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Higher Frequency Upgrades

By on September 10, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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Higher Frequency Upgrades in5d in 5d

by Lisa Transcendence Brown,

We again have huge crystalline particles visible as we activate these cellular upgrading frequencies continually now. As we continue to move into the higher frequencies, solar flares cease and only crystalline exists. The frequencies change for us. Transcending flare frequencies within mean upgrades are totally cellular. The molecular structure of all continually changing and transforming now. Can you look out there to see the differences? Do you look for and create change? Do you EXPECT and add light to all?

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This entire period is continual embodiment of MORE LIGHT.

We don’t stop upgrading… we shift from one frequency to another. Synchronize synchronize synchronize …. identify discord and that which triggers something within. Step UP in frequency in every exchange, BE the Light NOW.

Many are transitioning from one phase to the next. Some stepping out of comfort zones to DO, where they have hibernated for years. There is a time (frequency) when actual doing is required to be In-service here. Transcending old human lack, judgement, and self-serving thought are a part of this. BEING Angels and Guides requires embodiment in a whole new way. It means letting go of the need for anything in return, while figuring out how to function in a physical world. Balance and understanding HOW ENERGY works, this is a part of the journey. Identifying the ENERGY of all for the sake of working with it as it presents in every moment.

Many have worked on themselves for years, to come to understand triggers and that all comes from within. Yet, the phase of mastering energy in exchanges requires total presence, honor, integrity and the purity of light as love. Actual exchanges are required for this. DOING for no reason, being angels for others, being lights for others, assisting others, guiding others without personal opinion or judgment….


This means grabbing the WayShower inside and doing what you still fear. This means trusting that you will be present enough, aware enough and have the power to stand in UNIVERSAL TRUTH from a space AS love, AS Light …..

This means recognizing your human’ness, owning it, and unifying it within. Being Multi-Dimensional means you can DO many dimensions at one time, without missing a beat. You can work through (and with) a multitude of realities that present in the moment. This is done through continual experience and INTERACTIONS WITH OTHERS to assist you with becoming your Master Self here.

We don’t avoid exchanges, hide or hold back. We are authentic, true and totally visible … See Through…. We hold respect inside…. we don’t seek from others anymore. We use others to trigger that which we already hold and know.

Open loving communication… necessary in every moment…

ALL IS SACRED….not just one thing or every once in awhile. Every moment, every experience, every breath….

See where you are blocking yourself, where you are holding back from stepping into your ROLES now… “later” or “when it’s right” is human….

Honor you and all as one. WE are They….

Honor your upgrades and sleep where called. Get busy in the other moments. Get creative with how. Ask your higher self to guide you. It’s us that have to open up, listen, honor. They don’t leave. They are inside of you emerging in Light…..

I love you. Have the most magical and amazing everything… Embrace, relax and open up!


Image: Pixabay

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