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Full Chakra System Consecration Mantra

By on June 18, 2019 in Meditation with 0 Comments

Full Chakra System Consecration Mantra

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by Garin Zina,
Contributing Writer,

Full Chakra System Consecration Mantra

The mantra below is A FULLY functioning hypno-energetic CHAKRA system healing technique. Full body blessing and intense emotional release, especially when SURRENDERED to, and to enjoy wonderfully.


I call upon my soul, my energy, myself to its far reaches and bring myself to the present moment of pure and utter awareness, of no focus. Void minded- I breathe deeply 5 times and collect and expel my tension through in and out breathes I let go as I allow myself to acknowledge while pressing mentally to focus on any attachments of I Am(Root chakra) that do not serve me and grasp them and I accept and forgive them and thank them, send love to them and create an understanding for, command you out of my reality. AND SPREAD PURE WHITE LOVE/LIGHT. If needed grab astral sludge with your hand and command it.

DO the SAME mantra to the I Feel (Sacral chakra), I Do (Solar plexus chakra), I love (Heart chakra), I Speak (Throat chakra), I See (3rd eye chakra) and I Know (Crown chakra) CHAKRAS, you will feel a sludge like substance coming out of the corresponding body part by the chakra that your clearing released.

Once done Surrender to the 7 Chakras and feel a beam of pure awareness (BRIGHT AND WHITE) come up your spine and Chakras and feel it expand about a foot and a half up to your 8th chakra the Soul Star or Universal Connection. Forge a connection and do the Mantra and consecrate it. DO SO UP TO THE 12 CHAKRA! You will notice with repetition a significant improvement to bodily functions etc…

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This has to do with the 12 DNA strands that we have which is connected to the full expansion to the Monadic bodily consciousness and beyond. Take what I say and set intention for : then read what I wrote!

I have many, many more mantras.

Leave a comment if you enjoyed <3


-Garin Zina
17 year Old Old Soul

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