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Energy Update – Love IS ALWAYS the Key 🔑 ❤️

By on November 28, 2021 in Energy Updates with 0 Comments

Energy Update - Love IS ALWAYS the Key

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by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

Energy Update – Love IS ALWAYS the Key 🔑 ❤️

These are magnificent Times and paramount shifts for Earth and Humanity to continue to MOVE upwards and out. Out meaning that the higher energies are building and cascading outward as a “domino-effect” or “ripple effect” and Will encourage/collide with the Multiverse energies overall. This combined energy, within itself, has the capability and capacity to energetically change ALL in it’s path for the better because it’s so powerful.


To the Other realms and dimensions, this reverberated action of change is emphasized within the higher frequency of Unconditional Love. Light-workers around the globe have set this intention to be of service to Others and this higher pulsating energy of Love/Light cannot be stopped or diminished.

If we delve into the “Upwards” meaning, as the higher energies continue to increase on Earth, this same higher consciousness of Earth and Humanity are continuing to climb upwards as destined, to reach a higher dimensional recollection and destiny within itself. I know it’s discouraged by some to use the ladder as the metaphor, but it is my favorite one to use. Because you may be choosing and deciding as your higher consciousness and active choice, to use your God-Given Rights and using Your Soul Sovereignty, to ask for this ladder.

To not only climb out of this Matrix BOX that no longer serves YOU, but you WILL take this ladder to use it for your own personal ascension and uplifting, however you see fit. You can Also use your personal ladder of ascension to help others out of their own specific box/matrix if they give you permission to do so. This is not to take away from the strength of another but to give strength to those in need, if you are called to do so. <3

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Love Energy

It is not uncommon for both energies to play a significant role in one’s life. Especially NOW. The outward and inward energies are destined to cleanse and purify mankind’s/Earth’s overall “covered ground.” You may also find yourselves confused and unsure of what your next step(s) are, with any and all incoming energies. This is perfectly normal and is part of your ascension experience and the stepping stones to your specific soul journey.

It IS always encouraged that you learn to follow your heart-felt intuition and soul guidance. You WILL also ultimately Learn Soul Discernment and please trust that you will be guided and encouraged to act/react in & for your best interests.


God Will ALWAYS speak to you personally about your BEST outcome and purpose. The choice IS and WILL always be yours to ultimately make. You WILL have the guidance, direction, and the chance to make the decision(s) that are Right for You specifically.


Much love and God-bless You ALL,


About the Author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and TwinFlame who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

Image: Pixabay

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