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Energy Update – A New You – Blue Rays

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Energy Update - A New You - Blue Rays

by Anastacia- Blue Beyond-

The Great ‘Push Through’ of Solstice/Coming Home to Ourselves/A NEW YOU/Blue Rays

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Forerunners, Transmuters, Wayshowers – a Deeper and Bigger Picture

The Great break through has come, has arrived and early for some of us who are Forerunners, Transmuters, Wayshowers in what ever way that is for and with humanity.

This is an Ancient Soul wounding that is needing healing to do with Ancient family shadow sides.

This is the breaking of Spirit and Soul that was/is needing to occur to breakthrough.

To push and push and then push souls who are ‘close’ as to the Divine love they have for one another.

To ‘stand the test of time’ of Unconditional love of the Divine.

As some will not be able to be near or ‘close’ to those we were just recently close to and then there are those connections of spiritual family that just ‘cannot be broken’ as in, their deep deep Ancient connection.

Where something inside of us, no matter where each soul ‘is at’ just could not ‘let go’ and move away energetically.

Oh, there may be a time where a separation of sorts has been needed, and that can go either way.

That there is relief and one feels free and it feels ‘right’ to do so.

And then there are those where this just ‘did not work’ and it was more detrimental to do so.

This is an Ancient Soul wounding of desertion or separation that is being healed.

Where things became ‘too hard’ energetically to remain close and this is not only in the physical, the Human Soul, this is also in Spirit, in the astrals/multi-dimensions.

This is so much bigger than us!

This is for the collective of Humanity and all souls that those who are experiencing this are feeling this for and with.

This is really really ‘testing’ those souls who have such deep love for ‘another’.


There was a ‘parting of ways’ energetically recently and many were not able to continue on with spiritual family connections as they were.

Recently, souls have bravely stood up, claimed their Inner Inner power and have been able to make conscious soul decisions about who they chose to have in their life.

And much personal freedom and inner bravery ‘like no other’ arose in those souls who have endured so much over so long, in choosing to remove themselves or others from their personal space or lives.

Or have been finally able to ‘stand up for themselves’ and set new boundaries.

Yet there are those that while they are doing so, found that with certain souls, this was not always possible due to their soul contract with another soul/s.

That there was such a deep deep ‘link’ or connection with another soul, that they could feel within, there were not ‘able’ to do so.

They were not able to just let go and move on. That there was ‘unfinished business’ with another soul.

This is continuing with many souls and not all will be experiencing this, only those who are in this ‘situation’ with another will relate to this.

Many souls who are or have been ‘working’ on themselves diligently are close to other souls who are yet to embrace their shadow sides or be conscious of their link to the Divine.

These souls are very much at the blame and anger stage and this is being projected onto those close to them.

This is part of their soul contract to enable the soul that is consciously on their Souls Divine Journey to come into their power = empowerment.

As ultimately these souls ‘chose’ to be together here and now, to help each other learn and grow.

Now this is very challenging for those souls as they have for so long ‘kept the peace’ and did not ‘say anything’ as they felt this was the best way to cope and deal with the ‘situation’.

And now, they are finding that they are no longer able to just ‘keep the peace’ as they were.

They are no longer ‘able’ to ‘walk on eggshells’.

This may have ‘worked’ in the past, however, many Blue Rays are finding they are unable to do so now. All they have endured in their inner strength has been a huge part of humanities ascension in being transmuters of lower energies.

This is ultimately a ‘time’ of allowing those souls to now COME HOME TO THEMSELVES. To realise that they can ‘help’ another soul close to them, by coming home to themselves.

By pulling their energy back into themselves as many have had their energy ‘out’ and operating from the ‘head’.

It is time to come home to our heart of hearts and come from within.

And then when we do so and we bring in/reclaim our Inner Inner Strength, this will then flow to the outer and on the astrals/multi-dimensions…this is how this allows another soul close to them, to then choose or be able to do this for themselves.

Many Blue Rays are in this type of ‘situation’ energetically with their ‘partners’ or spiritual family. As we are here as transmuters of ‘lower energies’. We have been overlooked and ‘behind the scenes’ for so long. We have the inner strength and inner Divine light and insight to see this through. And what ever ‘situation’ we are in with another, is what we are needing to experience to bring this Inner Strength up and out.

Just know that no matter how ‘challenging’ the soul contract is with another we are ‘close to’, we ARE strong enough and through this connection, this is allowing our INNER STRENGTH to come up and out from within ourselves.

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This is how strong we really are, core deep.

And this is allowing this to arise for us to Rise and Shine!

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


Ascended Earth Master
In6D human embodiment/8D in Spirit

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