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Extraordinary Events To Come Into Play By May

By on March 11, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Extraordinary Events To Come Into Play By May

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

Mandela Effect is merging timelines

Everyone made it through February and through the beginning of March as all the different timelines have merged into one timeline and created the Mandela Effect that we’ve all been experiencing for sometime now.


For those that don’t know what the Mandela Effect is, it is when two different individuals have different memories of something that was well known or public. For example, I remember a product called “Bragg’s Apple Cider” but now it is called “Bragg Apple Cider.” I thought they changed the name. Well, they didn’t.

Songs, events, ect… have changed, among many many other things. All this was created by the merging of timelines.

The month of MAY…

Things will begin to start to balance out a bit. For those that are awakened, you will begin to see extraordinary things come into play in May that will bring in perfect confirmation of all the work we have accomplished. Everything is aligning and bringing in great change, energetically, on many levels. This change is literally impacting and affecting the entire universe, not just this planet.

Now, it is time to just breathe and watch it all play out. The key here is you don’t have to stress it. There will be incredible changes that will continue to happen over the course of the next 2 years but still is holding the potentially of even going into 2022.

The beginning of this change will begin to be present in the middle of May. For those unawakened, they will not even notice anything but those who are, you will see it all play out in a play-by-play.

Keep yourself in a fun and playful state. This it what it is all about in this ever present moment of the “Now”. Whatever is meant to be, will be.

Don’t be surprised if your inner circle begins to change as those that are not in alignment energetically start to move out of your realm of influence and view. This may make you think that this may not be the best thing for you from where you are standing. Believe me, those that are vibrating at the same frequency will fill in those empty slots.

This will create an “energetic imbalance” of energy completely “balanced.”

What does that mean?

  • Things will be much more smoother for all concerned.
  • Abundance will flow easier. Laughter will replace the stresses.
  • Repeated patterns and programs that were non-beneficial will cease to exist, which will allow new choice points and greater opportunity to synchronistically come into play.
  • You forgotten just how powerful you are but will begin to “re-remember”. You are going though the memory issues so you can lose what is only projections that has taken place in a holographic universe.
  • Everyone waiting for extra-terrestrial help will become very shocked at how evolved you will find yourself to actually be.

I have stated in a previous post that we are the strongest of souls that incarnated to this world of duality that is based on polarization. Only those of the strongest could come and exist here on this planet. Most have volunteered to be here, especially at this cutting edge of time.

If you’re thinking that you are weak and broken, you will come to see that you are perfectly perfect! You created this physical avatar we call a body and thought it was simply amazing when you selected it.

You, and several others of the highest of divine beings, worked diligently in creating this life’s life plan. It was perfectly tweaked, all by design. It is only through another’s projections and judgments that you believed you were less then the perfection that you are.

You were created to perform major feats of creations, something that your mind cannot begin to comprehend.

What you can expect to see

The babies that have incarnated in the past few years will be extremely advanced at a unheard of level.

For those waiting to meet extraterrestrial beings, they will slowly begin to connect with you through your dream state. Some have always connected with many different species and races and have no remembrances of that moment and will begin to remember.

There are others that have full awareness of contact at this moment.

Many of the extra-terrestrials do not have emotions or can even begin to understand it. Emotion – energy in motion. Everything is energy.

We have been observed for aeons so they can utilize and tap into emotions. To this day, they still have no comprehensive “innerstanding” of how to tap into emotions in order to create.

Emotion is the spark of creation. We are creator beings. We will create our experiences of expansion while we have full memory of everything that we have forgotten.

Extraterrestrial’s are very advanced, compared to us, in this state as we are wrapped by the veil of amnesia. They fully innerstand their connection back to Prime Creator which some people may call “God.” We only know what we have been taught by man, but not for long.

Going from dark to light

We are living in the time of total transparency and truth. Many will be brought to their knees that have carried and projected a false light of information or have created harm to anyone. Anything that has a lack of 100% integrity will not be able to exist.

Institutions that have been around for thousands of years, corporations, and many others that have lacked to walk with 100% integrity, will be shown for all to see. All the illusions that many have bought into and worked to keep humanity locked in a paradigm of scarcity, shame, guilt, fear and worry will go down. All forms of programming will be dissolved as each step into their truth.

Many will be shocked. Others have waited a long time to see all false light merged with the light that is 100% pure, unadulterated light.

Collapse of linear time

There will be a collapse of linear time. Many viewpoints exist and each being will have their own version of truth. What feels right for one person is not necessarily what will resonate in another. There will be no judgements as we will each learn to live together knowing that each will have their own innerstanding of perspective in which they choose to create their experience.

There will no longer be a need for jealousy and competition as each will be connected to the source stream of knowingness.

Complete transparency

Telepathy will start to come online very rapidly for those that have not tapped into it.

It will be total transparency. No more false fronts or manipulations will occur. I was told that “total transparency” and “no judgements” will be the most difficult thing for humanity to adjust to. We will live from present moment to present moment. It is the clock known as “Time,” which is a man made construct, that has created a compartmentalized type of condition and living foundation. It also creates a separation of humanity from Creator/Source/God and the connection to their Higher Selves.

Many are already shifting into their multidimensional selves and a few have experienced this for a few years now. Those whose soul chooses to continue to experience their current versions of reality 3D/4D will also attract liked minded beings into their realm. There will be a release of self-created limitations, as linear time is speeding up and collapsing into the NOW.

Our monetary system will completely change from what we know it to be at this present moment. There will be many changes taking place as our hearts have come into alignment as one heart and completely coherent as one heartbeat.

We are returning to ancient ways of compassion, gentleness, kindness, respect, and honor. We will be able to feel the depths of love ways we have never felt or understood before. No living being will be starved or hungry for ((love)) ((attention)) or even ((adoration)) because we will love with our entire soul and the essence of that love will bestow grace upon us, as a species. I will take care of your child as I would that of my own.

These are the first steps to unity conscious lifestyle. We will come to innerstand that it is that of the simplest of things to give gratitude to for.

We are returning back to the innocence and creation through imagination as we once had as children. We will be experiencing the wonder and awe that we had taken away from us as we become one with the heartbeat of Creator/Source/God.

We are coming into alignment with that of the mind of Creator/Source/God.

~ Rosie Neal

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