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Embrace Your Inner Dragon

By on July 22, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Embrace Your Inner Dragon

by Cesar Laiter,
Contributing Writer,

Dear, humans!

We are so loved and appreciated! We have been a great reason of joy for a lot of galactics beings. The message I’m about to share just came to me in such a simple and powerful way, and for the first time I was told that I should share with you all.

It’s time for us to understand once and for all that in 3d reality it is impossible to be above good and evil. And also, it is not possible to be only one or another. When our attention is on 3d (what is perfectly normal once we chose to live in it) we are inevitably good and evil at the same time. If you fight against that your energy will be drained in vain, and then you get tired. (We’ve been doing a lot of that).

In a dual reality one is both sides at the same time, always! There’s no need to make a choice. Embracing duality in the smallest things of our routine is the only way to unify it. And doing so, you automatically reach the 5d – where duality does not exist.

Stop fighting the dragon within because the only possible win is when you accept it. When you do that you will realize it was just a pretty and smal alligator that is a beautiful part of you! You are not only good and you are not only evil, you are REAL! You are what you are!

Our galactics brothers and sisters watch us the same way we watch some movie or some piece of art. They enjoy all aspects of us! It is time for us to do the same. I’ve noticed that many of us know how to love the villains in our movies and tv shows, so why doesn’t do the same for ourselves? We are the good guys and sometimes we are the villains too.

When you think of yourself being the good and the government (or anything else) being the evil you are reinforcing the concept of separation in your mind.

We are an unic and amazing species!

Let’s stop our inner fight so we can see all the fight in the world stopping too.

Maybe you think that when you do something considered bad you are getting far way from the things you want, but now you will start realizing that no matter what you do, you are always getting closer and closer! No reason to be afraid. The fear is over.

Let’s have a party!!!

About the author: My name is Cesar Laiter, I’m an artist from São Paulo – Brazil.



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