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Follow Your Breath As You Follow Your Dreams

By on December 2, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Follow Your Breath As You Follow Your Dreams

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Unity- oneness of our individual and collective consciousness with Source comes with a process of following your breath thru the flow of all aligned chakras to the Divine Mind-Source .

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I have at length discussed Infinity Breath and the breathing process. It is creation, contraction and expansion or inhale, pause and exhale. Apply the process to our chakra system from Root to Crown Chakra up to Higher Self connecting us with the Divine Mind-Source Energy as bolstered by incoming energies from Plasma and Photon light. Set up your breathing system and anchor whole mind-body-spirit (MBS) complex to Earth, to the Root chakra…. to your Higher Self and Divine mind.

With unconditional love, structure and develop your whole being into oneness with the Divine Mind.

The center of MBS is the heart chakra and while we are at the third dimension (3D), connect your spiritual heart with the Divine Mind and your creation powers are rejuvenated-restored and awakened for Oneness with Source coupled with the raising of Earth to the fifth dimension with your love.

Remember, avoid fake-misleading statements from false gurus that our 12 DNAs are fully activated at 3D. Pineal glands can be activated to absorb incoming healing energies. The other ten DNAs are activated at fifth (5thd) dimension and the routine acts or powers follow at this frequency. They are interconnected with the breath of life from 3D to the 5thD, miraculous as we have the chance to transform to crystal light form from carbon bodies, MBS.

Follow your breath from Root, Abdominal, Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras to your Higher Self to connect to the Divine Mind. Oneness with All That Is, is at hand, you cannot miss it. Qualifications follow if you understand Infinity Breath that connects you to the Divine Mind with your heart. Your dreams are reality at 5thD, fulfilled.

Love and light,


About the author: ANGELCCJR., shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Estates in South East Asia-Middle East. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

Image: Pixabay

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