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Energy Update – Balancing The New Upgrades

By on September 2, 2017 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Balancing The New Upgrades

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

Feeling ‘spacey’ while feeling in a ‘hole’ at the same time

We are balancing the new upgrades/Pre-Dawn Dawning energies (from the solar eclipse energies as ALL changed from that/then) – in the astrals/multidimensions – while releasing in the human.

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The ‘above’ and ‘below’ finding a new balance in the ‘middle’ = our Solar Plexus = our place of ‘power’.

Question: ‘Today while at the office I experienced something new. Best way to explain it is being immersed in a huge hole. My boss was talking to me and – despite my effort- I couldn’t consciously understand what he was saying yet I had the sensation of what he wanted to express so I “understood”. Also It feels like my body will be broken to pieces. This on an energetic level’.

BB post Letting Go to Move Forward 30/8) – ‘It’s like being in a ‘hole’ for a very long long time..and now I/we have/are been ‘lifted’ up and out of this ‘hole’. A ‘hole’ we have been in for so very long …not only this lifetime but past Ancient times as well’ = the ‘below’.

The ‘sensation’ of understanding what this person said but not consciously is this person feeling intuitively and understanding from their Spirit/Higher Self = the ‘above’.

Many are feeling a new sort of ‘spacey’ feeling from around our heads & ‘up’ due to the new pre-dawn energies that came through with the eclipse (refer BB post Pre-Dawn Dawning of a New Earth is finally here 25/8 Pt 5).

So you have an extreme shifting/raising of vibrations of the ‘above’ energies and then an extreme ‘below’ in the human physical – that is releasing to raise is vibration to ‘meet in the middle’. This is the process we are in right now, for how ever long it takes each of us to find a new balance within all of this.

Chakras have been affected/shattered as well. So do what you know for your chakras, bring each color through, or better still, place kyanite on them or crystals that you resonate to, to help yourself to heal your chakras.

Where we are purging so much due to the energy ‘upgrades’ and the last place we feel to release is on the physical.

So many physical ‘ailments’ have elevated due to this ‘last place we release is on the physical’ and many are feeling this in their necks and arms especially.

The left side is the past and emotions ‘hanging onto’ the past or needing to let go of emotions linked to the past and the right side is stepping into the future and again, old emotions about one doing this.

If we look at a general guide for the neck from ‘The body is the barometer of the Soul’ it is about judging others and yourself, and not in ones feelings.

If we look at the left arm = Not doing enough spiritually for yourself (past).

The right arm = Physically not doing enough for yourself (future).

This needs to be looked/felt into deeper and personally for each soul further, yet one can resonate to this for themselves.

One can ask the Divine that any negative energies, threads, cords be removed to do with this as well.

Then it is a process for each person as to what one needs to do for them to heal this area. It could be many things and not just one method. As remember we feel from Spirit, Soul, Mental, Emotional and then the physical.

One may need to look at all these levels/layers to unravel what is going on for themselves to release this. Yet ‘knowing’ that all ailments are from suppressed emotions ultimately – again refer to ‘The body is the barometer of the Soul’ – Annett Noontil or similar.

One may need to seek alignment and adjustment in the physical or take some form of supplemental to help the physical heal. As we endure so much through our physical as we ascend, as we feel and release.

Some more than others, it just depends on what one or each individual is needing to release to heal.

And this also goes to the ‘severity’ that one is purging through the physical, again, due to what each person is needing to release to heal. Some ‘more’ than others.

Please ‘stand back’ from ‘others’ and what each is needing to experience in losses of those close to them or what they are experiencing physically to heal for themselves.

When I say to ‘stand back’ I mean to not go into or ‘take on’ what others and the world in general is going through.

As you help yourself to heal on all layers and levels, this then too allows others the same opportunity to do so, for what ever this is for them, that they are needing to experience.

This energy of going within oneself and coming home to oneself is what will then flow out and shine to others and humanity.

Not by going into all that is going on ‘outside’ of us/ourselves.

Feel what you are pulled to do with others, yet, but be aware of taking care of YOU firstly.

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

6D Ascension Pioneer
Ascended Earth Master
Australian Correspondent in5d

About the author: Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge as a Trailblazer and WaySeer in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions.All she shares is by experiencing first hand and then sharing Energy Real-Time Updates of Humanities Ascension as it occurs. Linking 3D and 5D and Beyond, guiding and teaching in Service to Humanity and Gaia. She had a vision as a child when Christ came to her and lifted her up…and more recently was gifted her Spiritual Soul, when Christ came to her again as their palms touched with Rainbow energy….so she is able to see all that occurs in the Astrals and Multi-Dimensions in having two souls, double the information and insights. Having cleared her vessel from Spirit to Soul by going through the Abyss and back to be a clear vessel of Pure Divine Light, coming from Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty and Realness. Anastacia is Australian and was ‘tasked’ by Spirit to be part of teaching and leading Australia’s Ascension in linking our Spirit to our Soul, through our Emotions, as part of her role here as well. She has written many articles over the years and has been going within for 20 years, so much of what humanity is feeling and going through, she has already been through, while still experiencing her and Humanities Ascension as an Ascended Master.

Image: Pixabay

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