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Energy Update – Transforming Electrons To Photons

By on September 1, 2018 in Energy Updates
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by Pioneer One,
Guest writer,

Crystalline beings work to restore fractal alignments. Fractal alignments are correct movements of electrons around the nucleus of an atom, in relation to the other electrons. When WE experience, say, do, feel, or intend something harmful to OUR larger beings, OUR godselves, OUR vibrations decrease. As such, the electrons slow down and WE then experience the wobbling of them. This then makes OUR molecular arrangements a bit off, if you could visualize this for a moment. The further WE stray from OUR higher selves, the more energy WE lose, the more harmful things WE bring to ourselves and others. It spreads outward into the very fabric of existence, some would call it Sophia. In other words, when ya make a boo boo, it surrounds you and thus there are more boo boos to come. So be good.

Now imagine for a moment, a downward perpetual spiral, people draining people of energy, etc, the fall from immortality. And then fathom the possibility of a being so old, so wise, so capable that your electrons could become photons and your fractals self rearrange at the will of this being. And that each of US houses that potential. ALL WE need to do is choose to change and work to become it. If WE realign ourselves with that knowledge, that consciousness, that being, WE are shielded by a photonic glow so strong a bullet could not penetrate it. It would dissolve.

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Self control and restraint. Google 42 Laws of Ma’at. If anyone can do those things instinctively, we’re literally golden. It has nothing to do with false deities etc,..  It’s just a set a rules left behind by a wise person to help guide US home to our outer/inner godselves. A piece of the larger consciousness.

WE are each OUR own diety, equal. Lots of love!

Remember, WE were ALL once gods, flowing through the universe as One.

There is no enemy, just those who chose to challenge US to evolve. Let go of that ideology and they lose a bit of conscious power here. They are a trained mindset. WE ALL are. We’re going home together. Now, their problems are no longer OURS. WE must be concerned about OUR own group and individual well being outside of them, for they have caused US great harm indeed.

It’s ok.

You’re immortal, go find your Source, that outermost being that feeds you photonic energy.

It’s in you!

ALL shall be healed.

ALL shall be restored.

Pioneer One

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