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Energy Report Update – High Plasma Energy – Tiffany Stiles

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Energy Report Update - High Plasma Energy - Tiffany Stiles

by Tiffany Stiles,
Contributing Writer,

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

There is high plasma energy swirling into our cells. Plasma energy gives the gift of healing energy. It will allow you to heal wounds 5x faster than normal. It will allow bruises to dissipate quicker. You may even experience miraculous spontaneous healings through this surge in healing plasma energy! It will do the same for emotionally sensitive things that rise to your surface to be healed and cleared. Same with past lifetimes and karmic relationships. These will be healed almost instantaneously!

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It creates time warps as the frequency is so high in energy. Use this energy to your advantage if you’re in need of healing energy now. It also will give surges in energy! Can’t sit still, want to do, do, do! This is action energy, highly positive, healing energy.

If you are experiencing your emotions being more sensitive than normal, you’re feeling the new moon in Gemini, which arrives on the 25th.

A New Moon In Jovial Gemini!

by Tania Gabrielle with

This Thursday May 25th, a refreshing New Moon in Gemini takes over the skies, shining light, love, and joy on the world. While this New Moon will feel easy breezy compared to those earlier this year, there are some other incredibly important astrological events currently at play (including a rare “Finger of God”) that may affect your finances and love life this month.

Breathe easier! After intense inner shifts in the first few months of 2017 the cosmic tide has turned to a more relaxing pace…

A Gemini NEW Moon on Thursday, May 25 enhances playfulness, listening, integration, communication and a sense of fun!

You are more open to learn new things and experience life with less “rules”.

New information is being assimilated, often unexpectedly, as you tune into your inner child and wonder about other possibilities and mystical connections in the universe.

You are connecting the dots, connecting to others and communicating deeply.

With Mercury, ruler of Gemini, in Taurus – a very steady, grounded and patient sign – and the Sun and Moon at 4° in Gemini – a very stable, practical and grounded number – take this wonder and excitement and playful energy and make it real, make it practical. Incorporate a youthful joy into your life in a lasting way.

4° in Gemini is also a “critical degree” in astrology – enhancing and strengthening the New Moon and the meaning of Gemini.

There are several important transits affecting other planets around this New Moon… One is Venus is square Pluto which will accentuate intense feelings, independence vs. security and any friction in your relationships or feelings about money.

Guard against being impulsive – and BREATHE.

Venus square Pluto allows you to clear the cobwebs and understand how you might repel love or abundance. Pay attention to the signs. When you do, you’ll awaken to the natural flow of love and prosperity for YOU.

A rare Finger of God pointing at Jupiter is a beautiful bonus! This “yod” with Mercury and Neptune at the base makes life feel beautiful, mystical and broadens compassion and creativity.

The Universe is inviting you to awakening to a GREATER part of you – to see and embrace and nurture your DIVINE NATURE.

Be sure to watch the complete New Moon video forecast to get all the exciting details, plus suggestions on how to navigate the cosmic energetics during this time of opportunity!

Your Gemini New Moon Wealth Forecast (May 22, 2017)

Continue clearing away – and claiming your divine destiny.

Love, Light and infinite blessings!
~Tiffany ???

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