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Collective Consciousness And Consensual Manifestation

By on December 5, 2014 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Collective Consciousness And Consensual Manifestation

by Chuck Hayden
guest writer for

The reality you experience is a result of a consensus in the collective consciousness of humanity. You and everyone around you has been conditioned to believe and perceive along certain lines. You have been programmed to be self-limiting. But you still retain the ability to reprogram yourself and the reality you see before you.

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In recent years it has become accepted by the mainstream scientific authorities that our universe is an electric hologram. It has also been proven that our intentions and thoughts have an effect on the world around us, at least on a small and individual scale. You can indeed influence the formation of ice crystals and the growth of plants by nothing more than the power of your intent. But this is not even the tip of the iceberg.

It is common knowledge in the study of metaphysics that there is a collective pool of experience that each and every human is tapped into. Every experience that you have is added to the pool and is shared by every other human on a deep and unconscious level. There is in actuality no completely private thought or experience that you can have that won’t also have an impact, however imperceptibly on humanity as a whole.

It can no longer be argued that there is not a concerted effort by certain interests to control your perception of reality. From the time you enter this life you are bombarded with indoctrination from all sides that the world is certain way and that you are small and powerless. This view is relentlessly reinforced by every facet of society. Starting with your parents and continuing through every perceived authority you will encounter.

There is misdirection even in traditions that seemingly hold the secrets to hidden knowledge. You are confronted with vague truths and the proper contexts to apply them are nowhere to be seen. You are told that perception is reality while the truth of collective consciousness and consensual manifestation is not offered.

The fact is that an individual or a small group has to work against the tide of humanity as a whole to make any real change in the world you see around you. It would be the same if a few thousand gallons worth of a river decided it should alter the course of the river itself.

You may be a tiny spark of divine creation itself but so is every human you share this world with. You along with the rest of humanity are individually and collectively the architect of this world.
If humanity were united in the knowledge of its true creative power the seemingly impossible could easily be manifested. If humanity as a whole could agree that we have the power to make our star shine blue in the sky above us then you would surely be bathed in blue light.

Everything is connected. We are one and many. Perception is reality and we have to help our fellows to realize their power to manifest a better world.

About the author: Chuck Hayden has been studying esoteric knowledge and traditions for over twenty years and now shares his findings in an effort to empower humanity. He asks that you never accept the word of anyone as absolute and use your discernment to draw your own conclusions. He can be reached at

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