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Feeling Lonely, Lightworkers And Forerunners?

By on February 18, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing Writer,

It has been said over and over again that your thoughts create your reality. This is very true. When we are faced with hardships we choose our perception of the situations or circumstances. It seems to get “old” when your two options seem to be the same. Either to view everything as negative or positive. For the hope of Ascension, it’s most encouraging for you to always choose to view the positive aspects as much as possible. This is not asking you to sugar-coat everything or wear “rose-colored” glasses trying to mask or put a false pretense forward, but truly, even the most negative of experiences in our life teaches us the most.


We can draw a positive stance from every step we take, knowing that everything we endure is for a reason. The reasons for our hardships or lessons may take time and soul reflection in order to be highlighted with any epiphanies that surface from the deemed fall-out. The “Ah-hah” moment will come to you at just the right time and we will always find the blessings amongst the curses if we choose to do so. As the energy increases, so will your lessons. You will need to put your positive foot forward now more than ever as the pressure is on and will only continue to be so.

One example I want to use is especially relevant to this Ascension process and to those of us Lightworkers or Forerunners who feel lonely at this time. I, myself, have felt this loneliness quite often. When I had a dialogue with my soul team several weeks ago about this loneliness, I chose, at this time, to focus on the negative aspects. That was my choice and perception. I talked about my day, hour by hour, and how it seemed monotonous and most certainly boring and uninteresting.

However, several weeks later, I can come back to my soul team and report something entirely different. I have willingly chosen to view my life and my endeavors in a positive light and focus. What I deemed as lonely and repetitive is NOW quiet, peaceful, and leisurely. Do you see the difference?! We all have the choice to shift our perspective and choose to view life differently. The ability to manifest our happiness by the quality of our thoughts, is absolutely powerful and amazing.

We can use this truth to our advantage in every way, shape, and form when it comes to living in general.

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Even when we seem to struggle the most in life, we can ALWAYS find the positive amongst any deemed negative viewpoints. It is a choice. It is YOUR choice to make. You can either appreciate your hardships and learn from them, or become bitter and soured from them and choose to live in negativity and despair. It’s always your choice to make. As you step out into this new World you have just created for yourself, it’s highly encouraged for you to see the Light even in the darkest places of yourself and in the World. ???

Love to you ALL. ❤️


About the author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and Twin Flame who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time to encourage the collective towards self love, soul empowerment, and higher consciousness.

Image: Pixabay

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