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From A Divine Spark, Comes Our Soul

By on September 30, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

From A Divine Spark, Comes Our Soul

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by Rolley Hurley
Contributing Writer,

Your Soul came into being long before your Mother gave birth to you. Your true being is not made of the flesh; instead you are an entity more advanced than this mortal world can reveal. You are a spiritual addition to a wondrous creation which you hardly know. Your memories have been erased by the human satire of illusion, yet you sense there is more. Be silent and listen for the melody of your glorious spirit, and hear your voice of reason. Be still and experience the love, peace and harmony from which you came and feel the joyful part of you that exists. Be aware that now is your time and eternity is your space!


You may ask; why am I here? I can answer; to gain wisdom that will allow your soul to evolve. You may question; but is that my only purpose for being in this world? I say no; we are each given a unique talent that enhances our spirit as it touches the lives of other souls while here on this earth, and our purpose reaches far beyond what our ego can comprehend. You may argue; but this thinking does not fit into the world I grew up in, besides there is little time to contemplate such fantasy as you describe, I must spend most all my time trying to survive in the only life that I know! I can assure you; time has no value in the truth of eternal being, and in reality, we were born into a compassionate existence which allows us to try and try again until we get it right, all without judgement, and this was promised through the sacred law of free will!

Finding the truth from within our own being reveals the larger picture. The choices we make in this life can influence our eternal progress. A soul searching endeavor can be the first right choice we can ever make in this life. Finding our own truth about our being is not only possible, but crucial in making any sense of our time on this planet. The advantages for doing so are endless! To live knowing every moment is never a waste of time will take the tremendous burden of stress away. To understand that by embracing the natural habitat we were born into, an abundant universe will be exposed. To be able to accept every individual without animosity, is to know you are truly never alone.

Have you ever lost anything that you later found right under your very nose? In that scenario you may have felt a bit awkward, but then there came a renewed sense of hope, and a welcomed relief. The answers to life’s mysteries are like that moment, they are twofold and in plain sight! The more that is revealed to us the greater our hope is renewed, and the more we journey toward the truth, the more relief will be awarded. Our thinking is our tool. Consciousness was not granted to us by mistake, nor was life. I like to see it as; there are no mistakes, only alternative choices.

Alternatively speaking: Instead of viewing life as a wondering nebula with no reason for its existence other than creating circumstances and events beyond our control, we can begin to consider the precision and balance that formulates a meaningful and purposeful environment for us. To find a worthwhile meaning in life, we must first believe it to have some meaning. All the signs are here! What I used to believe as coincidence, I now consider to be a spiritual sign or directive. Again alternatively thinking; the spiritual viewpoint would not find favor, if it did not in some way correlate to the physical plane we find ourselves in today…”As above, So below”.

As farfetched as it may sound, my joy for life has been enhanced by my study in the subject of Death, and the Afterlife. The following recount of my beliefs and faith in the hereafter, was developed from years of trying to understand how to live. Until I was willing to explore the concept of reincarnation, I was unable to find an important piece of the puzzle. My individual investigation into the subject, led me to read theories of why Religions removed reincarnation teachings from their literature, onto people who channeled past lives, and beyond to modern phycologists using hypnotic means on individuals in pursuit of their past lives. There is enough evidence at large in the world to convince me that re-embodiment and spiritual realms are real.

I always found resistance within my psyche to believe in a damning God. I felt it irresponsible to believe this life was merely a finish line for Heaven or Hell. I was reluctant to believe in what religion was telling me that faith was enough, and if I really trusted God it didn’t matter what circumstances I was facing in life today. The last statement is partially true however, it has a persuasive tone that indicates we have little control in how we can manifest a more positive change in circumstances, and leaves out the fact that in reality we really create our own issues, not God. I found many contradictive statements in religious teachings, one being; God is all forgiving, but when we die we are subject to hell and fire? There were too many questions that religion couldn’t answer, so it fueled my suspicion that there had to be something left out of their texts. I did however take heed on two important messages that most religions teach, “God is within”, and “Seek and you shall find”. I have found much truth in every religion, so please don’t get the impression that I believe Religion is useless, it serves many people well, and much better than a life lacking a spiritual perception.


After many conversations with people who claim to have had encounters with the spirit world, and the many testimonies I have read and heard about who have shared their afterlife experiences, I find it extremely doubtful that all the similarities among people from different times and places, could ever be explained as a conspiracy to defraud the heaven and hell belief. Most all these accounts speak of experiencing a blissful feeling and knowing of an unconditional acceptance while being in between lives. It is not uncommon for most everyone who had this type of experience, developed a change of perception about their current life. Life has literally taken on a new meaning for them.

In essence, describing what a soul really is, falls into an undetermined category of the indescribable definitions, only occupied by how to explain God. As mere mortals we are incapable of determining a thorough understanding that allows a true perception of our identity. But with an open mind, and our imaginative nature, we can intuitively connect to our soul’s residence. As with our conception of God, we can feel its presence, and know its reality without ever having to identify it.

There is another existence that supersedes our human intellect. It is an astral plane of divine consciousness and home for the soul. Each soul is uniquely manifested from a divine Source of infinite love. Essentially a spark is produced out of a whirling spiral of brilliant color and light and then sent to be nurtured to become an additional expression of the expanding whole presence. As unique as each new soul is, there is a genetic mark of infinite love with everlasting sustainment to guarantee each souls existence. This genetic mark is best described in the Hindu philosophy of Antahkarana; which means the web of life, or the net of life spanning Spirit and Matter connecting and sensitizing the whole of creation within itself and to the heart of God.

Each soul is governed only by its own free will, however the soul’s development has an endless supply of resources from within the astral plane. When our soul leaves our body after death, the transition returning to our ethereal beginnings is a perfection of harmony, acceptance and acquaintance. We shall find the personalized support we need to make our return comforting and welcomed. This is the atmosphere described over and over by a countless number of individual testimonies, most of who have never heard from, or met each other in their life.

I want to pause here for a moment to reflect the difficulty I have had in explaining this non-physical reality of my understanding, and how hard others have had trying to interpret this astral plane of existence. It must be understood, the difficulty to give an adequate description of this vision into the soul must be recited in ways that can relate to the human experience, and it may appear as a fairytale to those who have not actually had the experience. I will go into it later, but for now I will boldly profess, that most humans today do not understand their capability to know their true spirit or to remember re-embodiments of their past. It is impossible to give an exact account of what transpires in a realm we have little knowledge of. The true life experiences of thousands if not millions of people living that have had glimpses of the afterlife, can only be comprehended from a physical awareness, and thus each reader must use their own imaginative fortitude in reaching an understanding. The descriptions I use should have no bearing on your own interpretations, but instead will hopefully fuel your own perception of this reality.

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Some souls may be returning from earth for the first time, (Earth being one of many possible realms of experience.) while others have repeated this process throughout many re-embodiments. It is understood that a soul is a multi-dimensional entity and in the name of free will, each soul will choose which realm they prefer to participate in. A soul can divide, (and usually does) in order to keep residence within the astral plane of existence while choosing to re-embody, so to never lose their connection when returning. Time is not a factor unlike our linear time we experience as humans, a soul may choose not to reincarnate for any length of time (what could be valued as centuries our time), according to what each soul is convinced to be best. Each soul has unlimited freedom in their preparations for evolving.

Every soul is companioned with other souls in this spiritual realm, usually described as “Soul Groups”. These will be the souls who are considered our closest and most adored. They are a source of comfort and belonging, and will even participate in our own development. When we return after embodiment, they are always waiting there with open arms. It is believed amongst this group will be our “Soulmate” to help complete our renewal with love and compassion. This is an interesting common belief among many testimonies on the existence of soulmates, although not one I am convinced has been thoroughly interpreted, it could simply be a rejoining of our soul in its entirety, but a beautiful concept nonetheless! There have been many testimonies of soulmates sharing the same time of re-embodiment, but in not all these instances they were married or had shared a life together.

The events that may proceed after a life expires on earth may differ slightly, but in all instances their souls still exist. A common scenario would be one where the soul is greeted by a trusted guide or loved one from their soul group. It is dependent on the circumstances and cause of death that determines the events that take place next in the soul’s readjustment to the afterlife, but in all cases a soul will find all the familiarities that make it comforting during their transition. A soul may need a period of quiet solitude after life, and has the advantage of indulging within a beautiful scenery that best soothes the individual soul. Loneliness is never an issue for they can turn to a guide or loved one in an instant. There are no time limits or forced persuasions within this ethereal world. It appears imperative for the soul to evolve in a sanctorum state of consciousness.

An older soul; perhaps one that has served many previous lifetimes before may adapt to transitioning more quickly and want to immediately reunite with their soul groups. The transition from physicality to spirit is performed in a natural atmosphere of blissful acceptance by each and every soul. There may be rebellious types that have served evil lifetimes, but even they have opportunity for a painless transition. The soul will carry with it the memories of their recent life, and it will be those circumstances that will manifest the events that proceed their transition. It is all about progressive learning. Each soul chooses how they wish to learn something they feel vital to their being, and of course there are advisors and mentors throughout the spirit realm.

There is so much more to elaborate on what has been revealed of the in-between dimension from physical existence, but I implore the reader to take it upon themselves if they wish to pursue more detail on this subject. I will make mention of a few things I have not covered. There are the Akashic records of all that transpires in an individual’s world recorded in a substance and dimension unknown to the human mind. These records can be read by adepts or the souls who have developed the facilities to attain them. The table of elders who we will meet to review our past lives and help facilitate our next re-embodiment. There are magnificent schools and classrooms all for our benefit in this etheric prism, amongst the beauty and musical sounds never experienced in earthly times.

The Great News is; there is a reason why we live and have our being as we find it in this life! Our soul is in constant development. Our life today is our own chosen lesson that benefits our future existence! We weren’t placed here by mistake at all! The choices we make today, are much like the choices made in the true nature of our spirit, there are consequences and rewards. The bottom line is that we are in fact actually given the choice of freewill, which includes choosing the body type and general environment we wish to return in the next life. Life is an eternal gift that can be seen as departmental to our true nature, which is never wasted and unmeasured in a short span of one lifetime. The divine complex of cosmic being is so much more, than a mortal perception can assimilate.

How can one not treasure the blessing of immortality, when knowing we come from the spark of infinite and eternal love? Nothing can penetrate our conscious perception more clearly when understanding the wonderful intervention between body and spirit upon our soul. Once understood, this gift of life can now become our avenue toward growth in a purpose far more advanced than human limitation can comprehend.

About the author: Perhaps it was from his early childhood when his introspective insight was discovered, and when he instinctively embraced the only perception he knew. Rolley was born legally blind, which blurred the visual world around him until the age of six, when eyeglasses dramatically changed his initial introduction. This new perspective never truly destroyed the intensity of his earlier environment. The evidence of his inward reality to find comfort and meaning that he experienced early on and how he has come to know life today is finally being revealed through his writing. He attempts to illustrate the essence of this understanding that he believes is inherited from birth.

After years of denying his true aspirations, he finally proceeded to exploit his passion for writing. He learned many skills in the art of labor along the way, making him a jack of many trades. There have been many facets of life he experienced that could have prevented his progress, but none had more impact than his battle with alcoholism. Fortunate to have found sobriety that could redefine his character at the age of thirty four, he developed a spiritual path in order to remain sober. He has since succumbed to his spiritual principles and philosophical ideas with an extended need to write it down. Always writing from what he feels, a lot of his works are privately distributed. Wanting to share with everyone his acquired knowledge of happiness, he is now publishing several of his short stories and articles.

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