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Spiritual Awakening Symptoms – How Do I Know It’s Happening To Me?

By on June 19, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Spiritual Awakening Symptoms - How Do I Know It's Happening To Me?

by Morag,
Contributing Writer,

When you Google ‘awakening’ you are quickly taken down the rabbit hole of signs and symptoms, spiritual ideology and karmic teaching. The bible and quantum mechanics come up.  But what does awakening actually mean?

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The word ‘awakening’ is contentious. There is a language of separation perceived in spiritualism. Awake implies asleep. Awake as a term, implies ego, assumes superiority . This is misleading. There is no judgement. There is only frequencies, the rate at which our cells are vibrating. An organic process of evolution that everyone and everything is experiencing at their own pace.

A popular image comes to mind, when Ray and Winston are talking about religion, in the original Ghostbusters movie, white ethereal ghostly figures rise into the night sky around them…judgement day. This is the mainstream media machine. This is not what awakening is. There is no judgement, only individuals on their own karmic path. This imagery also implies separation, polarization, the good rise to the heavens, so what happens to the bad?

Twisted through the lens of the Abrahamic religions and the mainstream media, language like awakening and ascension has become contextualized as judgement. There is no judgement, only an organic process of evolution that happens on a cellular level, quantum vibrations leading to dimensional frequency alignment.

Its all about frequencies, the frequency the cells in your body are vibrating at. From the tiniest particles, quarks, the vibration passes from cell to cell, rolling out through our system, microcosm to macrocosm. Connecting to the frequencies around us. This determines our perception of reality through manifestation.

Planet Earth has been in the third dimension for a long time, this is a denser frequency weighed down by greed, fear, and anger. Humanity has lost its moral compass, as a species a profound disconnection to the frequency of love, which is the frequency of nature, has caused destruction on a micro (individual) and macro (planetary) level. This is all changing. There is a cosmic acceleration for these vibrational frequencies changing.

Gaia, planet Earth, is also ascending. She, too, is a vibrational, organic being. Her time has come.  This is a rare celestial event and has drawn quite a crowd, it is rumored every soul that has ever existed on planet Earth is here to ride the vast karmic wave of release. Our skies are buzzing with activity. This is because the planet, Gaia, is accelerating her vibrational frequency.  Huge cosmic shifts of energy have been flowing through Gaia for some years now, propelling her to higher dimensions.

The time is now.

As predicted by many others, the Mayan belief that 2012 marked the kickstart of the Awakening. The media had us expecting planes falling out the sky. Not so. Neither do we expect to see ghostly figures rising to the heavens. This is way more convoluted than that. We are deep in it, all of us, right now, many of us unable to name it but know there’s something we can’t quite put our finger on, something hovering just out of sight, something’s not right. But as with all polarized thinking, this is not about what is right or wrong, this is about the same and changed, with no fear attached. A spectrum of frequencies, multi dimensions, infinite moments and choices. Connected.

Our emotions determine our state of being which determines, through manifestation, our reality. We take responsibility for what we allow into our space.

Our frequency is almost entirely directed by our thought processes, in turn affecting our emotional responses which dictate the vibration of our beings at a cellular level. If we are calm our vibrational frequency will be higher. When we feel anger, pain, fear, jealousy our vibrations lower. These emotions are dense, the thought processes causing synaptic firing is anxious, erratic, intense and lowers our vibration. Depression and despair are often experienced at the beginning of the awakening process. This has to be shed like a snake sheds its skin, releasing  old, stuck emotions.

By letting go of these heavy vibrations we literally ‘lighten the load’. We have been in an intense period of karmic release, accelerated global purge. Politically the veils are being lifted, dirty laundry needing aired. On an individual level we have been releasing old traumas, stuck energy, played out through our relationships.

The calmer and more content we are, the higher our frequency the more connected we are to the multi verse. The planet, the universe, the world and all life therein are connected by frequencies. Different dimensions, if you like, exist on different frequencies. When we raise our frequency we connect to higher dimensions.  In these higher dimensions, because there is less density, less or no lower vibrations, we are able to manifest, uncluttered by fear, anxiety or anger.

Manifestation means our reality reflects our state of being.

When we are transitioning we can experience dimensional slippage, moving from one to the other, this is happening daily for many of us. Quantum mechanics is oneness. As we shed these layers of negative programming, lower density emotional energy, we align and connect. Buckle up people the ride is going to be bumpy, so long as we live, see and feel harmonization this is what we will get. It’s all about peace and love maaaaan!

Spiritual Awakening: How do I know if it’s happening to me?

Symptoms of awakening:

  • heaviness in your limbs, low energy
  • fluctuations in appetite
  • blurry vision
  • disrupted sleep and/or sleep patterns
  • feelings of disconnection, spaciness (poor short term memory)
  • awareness of speeding up of time
  • lack of focus and/or bouts of intense focus
  • sensitivity to temperature
  • skin irritations or unusual allergies
  • engaging, feeling, empathising more with the world around you
  • changes in your friendship and family relationships
  • changes in food and drink intake
  • vivid dreams
  • synchronicity
  • numbers – seeing sequences of numbers everywhere
  • being drawn to creative hobbies, loss of ambition, remembering passions from childhood, wanting to create
  • feeling drawn to nature
  • being drawn to meditation, yoga, healing therapies.

If some of these symptoms resonate with you then it’s likely you have begun or are some way to raising your frequencies, awakening.  As waves of cosmic light flow into our galaxy, in and through Gaia, she and us are being propelled to higher dimensions. This is not an ordinary time.

The karmic polarization of humanity, largely caused by the ruling elite, the cabal, has held humanity back from its natural cycle of evolution. A soul cannot grow and evolve if in each lifetime it is oppressed. The human karmic wheel on this planet has been like a hamster wheel, going round and round, trapped, unable to organically progress. Globally we are being supported through this chaotic, confusing, crazy time, as individuals we are also being guided through this process. There is a lot of love out there for this bright jewel in the Milky Way galaxy and her trapped, upset, passionate, creative, graceful and humble passengers.

Body aches, over sleeping, under sleeping, over eating, under eating. The body is responding to a rise in frequency, it’s bound to ache a bit. Pain is grounding, we are pulled back into the body, held by it, this makes for a safer transition and lessens the chance of total disconnection from the body and the matrix.  Many people also experience popping and low buzzing in one or both ears, as the frequencies change.

Some dizziness and nausea, changes in tolerance to food and drink, can be very obvious symptoms.  We may quite suddenly go off foods we used to love, many people stop eating or cut down their consumption of meat, milk and processed foods. Avoiding synthetic food, preservatives and gm food; dense, plastic food weighs heavy on our vibrations, lighten your load with food you recognize as having come from Gaia.

This is about aspiration.

The body-mind-soul system responds quickly to these changes and, helpfully, our tolerance to these fake food and drinks drops quickly and we simply can’t eat them without tummy aches and discomfort.

Depression and despair can be experienced at the beginning of the awakening process as ignorance is bliss. Described as Shadow Work, like a snake shedding its skin, the phoenix rising from the flames, the Tower card in tarot, we need to shed those lower frequencies, these stuck, emotionally charged energies will need to be released.

Synchronicity, especially in threes, for example the same subject being mentioned to you from three different sources over a short space of time. Symbols reappearing, words being repeated. When you say ‘beautiful’ the guy on the tv says it at the same time. Synchronicity is a wonderful part of the waking up process, it is the start of feeling connected, an integral part of the universe.

Number sequences are also a clear sign of awakening. Google 11.11 and take your pick of reading material. Angel numbers, symbolic sequences, its all about numbers. Tom Daly winning the bronze at the Olympics, Rio 2016, with a score of 444.4 was a wake up upgrade code, for the millions of people watching. The universe is mysterious in her ways, numbers are a language we all speak.

Animals, fish and birds are also part of this universal language. Seeing a grasshopper three times in a short space of time (when you don’t usually see them) can signify a ‘leap of faith’ is required, maybe with a job or relationship.

The key to recognizing symptoms and messages of guidance as we navigate this awakening process is that the signs will be unusual.  The universe is speaking to you directly, communicating with you. It’s hugely reassuring and can be thrilling and funny. This is the beginning of Oneness, of understanding everything is connected by a flow, an energetic groove through space time, it’s the awareness of quantum – nothing is 2d or 3d its multiple d!

What do I do about it?

As our systems adjust to these higher frequencies we are literally becoming lighter. To make this transition, this shift in consciousness, our mind-body-soul upgrade needs to shake off denser lower frequencies. The key to raising our cellular frequencies and not getting ill, checking out or giving up is to seek balance between the Mind, Body and Soul.

Talk therapy, holistic therapies like cranial sacral therapy, neural realignment therapy, meditation, shamanic healing, past life or QHHT hypnotherapy can help balance our mind body soul. Meeting other people who are also feeling confused or seeking deeper spiritual practise is a great way to navigate the trickier aspects to awakening.

Water is very clearing, whether its a cool shower, a warm bath or a swim all can help clear our ethereal bodies of unwanted stuck energy. Gong or sound baths raise our frequencies, help us release blockages.

Crying, as hard as it is, is very good for us. We can trigger emotional release, watching a sad film, listening to a moving piece of music, looking through old photo albums… each time we sit in an uncomfortable emotion (shame, guilt, grief, pain, hurt, sadness) we are essentially lancing that bubble of pain. Feeling it, looking it in the eye, allowing it, WILL release it. When it’s over, it will be gone, dissipated as energy into the universe. This is a very hard process. The only thing I ever read about Shadow Work that has helped me has been to repeat three words over and over ‘This will pass’. And it always does pass.

Seek stillness in nature. Step into nature as often as possible. Walk through the park rather then up the High St, even if its a longer route. Nature helps us to be more mindful, engaging all our senses in the present. Nature realigns us, like plugging a phone into a charger, the mind-body-spirit frequency is cleared and powered up.

Reiki, spiritual kundalini or breathwork yoga, acupuncture, herbal remedies, hiking, coloring in, spending time engaging with children. All holistic therapies can help calm and nourish our fragile egos and open our hearts to a more heart led existence. Energy work like reiki can shift blockages, reduce stress and lighten the (emotional) load. Meditation will still the ego, open the heart and encourage the flow of energies through our ethereal bodies, as Gaia shifts.

Learning about the chakras: what they are, what they do, how to maintain them is hugely beneficial to understanding this awakening process. Many yoga, meditation and breathwork classes will teach you about chakras, as will research. They are essentially the ‘power points’ of our systems. The portals that draw energy in and release energy. The more you know the more you can look after them the calmer and more connected you will be as a mind-body-soul being.

Be with tribal soul mates whenever possible (you know…the one’s who make you feel good about yourself).  Avoid drama – other people’s control dramas, global political dramas and your own ego’s dramas. Drama drains energy, literally.  Avoid the mainstream media in all its guises, reading, watching and listening to hate, fear and fascism will program you to feel and display these emotions.

Value your space, protect it, filter closely what or who you allow in. If you cannot avoid any of the above then take measures to protect yourself, crystals, meditations and mantras are good for this as is asking for protection from our guides. Rebalance yourself after exposure using water, crystals, meditation, sound baths, holistic therapies, seeking rest and stillness and realignment.

It is about aspiration and free will. We can change anything anytime. The way to raise the vibrational frequency of those teeny tiny quarks (smallest particles in our bodies) is to transmute all energy, all emotion through the heart chakra. Like a washing machine, if we put all those low vibrations, fear and greed into the wash, our heart will clean it, the dirt comes out, released.  The heart is compassion, kindness, humility and love.

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Higher frequencies are higher for a reason. This is about aspiration to love, to release fear. When we shake off those denser, stickier, darker emotional energies we allow space for gentler, calmer vibrations to flow. This in turn connects us to those frequencies around us of similar nature. Love is the cosmic energetic flow, the ‘dark matter’, the language of the multiverse.

We should seek balance with our body, mind and soul. Easy if you’re a monk on a Tibetan hillside (we would all be levitating by now!), but down here on planet earth, ground zero it is hard. Polarization of our world, speeding up of time, destruction, fear, war, injustice, poverty, racism….shall I go on?  So if you reach for those chocolates, pass on that early morning swim, collapse in front of a glass of wine don’t beat yourself up!

This is the matrix, the third dimension and we are here through choice, destiny, it is our soul purpose to be here. We ride these waves as well we can, accepting imperfection as natural and organic whilst aspiring to a higher vibrational way of life.

It’s all about calming and deprogramming the ego, taking care of the body and the mind and opening the heart to love, compassion and humility. Practice mindfulness, be in the now, experience the present and the past and the future will learn its place. Believe in a peaceful future on Gaia and it will happen. And when the shadow work gets to much reach out for help, there are many, many avenues available. Hug a tree!

Much love and light,


About the author:  I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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