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Forbidden Archeology – Michael Cremo

By on September 30, 2015 in Awareness
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Forbidden Archeology - Michael Cremo

The history we were taught in school is a complete lie in order to coverup our true earth origins as a way to keep us in subservience, control and conformity.

Over the past two centuries, archaeologists have found bones, footprints, and artifacts showing that people like ourselves have existed on earth for vast periods of time, going back many millions of years. But many scientists have forgotten or ignored these remarkable discoveries. Primarily because they contradict the now dominant views about human origins and antiquity. According to these views, humans like ourselves have existed for less than 200,000 years, and before that there were only more primitive human ancestors. This evolutionary paradigm, to which influential groups of scientists are deeply committed, has acted as a “knowledge filter.” And the filtering, intentional or not, has left us with an incomplete set of facts for building our ideas about human origins.

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Recovering the complete set of facts takes us on a fascinating expedition, across five continents to key archaeological sites, some long forgotten, some the center of ongoing controversy. These facts are consistent with the accounts of human origins and antiquity found in the Puranas, the historical writings of ancient India.

Speaker: Michael A. Cremo is researcher in the history of archeology. He is a member of the World Archaeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists. Cremo is the principal author of the book Forbidden Archaeology, a comprehensive historical survey of archaeological anomalies. In a review in British Journal for History of Science, archeologist Tim Murray said the book “provides the historian of archaeology with a useful compendium of case studies in the history and sociology of scientific knowledge, which can be used to foster debate within archaeology about how to describe the epistemology of one’s discipline. ” Cremo is particularly interested in examining the history of the archeology from the standpoint of alternative world views, particularly worldviews with foundations in ancient Indian thought. He has presented his findings at some of the leading scientific institutions in the world, such as the Royal Institution in London and various national academies of science, such as the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. He regularly presents papers at major international scientific conferences on archeology and history of science. Several of these papers have been appeared in peer-reviewed publications. He has also lectured at hundreds of universities around the world. For more info visit

Below: Michael Cremo is interviewed about his archeological discoveries and the cover up of the scientific community. Cremo gives several examples of archeological evidence that has been suppressed by the establishment in the name of “scientific conformity”. His books include ‘The Hidden History of the Human Race (The Condensed Edition of Forbidden Archeology)‘ and ‘Forbidden Archaeology‘. Richard Thompson is credited by Michael Cremo as a valuable partner in his research.

Image: Pixabay

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