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Ascension Is An Individual Choice

By on May 25, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Ascension Is An Individual Choice

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

You know-understand our time and age from the past to the 21st century is a product of illusion of the majority of humans who have encrypted in their minds physicality. Other persons unknowing of the spirit within have embraced the solid form as real as you think it is reality, or in religious parlance created by another Super Being not connected to the unified creation abilities of each human being. That is the reason why they think of a ‘holy spirit’ coming from a god personality to fill your being at an opportune time or in specific terms ascension, a limited knowledge.

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Our planet Earth has been dragged and influenced by this 3D illusion and has to be assisted by outside consciousness to get out of this terrible mess. Where we are in right requires assistance from our higher selves or from our positive ascended brothers and sisters from other planets.

The new ages have swept human consciousness as high intensity energy have been overflowing our bodies since May 4, 2017 creating immeasurable light body processes (LBP) on some humans unbearable. For me, unbearable these days. These LBP comes in vertigo, body pains, tinnitus, terrible feelings of weakness, dizziness and a feeling that we can’t last living with our physical bodies for more than a week if this high intensity energy continues. We realized NOW Supreme Creator programmed creations in his thought and His experience with us.

Humanity has responsibility/primary obligation to what we have done to our environment, what we call human creations, negative acts and deeds not conducive to the development of the planet and the Creator has to step in to stop planetary destruction and send assistance to lift Earth to a higher vibrational frequency by sending fragments of light and his lieutenants.

Everyone has an ascension preparation for themselves before they plunged into 3D.   They agreed to assist the planet and it is up to any of us perform what you have actually planned before your spirit transfer to 4D thence 5D reality as your way of assisting planet earth rise to her previous abode, 5D. We call it paradise. Your higher self (HS) has all these arranged. If you have surrendered yourself to your HS while in 3D, that is the major step to assemble your fragmented whole being and all the bodies embodied in it to wholeness at 5D.

Oneness is another multidimensional merger at 5D. Call All That Is for violet fire of light assistance.

At 3D we must remember and analyze what all these incarnations have done to us. We can be original earth souls, volunteers or star-seeds assisting in the raising of Earth-Gaia to 5D. Realization of this purpose is a must. Negative or untoward happenings to us can be programs or illusions created by more advanced dark alternating beings who live and harvest the resources of Earth for their selfish needs/make humanity food and energy thru a process of continuing incarnation. Earth-Gaia has sunk deep into the mire and dark pit of 3D. The collective consciousness of humanity and that of our galactic neighbors are required to lift her to 5D after a million years of living in this type of difficult/arduous reality. It is time for the planet to ascend to higher frequency vibration.

I quote Ms Susie Lie, PH. D. May 17, 2017: “Therefore, because of the grandness of this task, unified personal ascensions are beginning, so that all those in the third/fourth dimensions will reconnect with all those in the fifth dimension who are assisting Gaia from the fifth dimension.” I pray Ms. Susie can tell us her deeper understanding of this statement as we have to know where the statement applies. Brother Captain of PAT Dr. Stankov has details on his published news.


It is the overflowing energy from the Central Sun coursed thru the portals of Sun-Sol that creates high intensity energy, terrible heat as high as 45-55 degrees Centigrade at PH and higher in the desert areas of the Middle East and Saharan deserts. These are the signs of ascension, an individual way of personal happenings for those who are prepared to rise and transfer to higher frequency vibration. We have waited for this point of time for more than 26,000 years and it is around for those ready to embrace ascension, a new leaf on the life of crystalline life forms, humans. Qualify, be one of these extraordinary humans on our dear planet!

Love and light,


About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.  Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

Image: Pixabay

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