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Use Black Obsidian To Prevent Psychic Attacks, Enhance Psychic Abilities, And MUCH More!

By on October 31, 2016 in Science, Spiritual Awakening
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Use Black Obsidian To Prevent Psychic Attacks, Enhance Psychic Abilities, And MUCH More!

by Bella ,
Contributing Writer,

Are you experiencing psychic attacks, low energy around certain people or very sensitive to energy? You may need some help and Black Obsidian may be just the thing.

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Black Obsidian is a powerful stone, one of the most powerful I have ever come in contact with. It blocks even the most sophisticated psychic attacks and attachments. If you are living in a very negative environment or an area of your city where negativity is on the rise, this is definitely the crystals to have.

Being a highly sensitive individual, call it what you want, intuitive, empath, clairsentient, indigo child, etc, that is what I am. I’ve found that in just a few days how Black Obsidian really gets involved with your energy field. With these gifts, I have the ability to sense others emotions so strongly, I would become tuned just like them. I literally begin creating a reality that I do not want with seemingly no way to stop it. I have absolute control over my own thoughts when I am alone or in my own space. But the moment someone comes into my awareness, I could feel every cell in my body/vibration mimic them. It is atrocious at times when that person is negatively focused on me. I would get tension in the back of my head, tightness in my throat and soon after I could feel an imminent shutdown of my psychic abilities and high vibration. It would upset me and soon after I would spiral into a depression.

Crystals, Black Obsidian is a psychics, intuitives, empaths workhorse. No matter the environment or energy around you, your intuition and connection to Source will be clear. If you ever get that popping sensation behind the ears or below the ears that is you tuning into frequencies/energies. With Black Obsidian that popping will feel diminished and at times of pure positive energy flow it will be non-existent.

The new vibration you will experience with Black Obsidian will astound you as it has astounded me. If you are in the process of creating your own reality, and we all are creating all the time, but some of us want to create on “purpose” instead of by default, then this crystal will definitely clear up your aura and vibration to begin bringing things into fruition for you. If you are feeling stuck in a pattern of feeling good and then those good feelings diminishing after being in a negative situation there is a very real possibility that someone or something (like past life situations, psychic vampires who have your frequency *phone number*) are tapping into your frequency and are sabotaging you or causing you to sabotage yourself with self-doubt of your manifestations, abilities, future etc.

These people or situation are essentially feeding off you, taking what is not theirs because they lack the understanding of how to generate the energy you produce naturally. We are all frequencies and we form thoughts based on which frequency we are tuned in on. Your reality is created through these same frequencies and tuning yourself is where all your power is. Hence the “Programs” on television that tell you directly to “Stay Tuned In”. The “powers that were” know we are frequency and without our attention those “programs” do not work.

For those who may be new to this “Energy Recognition” of what they are and how powerful they are, Here is a detailed explanation of what are “Facts” given to us by the scientific community but shrouded in terms like “physics” and “science”.

Quartz Crystals and really all crystals emit a frequency. Hence why they are used in watches and electronics, they emit a frequency that keeps perfect time. This is an point that cannot be argued down by anyone who has ever worn a watch.

You are the HUE-man, which has a frequency/a tone/an electro-“magnetic” field hence why we have vocalists that can “tune” their physical instrument(Body) into higher frequencies and produce a sound that resonates so powerfully within you that it excites you and moves your emotions. Hence the “chill” up the spine effect when the high notes are hit.

Your thoughts throw off these same frequencies/tones etc. These effect/create your reality. These thoughts will attract more thoughts like them after holding them for 15 seconds. Hence the Electro-“magnetic” description of what we are. The great misconception is that opposites attract, its simply not true. Like attracts like.

When you are sensitive to energy around you, you are tuning into a different frequency and hence a different reality based on what you are observing.If you stay tuning into the frequencies you choose you will begin creating a reality based on that frequency. These energies/frequencies dictate your life. What Black Obsidian does is gives you the option of what you want to “create”. The issue here on this planet is that we have been allowing outside forces to dictate how we feel, telling us what is possible and what is not possible. This is not weakness or weak-minded-ness. This is energy. This entire reality is a vibrating energy field and we are apart of it but our “internal” being can impose/inject/project our beliefs into this reality and watch them come to life. A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking. Armed with this knowledge, negative environments can impose thoughts on us instead of us imposing thoughts on it.

Black Obsidian will clear up your vibration where you are no longer apart of the environment, you become the OBSERVER instead of an ABSORBER.

Black Obsidian will create a shield around you. I have to admit that for the first time in literally years, like since I was 5, I feel safe, vibrant, in control of my thoughts and emotions. I woke up this morning and yawned and I felt that yawn from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I mean a full cleanse happened from that yawn. When prior to putting on the black obsidian, a yawn would only make my eyes water and feel tired. I’ve only had the black obsidian on for under 24 hours and I am already seeing a world of difference in my physical well-being and my mental awareness. Everything within me is heightened. The sensations I had began to block out in fear of allowing negative energy in are returning full force.

Everyone you see is LIVING their beliefs. Look at the broader spectrum of things in your physical world. You have the wealthy and you have the poor. Those who rise out of poverty changed their belief system in some way which gave them access to the great idea or situation which put them where they “resonated” prior to being there.

Black Obsidian will give you a clear connection. There are alot of “crystal” healing websites which will fear-monger you into fearing Black Obsidian, the best way to soften the blow of “what they say” Obsidian will do, is to pair it with Rose Quartz and or Aventurine. I wire-wrap my own tumbled stones that I get either from a local crystal shop or from Amazon. Be sure to read reviews online as some sellers are selling “fakes” and passing them off as real crystals. If you are an intuitive and energy worker you will know right away if what you have received is a fake. Just to be safe, go to a local crystal shop or call around and see if they have an online store for you.

Black Obsidian will help prevent implantation of lower vibrational thoughts from taking hold. This tends to happen when you are exposed repeatedly to negative people or situations. This crystal will give you an opportunity to check in with yourself first and create a new thought if what you are observing upsets you or moves you down the frequency scale into negative emotion.

With Black Obsidian you will begin to know the power that is you, and how much CHOICE you really have in what you choose to absorb or observe. Knowing these aspects of yourself empowers you to begin changing your environment into what you want it to be. The key to creation is removing doubt about what you want to happen. Exposure to negative thoughts from others or your environment can cause you to damn near doubt your very existence. Causing you to relive that dreaded groundhog day where everything comes undone and you resume living the same ol’ same ol’. Black Obsidian cuts through the thickness of negativity around you and even within you. Giving you this intense desire to look at what you want and know it is yours.

Key advice: Upon purchasing your Black Obsidian, pack it in SEA SALT without water(sa;t water can destroy the internal structure of the crystal) for 24 hours or 48 if you feel that is needed. Because of its ability to absorb and disperse negative energy, you want a clear crystal to work with. You can wear it, however cleanse is regularly, holding it over the smoke from a sage stick works amazingly well for clearing the crystal matrix. I hold it over the smoke and once the smoke begins to push away from the crystal I put it back on, maybe takes around 2-3 mins for this to fully work.

I write this for myself more than I do for the audience that visits this blog. What I write here comes to me from Source, a sort of reminder and revelation. I get these amazing moments of insight and this blog is where I come to share. Nothing written here is MEDICAL ADVICE. This is all metaphysical, esoteric, energetic wisdom and I hope you use it wisely so that you may join us LightWorkers, Empaths, Clairsentients in raising the vibration of this reality. Much Love and Light to all.

About the author: A clairsentient from Los Angeles, California. Bella seeks out knowledge and wisdom to help change the course of her own life as well as help others. At the age of five, she had her first of many paranormal experiences. Realizing at a young age that what you see is not all there is.

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