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Embrace Your Ascension

By on August 17, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Embrace Your Ascension

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by K.C Bass,
Contributing Writer,

You should give yourself a round of applause. You didn’t realize that science and spirituality were connected. As you have awakened to your spiritual self and connected the dots, you have walked into a new place of FREEDOM! Yes, CONSCIOUS FREEDOM!


You have never been this free before and it feels great. With all the body changes, mind changes and emotional changes you have endured it finally gets you to this place. You thought spirituality was locked in dogma and doctrine. This dogma and doctrine has failed to free you.

You remained a seeker until you found what was already there. The Source was internal and not external. So, as you prepare for the ascension to marked spiritual transformation, know that you are not alone in this process.

There are others in the same process that refused to be mediocre in their transformation journey. They too were seekers that knew that it was more to be attained, more to reach for, more to engage in.

Have you found yourself in a place of WOW? Like WOW, you always knew you could move from a place of unconscious slumber to conscious awakening. You are here now and the great news is you will never return to that place of unconscious. You can’t taste the awakened life and return to sleep. You are here to stay. You won’t have to make it unfold it will do so on it’s on. You don’t have to work the awakening up , it is already working and yours to enjoy and share with others. So, the best advice that can be given to you at this time is:

Continue to engage in personal and spiritual growth.

Continue to learn all you can about the connection between science and spirituality. August will be a major month for you in   knowledge downloads. The August 21st Solar eclipse and the days prior will be your aid as you awaken the more.


Don’t forget to share with others the love and light you are now experiencing. This journey will continue to expand your consciousness, so remain open and don’t resist any part of the trip.

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K.C Bass

About the author: K.C Bass is a Transformation Mentor and Life Coach. Her purpose is to awaken others to a greater spiritual experience.She currently resides in North Carolina.

Image: Pixabay

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