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Energy Update – Compression Frequencies, Gravitation Adjustments

By on September 15, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Compression Frequencies, Gravitation Adjustments

by Lisa Brown,

Compression frequencies the last few hours love… these are doing gravitation adjustments, we literally get drained, bodies become denser, cellular work has been deep and continual these last few weeks… Compression energies squeeze… and push everything suppressed out, while the bodies physical mass is changed, literally… we filled with lots of light earlier, now we go through density upgrades….

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Physical and emotional discomfort/pain can be prominent in these… as we are going through HUGE physical body re-configurations like nothing we’ve been though before…. Sleep MOST important for the body to integrate light, soul to awaken more, body repair itself as light weaves through it and more!

We have “work being done” right now… a tone moving through and working on another cellular level… Some might hit a void space/zero point…. the spine has been going through wowwwwwwww so much for this infusion process. Completely being re-wired and clearing out old old old dormant programs that have been hidden/sleeping, yet are so ready to go!

So, when this part is done, we will raise/start to fill with light, gravity will shift, ease will come in, breathing also adapts and all kinds of cool stuff occurs for us!

p.s. I’m good… I just write as I notice a shift, for those who do utilize these updates/Crystalline LightBody reports. Have a most awesome night!!!! I’ll share more tomorrow… been a full day as usual. Our “work” never stops here. ~ Blissings and magical everything. ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Oracle, Sage & Scribe
Author, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Mastery

Image: Pixabay

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