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Enlightenment And Full Awakening

By on May 15, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Look, see, feel and gaze around you. Are you still hanging on something dear or mighty in this physical world that you cannot leave behind, power over others, monetary control, relief from dark beliefs, partner, lover, child, parent, pet to care and endless illusions. Darkness fill our lives with Hollywood sex-wars- addicting communications, entertainment or US$1B and counting in sales for one fantasy movie, women faces of cosmetics and pornography, gossip or nonsense-useless things. Some humans stick to sloth, pride and greed to run their lives, identifying with dark energies, sick/rotting with dark grease, seem to enjoy them.

Returning home we join our brothers and sisters in higher dimensions we left behind. We are fragments of Source, light energy, ‘Observers’, agreed with Source to dwell within earth vessel form. Transform, get detached from layers of form: body, mind, thought creating emotions and lifetimes of earthly experiences, each one with individual identity of energy. Get fully embodied, I am. Awake, transmute, Source Energy (SE), will merge with your light body within you. Volunteerism and our promise to lift Earth, a sentient being, is our deep unconditional love and concern help this part of the universe lifted from dense vibrational frequencies or dimensions.


The Near East has a beautiful term for this energy transmutation or transformation called ‘Kundalini’ technical word, and if you so desire, learn, get informed the Eastern ways. The western ways have opened up, catching up after several ten thousand years, termed it “Knowing and Awakening”. What is important to recognize is preparation for the shift. 1957 is significant for me as crystalline lights filled mind-body-thought-soul, installed knowing within called service to others is to self; took the experience as creation of livelihood and helping others and it prepared me for higher awakening from human rot.

Healing and cleansing every layer of the body is the key to dis-attachment and release of energy taught to us by various masters and gurus, detached from body identification. It is transfer of energy from one form to another, to emphasize, body, mind, thought and soul experience, in that order, everything we have accumulated as a soul-spirit. We attain raised vibrational frequency every time we release a layer freeing one energy to another form. Releasing a major Energy from one form to another is a scientific fact, for us to understand, changing energy forms after clearing each one in that order. A good example is: water has many forms, glacier to liquid water, evaporation of oceans and seas, to rain clouds and back, liquid form again– flowing waters at the rivers, seas and oceans, thence glacier in some form. We are the same, creations of Source Energy changing forms typical in all creations of All That Is. We merge with Source Energy as you disengage from your identities, the One who allowed us dwe
ll in a perfect human body gaining experience to raise the planet to her original form until we awaken and return to Observer status within similar to mandated higher dimension beings assisting us this period of ascension.

To reiterate identification with earth vessel personalities dissolved; you are transformed to a light body Observer. Awakening dissolves our identification with mind, body, thoughts, soul experience and our soul spirit accomplished her assignment, a mission so difficult in this planet. Going home is reality.

All imperfections-impurities and ties to this world are severed with the healing and cleansing crystalline lights of SE overflowing earth and humanity and your hurdling the layers of earth vessel. You are One with Source, the One who sent you to this world as a volunteer of love and light to raise Earth to higher plane and create unity amongst men. Perfection of who we are as crystalline beings is reality for some awakened humans.

Prepare, get fully activated, awakened, get transformed/transmuted and returning to our dear Home with other Observers is reality as mandated by All That Is.

Love and light,


About the author: ANGEL shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Industrial Estates in South East Asia-Middle East. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.

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