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Evolving From The Human Experience

By on March 2, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Evolving From The Human Experience

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by Amanda Lorence

At perfect (aligned) point, the former Aspect that influenced our human life experience and dominated our humanness, (what we call the former PERSONALITY)… goes, shall/does dissolve. At this point, we see and internally understand the reasoning to ‘give up’ that previous ASPECT we generally term ‘personality’, in order to Serve THE WHOLE at a Higher Frequency State of BEing in a human physical form. We undergo the knowing, reasoning, logic, data download, of a deep and higher truth and thus understanding, of RELEASING back to God, what we were; what influenced our well being.


What also perfectly restricted us in order to give us the very human experience that we then awoke from, grew from, and learnt from, and thus EMBODIED COMPASSION from. For we could not evolve from the human experience, to Serve in our Highest individual way, without experiencing the Human first, without the memory. Raw and real experience, evolved out of with higher understanding and from free Will, creates COMPASSION for each and every human experience.

Some parts of the ‘personality’ STAY as part of us. It is too much to type and explain, but the one undergoing this RELEASE STAGE shall know and understand via their own experience point of this. The former ‘personality’ is superseded by the TRUER, wiser, ever more compassionate and eternally LOVING Version of You.

This is WHY you came, for there are aspects of the former Personality Aspect that are not what we have formally described as ‘patterns to dissolve’.

Some parts of the former ‘personality’ hold simply a Third Dimensional energetic frequency that can not (in energetic terms of energetic Laws) exist at Fifth Dimensional frequency Hz and higher. So, if we are choosing to be present to SERVE THE WHOLE, to serve in our highest possible way, whilst retaining human form, we undergo experience, to give back to God, GIVE UP, that former self, that former version, aspects we have labelled ‘personality’, containing those Third Dimensional frequencies that were indeed PERFECT, in order to give us the former human experiences we have LEARNT and NOW evolved from.

I emphasize, this point is experienced and gone through at RIGHT TIMING FOR EACH, with GREAT LOVE, compassion and wisdom. Anything less than LOVE, COMPASSION, and HIGHER WISDOM is not this stage of giving back to Source, the former personality.

If you are a ‘Walk In’ (I refer to the experience of ‘Walk In’ without any awareness or experience of any ‘Walk Out’) you may probably experience more awareness and affinity, and wisdom to the previous ‘Walk In’ experience, at this point of giving BACK to Source, the previous ‘personality’.


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Again, this juncture is presented as a Free Will human choice for each to make their own individual choice, for there is no right or wrong choice, only the expanding sight of ALL perfection.

Keep going, we were brought in to do this. It’s trippy and it’s all a process we are so capable of, ONE STEP at a time. Let go and flow through it as the eternal Love you are for ALL, including your s/Self. Up we go!

One Love

Amanda Lorence

Image: Pixabay

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