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How To Exit The Social Media Matrix

By on December 19, 2017 in Exiting The Matrix with 0 Comments
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How To Exit The Social Media Matrix

by Aubrie Yerdon,
Contributing Writer,

The internet is one of the biggest blessings we have received on Earth in recent memory. It allows us to connect to people from all over the world, to branch out and learn things that would normally be inaccessible to us in our locale. However, I notice that logging into social media accounts is so distracting, that hours can be lost without notice. Why is this?

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The Problem

Let me start this article with a personal situation that you may resonate with. I am heavily reliant on the internet in my day to day life. I use it to keep up with friends and family, to share information on my blog site, and to stay updated with ongoings in the spiritual community.

This is exactly what the internet was created to do; however, I noticed a not-so-new trend picking up in my life recently. I log onto Facebook, intending to just update my business page and check in on my group members, and end up scrolling mindlessly.

The mindless scrolling doesn’t last for just for a few minutes though- it easily turns into hours! Suddenly I’ll look at the clock, assuming that maybe 10-20 minutes have passed, and it’s been more than an hour. And in this hour, I have done nothing I meant to do!

I’m not the only one who does this. I see my friends and family doing the same exact thing. We become bored, pick up our phones or the T.V. remote, and tune in to silly memes and pointless television show dramas. We post about things that really don’t matter, adding to the mindlessness in peoples’ news feeds. When you don’t, people unfriend and unfollow you, seemingly annoyed that you aren’t adding to their empty distraction.

What’s Going On?

The problem is that the internet, especially social media, is another outlet for mind control by the low vibrational beings that are currently in control of Earth. It is easily accessible, both for us and for them. So in between updates in our friends’ real lives, we see empty ads and asinine videos that do nothing other than promote an airheaded, materialistic lifestyle to distract us from the collective and our life missions.

I have also noticed, especially recently, that plugging into social media immediately wipes all previous thought and intention. People are signing on with the intention to just quickly get some work done or check on their friends and end up, hours later, watching videos about people eating their shoes or reading an article about cooking pheasant.

It is my conclusion that a very low vibrational energy has been connected into the internet, specifically sharing platforms, to draw unknowing people in and keep them there. This keeps people mindless, makes them forget all that they may have learned previously, and draws them into an empty-headed and subservient existence.

A Multi-Faceted Attack

This low vibrational matrix manipulates the ego, first by cutting your self-worth down by highlighting your lack of material items and acquaintances. It makes you feel poor and unpopular, unliked and therefore worthless.

Next, it shows you that to attain these materials, you must attain money. Attaining a high amount of money requires you to become a corporate slave, up to your shoulders in student loan and credit card debt. You have to continue working to barely stay afloat, and to keep up the appearance of having it all figured out.

Then, to attain popularity, you must both lack true personality and self-control, as do the people you choose to make yourself popular among. Drinking to excess, the use of pharmaceuticals, skipping meals and sleep in favor of “getting lit” leaves your mind foggy and your body in disrepair. It also leaves you a prime target for implants and attachments.

But while you’re inebriated, wearing a new brand name suit that you charged credit, surrounded by fake people pretending to care, you can take pictures to add a filter to and post to your social platforms, effectively making it look like you are at the top of your game.

But when you go home at night and look in the mirror, what do you see? Does it make you happy?

The other part of this is the seeming addiction to the news feeds and the posts by fake people about non-essential information. What I have perceived is a literal mind wipe, accompanied by the feeling that if my social medias aren’t open on my desktop, I am missing something essential. Even though I have completed my marketing for the day and chatted with those I resonated with, I still feel incomplete without at least two social media platforms open at a time.

It is truly an energetic pull to get and remain online, at any cost.

The low vibrational matrix pulls us in, wipes our minds, and fills it with tidbits of information that are quite useless. Is what Beyonce’s dog ate for dinner yesterday really that important to the collective? I err on the side of not so much. And yet, do I stop scrolling to read the headline, and maybe even click the article out of curiosity? Most likely. A few more rounds of this, and I’ve effectively lost an hour of time doing essentially nothing.

What Can You Do To Overcome This

Firstly, you have to admit to yourself there is a problem. Sometimes we don’t recognize how much time is spent on our phones or computers. That’s totally okay… you can work to be more mindful of this now!

Try writing down what time you log on to your social platforms, or set the stopwatch on your phone. Go about your normal scrolling. When you’re done, stop the stopwatch or record what time you ended at. How long was it?

Next, now that you’ve identified how much time you’re spending online, you can attempt to limit it. Decide what things you MUST do online, such as marketing or sharing life events with friends. Where do you share? What things do you want to see while you’re connected? Write these things down and schedule out how much time you want to dedicate to this.

You can also allot time to scrolling if you wish, as we do find considerable amounts of information in this way; consider setting an alarm to keep you from overdoing and accidentally getting caught in the matrix again.

You may also want to consider setting up protections for your computer and phone. There are many ways to go about doing this.. My preference is to create protective sigils specifically for my computer and craft energetic barriers to buffer the negative pull; however, do whatever resonates with you.

Finally, when it seems the hardest to walk away from the screen is when you need to the most. Dedicate yourself to other activities away from your phone, computer, and tablet; meditation, art, music, time in nature, and even washing your dishes is so much more fulfilling when it’s just you and your work. These and so many other activities serve to reconnect you to yourself, to the collective, and to Higher Consciousness.

Connecting to all that you are, all that I am, all we are, all that everything is, the Highest Consciousness that is our Source, is of the utmost importance and will guide us on our path to saving Earth and helping Her ascend. We can’t connect when our minds are being wiped and energy drained via the internet. Take time to be mindful today!

About the Author: Aubrie is an Arcturian starseed serving Earth as a natural healer and teacher. Her life mission is to help people heal and learn to function at a high vibration so they may find their true purpose. She offers her personal healing gifts combined with Reiki techniques over distance and free advice in her Facebook group, The Spiral Collective. She also compiles her learnings into blogs on her page, Spiral Consciousness.

Image: Pixabay

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