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Energy Update – Our Personal Rapture And Our Personal Revelations

By on September 27, 2017 in Energy Updates

Energy Update - Our Personal Rapture And Our Personal Revelations

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by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

We are in an adjustment ‘time’ of the/our ‘old world’ energies and very new energies that came through with the Equinox.


As our life and world most certainly did and has changed!

Our personal rapture and then also with this our own personal revelations.

From the eclipse of the lions gate and onward with other energies that have come through and now with the Solstice energies, the world and life we ‘used to’ live and have is no longer ‘the same’.

I mean really really not the same.

As the solstice energies came through, it brought through such a final ‘end of the old world’ energy. That many turned into such negativity of the world is going to end and so on.

No one person is coming back to ‘save us’…it is us saving ourselves of the Christ energy within us!


No rapture as written in books, has occurred. So much that was written in a certain ‘book’ was twisted and changed and altered and is full of ‘fire and brimstone’. Fear, fear, fear! And that fear was felt collectively in a very huge and new way recently from this.

As what transpires or occurs energetically in spirit in visions and messages are NEEDING TO BE FELT, INTERPRETED AND EXPERIENCED IN THE HUMAN, LINKING TO SPIRIT.

Let’s ‘have a look’ at what has been coming through from Spirit to Soul in the last 5 weeks leading up to this ‘event’ in Real-Time:

18 Aug 17 ~ Deep Ancient Wound from first incarnation-Energy ‘spilling’ to others Pts 1&2. Major transition of entering into a New Consciousness-of Spirit and Soul.

20 Aug 17~ Vision/Diagram of two earths that came from Spirit, shared from 6D Pt 1. Newly discovering in a new way in linking our Spirit to our Soul.

21 Aug 17 – Another Vision shared in a drawing of more that came of a Pre-Dawn Dawning Pt 2

22 Aug 17 ~ Pre-Dawn – New Consciousness Pt 3. Feeling two world of energy at once. The old and the new.

24 Aug 17 ~ Pre-Dawn Energies Pt 4. Upgrade-feeling a little ‘haywire’

25 Aug 17 ~ Pre-Dawn Dawning of a New Earth is finally here! Pt 5. We are simply ‘not able’ to follow the/our old path of our lives that greatly altered with the total solar eclipse energies of 21 August 17.

26 Aug 17 ~ We are currently in a Transition of a Pre-Dawn Dawning-of a New Earth Transition -with a triple twist- Pt 6. Coming home to our Sovereignty.

27 Aug 17 ~ Turning Point-Transition-Past Present Future Pt 7. Future dark/old energy being shook up like a blanket of dirt being tossed up and particles are floating ‘not able’ to settle back down. New 6D vision of this drawing in a picture.

29 Aug 17 – As our NEW EARTH Dawning is rising, we are in the Pre-Dawn Transition energies Pt 8. Multiple high frequencies came through, head pressure felt.

Echo’s of we are in a time ‘like’ the rapture that is written of in the bible.

30 Aug 17 ~ Letting Go to Move Forward. It’s like being in a ‘hole’ for a very long time. A ‘hole we have been in for so very long, not only this lifetime but Past Ancient Times as well.

2 Sep 17 ~ Feeling ‘spacey’ while feeling in a ‘hole’ at the same time. Balancing the new upgrades/Pre-Dawn Dawning of a New Earth energies. The ‘above’ and ‘below’ of finding a new balance.

4 Sep 17 ~ I am Dying…and I am not the only one. Learning a new way. Letting go to move forward. In a new way we have not experienced before.

7 Sep 17 ~ The Dawning of a New You. We are needing to put ourselves first in a way that we have not done before, not like this. Years worth of releasing of ‘being’ a ‘certain way’ for so long.

8 Sep 17 ~ LET GO of logic and trust your Feelings. Yes we do need logic. More like let go of coming from the head and coming from one’s heart.

9 Sep 17 ~ The Tide has Turned-Pre-Birth. Another big turning point for us all. A real turning point of how one handled things = a Transition further along our paths/Souls Divine Journeys.

10 Sep 17 ~ Collective Amplified Release/Purge/Healing. Our planet is going through a Major Release…so are you/we.

10 Sep 17 ~ Personal 6D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer update on current energies Pt 1. Dream/vision shared of a very huge light web, in small sections was filled with tiny colourful spiders. Large Silver Scarab beetle climbing onto this web.

Pt 2 – A continuation of this in that a ‘fake’ web of fake old energy. Fake as in no longer or not real for us here and now.

Pt 3 – Going deeper. Sliding door moments or Parallel timelines.

Pt 4 – Faith and Gratitude. ‘No matter what’ we are experiencing, know we are always so loved and supported…it is us needing to learn this within ourselves as well.

14 Sep 17 ~ Core Depression Releasing. A new renewal and re-wiring. Coming out in a deep depression in the human and humanity collectively. Needing to be felt to be released.

15 Sep 17 ~ Here we go again, what is ‘happening’. When energy ‘arrives’, how this transpires in the human, is not the same as what comes through in Spirit.

17 Sep 17 ~ Vision/Dream of Light Gold Metallic ‘ships’ have arrived in the Astrals.

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17 Sep 17 ~ Two core foundations the Soul and the Spirit are being felt. An ‘overspill’ of being linked to not only the Divine within but we are also feeling and clearing/processing for HUMANITY as well!.

19 Sep 17 ~ Pushing through our ‘old’ stubbornness and resistance. A few different processes, releasing, clearing, shifting ‘going on’ in Spirit and Soul and our link with both. Waves/echos of the ‘old’ presenting themselves – SACRIFICING OURSELF FROM A PAST LIFE has come up with this.

20 Sep 17 ~ NEW REVELATIONS-THE TIME HAS ‘COME’. Rising over the ‘lip’ of energies, the crest of the wave of Beyond. Being ‘put back together’ in a New Way. Feeling ‘broken’ from energies in both Spirit and Soul.

20 Sep 17 ~ Personal Sharing. Be AWARE of Distractions of any kind of information or insight as to what is ‘coming’ or what ‘things are going to be like’.




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21 Sep 17 ~ WTF. Feeling tired, but ‘can’t’ rest, wanting to rest but unable to..energies peaking with the old. We are in a rapture collectively yet individually.

23 Sep 17 ~ Being ‘Tested. With the new we have just implemented or are implementing-by others of ‘old’ (energy) behavior. Are we going to say ‘the buck stops here’ or are we going to allow ourselves to be ‘confused’ or affected by someone else’s energy.

24 Sep 17 ~ Massive Fear energy in the astrals/collectively/Taking Small Step Forward. Be aware of this energy as it can/has seeped through to our energy and will elevate (fear) of any current situation on we are in or going through. Needing to protect in the Human AND in Spirit as well.

We need to ‘push through’ in a positive way of what we are wanting/feeling to move forward with, as guided by our Soul and Spirit, that we feel deeply, as part of our Souls Divine Journey.

Any small step, no matter how one may feel it is a small one, is a step forward in pushing through!

Read, feel and resonate to where you are currently ‘at’ with what has been shared here.

As when was the last time your nurtured yourself, I mean ‘really’ nurtured your Spirit AND Soul.

And then there is the physical as well. And the mental and emotional.

Taking ‘time out’ to just simply honor yourself in ALL you have been ‘going through’ lately, especially.

Yes I know, we may have ‘jobs’ or ‘things’ we need to do in life, yet at the same time, we can make a choice and a decision to be Spiritually Mindful that we ALSO NEED to include within all of this, time out for ourselves.

It can be any small thing that we can do to honor and nurture as we are able to do this in so many various ways.

I was out talking to someone the other day, at her place of employment, and this lady (who I had met before and sort of knew) was sharing how she was having a bit of a ‘rough’ day and that she didn’t cleanse or protect her energy that morning (this was just after lunch) and it threw her right out and it was going to be a long day and had been already.

‘So you don’t have 5 minutes to go to the ladies and go and do this now? You do have a choice to do this you know and talk some control back of your energy’ and this was said in a very lighthearted and fun way.

She laughed and said ‘You were my mirror today, thank you’ and off she went to go and do this.

Love and nurture YOU…all that you have given and said to others you now need to give to YOU. You are amazing and so strong and so deserve this.

To own your Sovereignty!

As we are now birthing through a/our new baby within!

Ahh I jump ahead here… lol as let’s just read and feel this energy update of the last 5 weeks and take some ‘time out’ within all of this and what we are each going through, to allow us to nurture ourselves.

In Spirit and Soul and all other layers and levels within this.

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

6D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Australian Correspondent in5d
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available.

About the author: Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment, in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions. Bringing through unique ‘genuine’ energy updates as gift as a Template for humanity, as these energies come directly in and through her human vessel from Spirit. A direct link of Pure Divine Light with Spirit/Source.

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