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Twin Flame: Everyone Soul Has (And Is) A TwinFlame

By on November 9, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Everyone Has (And Is) A Twin Flame

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by Elle Hari,
Contributing Writer,

Everyone Has (And Is) A Twin Flame

Have you ever wondered if your “other half”  ot twin flame was out there?


The Divine Truth of Creation states that when your soul incarnates into the physical world in every lifetime, it needs to assimilate into the world of duality by becoming duality, itself.

In other words, the soul needs to become an opposite of itself.

Part of your soul incarnates in your body with one polarized charge, and another part of your soul incarnates into your twinflame’s body with the exact opposite polar charge.

Twinflames are the same soul inhabiting two different bodies.

The soul (like everything else) is energy, and energy is vibration. All energy vibrates at its own unique frequency. Therefore, twinflames are the exact same vibrational frequency as each other.

No one else in the entire cosmos shares the exact same vibrational frequency as you other than your twinflame. It’s the most sacred bond there is because it’s YOU.


The polarized part of your soul that is incarnated into your body has a certain charge, and the part of your soul that’s incarnated into your twinflame’s body has the exact polar opposite charge.

Think of it like batteries. One end of a battery has a positive charge, and the other end has a negative charge. When placed a certain way, the magnets attract, but turn the magnets around, and they repel each other. That’s how the polarity is that exists between you and your twinflame, and it’s this polarity that makes relating with the twinflame in the physical world so challenging.

You’ve probably crossed paths with your twinflame in every lifetime including this one, but you may or may not have known that it was your twinflame. You could have grown up next door to each other, bumped into each other in the line at Starbucks or even be married to him/her.

When the soul is ready and at a pre-destined time and place, you will recognize your twinflame on a very deep, subconscious level. You won’t know it consciously, so it won’t occur in the mind. It takes place on the soul level – when the soul recognizes itself in the body of your twinflame.

This is called “soul recognition”.

More and more twinflames are experiencing soul recognition of each other than ever before since the dawning of the Second Golden Age on 12/12/12.

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If you’ve experienced soul recognition of your twinflame and are currently separated physically or caught up in a push/pull relating cycle, you can magnetize your twinflame back into your life for good.

And if you haven’t had soul recognition of your twinflame or aren’t sure if you have or not, you can also magnetize the twinflame into your life for good.

It’s a matter of balancing out the shared polarized energy and shifting closer into alignment with your soul. It sounds complicated, but it’s really quite simple and consists of only a few action steps.

Your soul desires itself, so it desires for you to be with your twinflame.

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About the author: Elle Hari is a twin flame alchemist, writer, teacher and coach and creator of the 100% successful Magnetize Your TwinFlame Coaching Program. For more information about twinflames and how to magnetize your twinflame (back) into your life for good, please check out her free twin flame workshop.

In5D Addendum

The concept of TwinFlames has its roots in ancient spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, and it has been a topic of fascination and intrigue for many throughout history. TwinFlames are referred to as two halves of the same soul that have been separated and journey through multiple lifetimes to find each other and achieve spiritual union.

The origins of “TwinFlames” can be traced back to the philosophy of Plato, a Greek philosopher who believed that humans were originally created as complete beings with both masculine and feminine qualities. According to Plato’s theory, humans were split into two halves by the gods, and ever since, they have been searching for their other half, their TwinFlame, to become whole again.

In Hinduism, the concept of TwinFlames is known as “Ardhanarishvara,” which represents the union of the masculine and feminine energies within an individual. The image of Ardhanarishvara depicts a deity that is half-male and half-female, symbolizing the idea of duality and the merging of opposites.

Throughout history, TwinFlames have also been described in various spiritual and esoteric traditions, including in ancient Egyptian, Sufi, and Native American teachings. These traditions often emphasize the idea of TwinFlames as soulmates who are destined to meet and undergo a deep spiritual journey together, leading to profound spiritual awakening and growth.

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