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Energetic Cords And Vibration Differences

By on January 22, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Energetic Cords And Vibration Differences

by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing Writer,

Energetic cords are very real and can cause harm depending on the intention behind them. I am going to write about cords that are not for your highest good. They can if left on because you are not aware of them drain you and make you physically sick even. There are people out there that will latch onto your energy to make themselves feel better. They may not realize they are causing you harm because they are so desperate to feel better. There are also people that do it on purpose these are energy vampires as we call them.

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If someone cords you and they are not at the same level of vibrational frequency their energy can make you sick. That lower vibration can cause you to feel drained and then really sick. Like you have the flu.

I recently made the mistake of trying to help teach someone how to cut cords by allowing them to send a cord. Then showing them how to cut it. This was a huge mistake on my part I gave them permission to my energy. Once I gave them permission they continued to send cords to me. They liked my energy and chose to use it to make their self feel better.

After that every time I talked to this person I began to sweat constantly and not feel very well. I began to have pains in my body and headaches. I woke up one morning completely drained of energy. Later that day I began to feel like I had the stomach flu and ache all over. I then scanned myself found the cords and removed them. I instantly felt better and my energy returned.

Signs that someone is cording you and stealing your energy. They ask you how you feel a lot and tell you they feel the same way. You can feel sweaty but cold at the same time. You feel worse when you are around or talk to this person. You have lower than normal energy. You feel achy and have pains in different areas of your body. You have thoughts that aren’t thoughts you would normally feel and are acting out of character.

How do I stop someone that is stealing my energy? First cut all cords between you and that person with love. There are many ways to cut cords. I visualize that person across from me. I send them white light full of love I visualize the dark cord between us and then cut it myself or ask Archangel Michael to and cut it. Then the most important part is to say you revoke all permission for this person to have your energy. This will stop it.

Taking someones energy without their permission is some serious karma. This will come back on the energy vampire threefold. So just let it go and move on. Learn your lesson to not share energy with anyone. Keep your energy to yourself. If you send healing to someone cut all cords afterwards. Make sure you forgive and send the person away with love.

Unfortunately there are people that go around stealing energy from others to make their selves feel good. Be careful who you interact with on Facebook and online. If you are a good person you sometimes assume everyone is that way but they aren’t. It’s a hard lesson to learn but we all learn it. As kind compassionate people we sometimes think with our heart more than our heads. We give too many chances and want to believe this person didn’t do this on purpose or mean to harm us. They did do it on purpose. They may not have wanted to hurt you but they did care more about making their self feel better. Taking someones energy is breaking a universal law and is wrong. It’s a lesson we all learn. Don’t give another permission to your energy and if you do consciously revoke that permission. Pray for everyone’s highest good in the situation. Then move on the stronger person that you are now. Love and Light.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

About the author: I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. I have recently been guided to work with animals. I do energy work on animals especially abused ones. Which also leads to energy work on their owners. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog 

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