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Finances & Frequencies: Is Someone You Know Blocking Your Money Flow?

By on March 24, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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by Nicole Frolick,
Contributing Writer,

Being in the ‘flow of the Universe’ is a coveted place to be. It means you’ve let go of your need to control circumstances outside of your control. You’ve detached from the outcome and are enjoying the present moment. But what happens when you’re feeling in the ‘flow’ of abundant energy but that money flow isn’t feeling you?

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Why might that happen?

Money is simply another form of energy. If your frequency is rising, you begin to see yourself from a much more loving perspective. As your love for Self begins to grow, your perception of self-worth and value begins to expand. So long as the ego is kept in check, from an energy standpoint, this in turn should allow you to manifest more abundance including money.

But what could stop it?

As we raise our frequencies, we will undoubtedly watch some of our relationships fall to the wayside. Not out of lack of love but simply out of frequency mismatching. When one person’s frequency either goes up or drops consistently, it can cause some issues in many relationships. And often times an expression of jealousy will take over the lower frequency energies. It usually happens out of fear. Fear that something isn’t right anymore, but its root is unknown due to the intangibility of energy.

When this happens, often times there is an unconscious feeling of being left behind by the person in a lower frequency. In order to stop this feeling, survival mode kicks in and a person may be inclined to unconsciously take the person beginning to raise their frequency down. In the case of finances, jealousy can lead people to want what others have or prevent them from receiving it.

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In today’s video, I will share a personal story of how I discovered someone I knew was unconsciously hijacking my money flow through a series of ‘coincidences’ that turned into a pattern. Watch the video below for the steps I had to take to reclaim my money flow, while protecting myself from a future finance hostage situation again.

Light and Love, Nicole

About the author: Nicole Frolick is an inspirational speaker and the author of Inflexible Me: Expanding Past the Inflexible Barriers of the Body, Mind, and Soul. She has an unconventional spiritual podcast called Enlighten Up, available in iTunes. Utilizing her Four Fundamentals of Flexibility, Nicole shares with her audiences the importance of flexibility in accessing the greatest potential of individuals and companies. She coaches those who desires to live life on their terms after hitting a ceiling on their perceived potential and wanting to break through it. If you’re looking to expand past your own blocks, you can email her at for more information. To learn more please visit

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