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Flow: We Are Unique But Not Different

Flow: We Are Unique But Not Different
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by Stephanie MacDonald,
Contributing Writer,

Some of us are teachers, some are healers, other builders, others artists, some just along for the ride and experience. Some of us are calm and quiet and some of us are loud and passionate. It’s supposed to be that way. We are Source experiencing itself in the form of infinite manyness. Just imagine how boring it would get if each and every one of us were perfect copies of each other. Because of that, an idea of trying to get large masses of people to act or think or see a certain way is absolutely futile. There is individuality and uniqueness for a reason but yet we are not actually different because we all came from one origin. There is no one-size fits all answer sheet. Variation is necessary because it is natural.

There is a loophole of sorts. It has everything to do with our feelings (not emotions, but deep feelings). Whether you are a calm and quiet healer or a loud and passionate speaker, regardless of your identifications, when you do what makes you feel good, empowered, and strong, when you “do existence” from the place of helping yourself be the best and most genuine, honest version of yourself, you save yourself. When you do this you automatically begin to help other people too; the “right” people: the ones near resonance to you, the ones ready and open to share and receive as well. And that which is not in resonance, will begin to fall away on its own. The higher you raise your vibration the sooner you discover that you no longer need to quit bad habits for they will actually quit you. It all flows so nicely, an unconventional miraculous kind of music.

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There is no forcing, no worrying, no convincing, and you no longer attract or entertain resistance or low vibrations because you are living your life on your terms; onward and upward not backward and stagnant. It’s okay if certain things on the outside look a little chaotic, there is a place for everyone and everything. You just keep walking your path, your way, and enjoy the experiences and meeting places in between while understanding that not everyone is going to be there. And that’s fine. Remember, you aren’t here to save everyone, but you are here to enjoy yourself, learn and grow, and make a positive impact in whatever way you reasonably can.

It is only via the knowledge and action of saving yourself, of shining your own brightest light, that you encourage others to do the same for themselves. It is not really something taught, it is rather something offered and displayed but ultimately a personal choice to undertake. Our countless variations are also required to create these many sources of inspiration so that there really is something for everyone (as long as we have the courage to explore!). Another way to look at it is we can’t really agree on just ONE religion (arguments) but we can definitely have unrestricted spirituality (we are all “right” in how “God” appears to us and “right” in what we individually choose to believe).

We don’t need to act or think the same, but we can feel the same (pain is pain, blood is red, tears are wet, and it always feels good to belly laugh), we can have the same underlying feeling of love and empathy, the same feeling of wanting the best for our souls and our fellow souls, and innerstand the fact that it isn’t going to be or look the same for everyone… and that is OKAY! Progress of any speed is still progress, including the progress that takes place away from your own personal space! Never underestimate the power of loving from a distance. You can still appreciate and respect the prickly cactus even if it’s not on your specific path!

We can each strive to innerstand our true eternal natures and FEEL grateful for this very short and temporary experience on Earth and do what we can to try to leave it a little better than how we found it in whatever way works for us. It’s the feeling of gratitude that is the real motivator (not just grateful for life itself, but grateful for the abilities we have to express ourselves) That kind of feeling-unison is what celebrates all of our wide-ranging expressions as ONE. We are each in a way varying types of flower, each with a different scent and vibration, but altogether we create and offer a beautiful and magical melodic aroma. FEEL the beauty we create together in our uniqueness. Feel that beauty and the limitless potential therein turn into love… and express THAT.

It doesn’t matter what color we are, who we love, what we do with our time, where we are from, or what we believe in, as long as we simply believe in ourselves and strive to live our own version of life and not someone else’s! The feelings of self-empowerment, compassion, the feeling of oneness and understanding, will produce the outcomes desired without trying to get people to conform to specific ideals or “rules.” Peace and harmony are the natural byproduct of those who are truly in control of themselves, living the life they want to live, being the person they want to be. When you live your life for you, and fill yourself up with confidence and love, you experience real lasting joy and cannot help but to want to help others. It becomes the natural response. You want others to feel the sense of freedom you’ve found, the incredible freedom and power that sleeps inside us until we wake up and claim it back.

If everyone fully claimed their own power back, we’d have no reason to steal or fight and the ones that do will be SO obvious, they will lose their footing amongst us because we know better than to feed the darkness with more darkness. We’ve found a better way and we know we can choose who and what we allow on our paths. We know what is true for us and we know the reality we are manifesting for ourselves and those of similar frequencies: those of us who claim peace and unity as OURS. Not everyone is going to be part of it this time around in this version of existence, but in the illusion of “the end” which is really only just a new beginning, we feel and know it is ALL going to work out for the highest good and the brightest light. There is nothing to fear. We ARE and we will always BE because consciousness IS.

Let us not bother ourselves too much with those still stuck in the place of separation, greed, and control. We know it is only temporary. Like the child throwing a temper tantrum on the floor, when you consciously choose to take away the audience and attention, the child will have no choice but to quiet down and eventually learn on his own that in the long-run this approach is not going to work. Let that be their current reality if they want it, it doesn’t have to be ours. There is strength in numbers and our numbers are rising, theirs are falling. It’s not necessarily something good or bad, it’s only natural. Dams do not last forever.

Be unshakable in your example of the behavior you’d like to receive from others as you will always be treated the way you ALLOW yourself to be treated. If it doesn’t make you feel good, do something about it, don’t complain about it or hate on it. Change it. If all else “fails” then change your thoughts about it. You can cut the cord on Earth with people without severing your same tie and connection to Source. It’s just different levels of awareness here, not spirit nor first origin. Part of the experience is saying NO to who and what doesn’t agree with your soul at this time on this planet.

We cannot force a bud to bloom, its unnatural and it would damage the flower and kill it sooner! We may all be flower-like but we certainly aren’t the same ones. Our prime growing conditions are not going to be universal. It’s very simply not supposed to be the same for each of us. However our good examples, positive intentions, kindness, acceptance, truth, helpfulness, compassion, self-realization, love and light are the same glorious fertilizers for everyone here!

Another way to look at it would be, if everyone became a painter there would be no one left to mix the paint. We each have different roles yet with the same unlimited soul potential. We can all feel grateful for ourselves, our experiences, our talents, each other, and the amazing things we can accomplish both alone and TOGETHER when we all FEEL empowered and we FEEL love. We should encourage people to shine, NOT change. Big difference!

Make shining yourself your priority! It is this shining that will burn away that which no longer belongs in your frequency, NATURALLY. Love is natural, hate is not, when you align with what is natural it allows smooth flowing. Living your personal truth with every fiber of your righteous might and grace is as smooth as it gets! Shine and flow from within your own personal droplet with whatever YOU got and watch the entire tide soon change for the better!

Thank you for reading!

About the author: A free-spirit and free-thinker, but really just another you. Here riding and experiencing the spiral of life from this corner of the fractal, sharing what’s discovered along the way. Blog: | Facebook:

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