and underwent treatment for epilepsy. However, after further tests revealed nothing wrong with her, Elaine continued to collapse.

It wasn’t until this month that Elaine was finally diagnosed with an irregular heart rhythm, thanks to the Apple watch flashing a ‘red alert’ warning sign. Elaine later learned that this alert was due to her flatlining for 19 seconds in her sleep. Medics determined that she had an atrioventricular block, a heart block where the heart beats more slowly or with an abnormal rhythm.

Some people are born with this condition, while others develop it later in life. The National Health Service (NHS) states that it can be caused by other heart conditions, such as a heart attack, prescription medications, heart surgery or illnesses like Lyme disease. Heart blocks are graded on a scale of one to three and can be life-threatening in some cases.

Now, Elaine says that she “would have been dead” if her watch hadn’t picked up the abnormality. After continuing to suffer seizures, Elaine was put on medication to try and stop her episodes. In February 2022, her daughter Ashleigh Thompson, 39, suggested that her mother wear an Apple watch as a monitor.

The NHS states that unless you’re experiencing symptoms, a heart block is often diagnosed during routine tests for other conditions. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is the main test used to diagnose heart block, measuring the electrical activity of the heart. These tests can be carried out when you are resting or exercising.

The story of Elaine Thompson highlights the importance of wearable technology in detecting and preventing potentially life-threatening health conditions. It serves as a reminder for individuals to be aware of the capabilities of their wearable devices and to act on any warning signs or alerts that may be displayed.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Wearable tech and spirituality may not seem like a natural pair, but for those at risk of heart conditions, it’s worth considering adding a device to keep an eye on your heart health. After experiencing a heart attack in 2019 and a quadruple bypass in 2021, perhaps this is something I should consider as well?

Many people in this genre try to live without “time” as much as possible. You’ve heard of “living in the NOW”. This is what it means.

EVERYTHING in our lives seems to trap us within Saturn’s (Chronos’ / Father Time’s) control of time, such as work weeks, TV schedules, and even days and months that are not based on a 13 moon harmonic schedule.

The Mayan Tun calendar is based on a 360 day cycle. The last 5 days are considered by the Maya as the days of “no time”. When the late Jose Arguelles visited the tomb of Mayan Lord Pacal, the most important lesson learned by Arguelles through Lord Pacal is that we need to live without time as much as possible.

Now, the conundrum exists where having wearable technology can actually save your life versus living without time. This creates a dichotomy between this 3rd dimensional reality, higher consciousness, and the space/time continuum.

There are a number of affordable wearable technologies and smart watches available. When looking at the prices. consider that a smart watch is basically computer and cell phone on your wrist!

The following are the Top 11 Highest Rated Smart Watches:

1. Apple Watch Series 8 – approx. $579 on Amazon

Pros: Skin temperature reader for cycle + sleep tracking
Crash detection
New watchOS 9 workout interface
Low power mode
Cons: Same design as previous model
Limited usefulness for retrospective ovulation estimates

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – approx. $239 on Amazon

Pros: Sporty, yet versatile design
Stronger, scratch-resistant screen
Added skin temperature sensor
Super sharp screen
3-day battery life
Comprehensive health tracking
Cons: Slightly slow performance after waking up
Notifications don’t always wake the screen
Blood pressure remains elusive in the US
Battery falls short compared to most fitness watches
Too thick for sleep tracking
Too heavy for comfortable all-day use

3. Google Pixel Watch – approx. $369 on Amazon

Pros: Nice design
Fitbit integration
Always-on display
Onboard GPS
24-hour battery life
Stainless steel finishes, with three colors: Matte black, gold, silver
Runs Wear OS 3
Cons: No blood oxygen sensing – yet
Doesn’t track skin temperature or SpO2

4. Apple Watch SE (2022) – approx. $259 on Amazon

Pros: Lower price than previous Apple Watch SE
Same performance as the Series 8
Car-crash detection for additional safety
Premium build with water resistant design
Low power mode
Cons: Same performance as the Series 8
Car-crash detection for additional safety
Premium build with water resistant design
Low power mode

5. Fitbit Sense 2 – approx. $229 on Amazon

Pros: Intuitive interface
Bright and sharp display
Built-in GPS and NFC
Measures blood oxygen level
Detailed sleep tracking
6-day battery life
Features an ECG app
Charger and watch bands are vastly improved
A ton of granular metrics, including SpO2, heart rate variability, breath rate, skin temp, and EDA
Robust fitness and health tracking with Fitbit Premiums
Cons: Battery life is cut in half if you turn the display to always-on mode
Buttonless design requires learning
Band release latch can be accidentally triggered
Choppy performance
Fitbit app is riddled with bugs
Forces you into selecting a certain watchface for SpO2 measurements
You need Fitbit Premium to maximize it
No third party apps

6. Garmin Venu 2 Plus – approx. $449 on Amazon

Pros: Dozens of workout routines
High-resolution AMOLED display
Numerous watch faces
New HIIT and updated strength training apps
Onboard music storage
Super accurate GPS
Very good battery life
Top sleep tracking
Great sports tracking
Cons: IPhone users cannot reply to messages
Limited choice of third-party apps
Only a smartwatch in the most basic sense
Wrist raise not great
No voice assistant support
Plastic body

7. Apple Watch Ultra – approx. $779 on Amazon

Pros: Premium Build Quality
Brighter Screen
Biometrics Sensors
Key Fitness Tracking
Crash Detection
LTE and Dual-Freq GPS
Cons: Expensive Price Tag
Bigger and Bulkier
Limited Mapping Features
Average Battery Life
Limited Health Tracking
Dependence on the iPhone

8. Fitbit Versa 4 – approx. $155 on Amazon

Pros: Battery life is incredible
Impressive tracking and data
Comfortable and lightweight
Alexa built-in
Cons: Some features locked behind Premium subscription
No Google Assistant or music control
Some Bluetooth connection problems
No third-party apps

9. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – approx. $123 on Amazon

Pros: Attractive design and fully round screen
Stacks of sensors to track in depth
Body fat and composition measurements
Retains plenty of Samsung flavor
Cons: Rotational bezel on Classic might be less useful in Wear OS update
Compatibility restrictions for non-Samsung phones
Short battery life

10. TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS – approx. $299 on Amazon

Pros: Solid performance thanks to the 4100+ Dual System Platform
Interesting and useful dual display to conserve battery in a pinch
All the sensors anyone will ever need
Cons: No Wear OS 3.0 update until 2022
Bulky, may not appeal to those with small wrists
Haptics can feel weak

11. Fitbit Versa 3 – approx. $148 on Amazon

Fully touchscreen
Activity tracking, in particular sleep tracking
Addition of GPS makes it ideal for outdoor activity tracking
Fast-charging option
Customisable straps
Cons: You have to pay for a Premium monthly membership to access some extra features
For those looking for a wealth of running statistics you’d be better served with a sports GPS watch
Health stats are limited when compared to the Fitbit Sense

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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