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Full Moon In Aries: Becoming The Spiritual Warrior

By on October 14, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Full Moon In Aries: Becoming The Spiritual Warrior

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by Matthew John,
Contributing writer, 

Full Moon In Aries: Becoming The Spiritual Warrior

Happy Full Moon in Aries! This Full Moon becomes exact on Sunday, October 13 at 5:08 PM EDT (21:08 GMT).


In contrast to airy, harmony-seeking Libra—the sign in which the sun remains—the moon becomes illuminated in fiery Aries, which isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. Aries is represented by the ram, an animal who will fight others to the death just for the right to mate with a female. The Martian energies are in the air during the days around this Full Moon (and over the next 28 days).

Tempers will easily flare up during this time. Give others the benefit of the doubt, but the best thing you can do for yourself if you find yourself around angry people is to remove yourself from the situation. If you do find yourself in a disagreement or a difficult conversation with another, with Mercury in Scorpio honesty is definitely the best policy (more on that later). Now is the time to have deep, ‘air-clearing’ conversations with family members, loved ones, close friends and business associates.

When we talk about the Martian energies (Mars is the ruler of Aries), they usually get a bad rap. Mars is the planet of war, competition and pillaging. It is an intensely masculine energy. However, there are certainly positive aspects of the Martian energies that we can talk about, like strength, courage, perseverance and discipline. I am going to briefly discuss each of these Divine Masculine spiritual values and encourage you to evaluate how each of these fits into your current life:

Strength: Someone said to me recently that Ascension shouldn’t have to be so difficult. I responded to them by saying, “Well, if Ascension was meant to be easy, why would you bother traveling halfway across the galaxy to take part in it?”

Some of us on this Ascension journey have gone through multiple tribulations in this lifetime alone where we had to gather all of our inner strength simply to survive. Even if you haven’t had extreme difficulties like that, everyone can think of an instance where they had to be strong just to make it through. When creating a life plan, the soul always includes situations in which the character incarnated will need to access his or her inner strength in order to proceed through the intended lesson.

Some souls have created more situations requiring this than others. If you feel like your soul has created a lot of difficult situations for you to go through, know that it is because your soul believed you would survive each and learn valuable lessons in doing so. You are meant to make it through all of your tough times. If you’re still reading this right now, then it’s not your exit point. You’re meant to stay here and persevere through whatever difficulties you are going through. Your soul is not trying to destroy you; it’s just challenging you in an extreme way.


Science knows for a fact that your thoughts and emotions affect your immune system. We all have heard amazing stories of people who have had the tenor and resolve to overcome extreme health difficulties like cancer. We also have all heard stories of people who ‘decided it was their time to go’ and soon left their bodies. One’s resolve and desire to live has a huge role in one’s ability to heal from disease. Often, the most important factor is whether the person feels like they have a purpose.

Another aspect of strength is literal physical strength. Training the body in strength and fitness is certainly spiritual. We are physical beings as much as we are spiritual beings. However, overtraining or obsession with strength training can often come as a result of unresolved ego wounding and end up being a detriment in one’s overall spiritual development. It’s all about balance.

Here are some questions to consider when pondering the role of strength in your life.

  • In what situations do I feel the strength of the Spiritual Warrior within me? How could I bring that feeling into other aspects of my life to increase my productivity, success and self-esteem?
  • Am I able to cite situations in my life where I used strength to persevere through difficult situations in order to motivate others?
  • Do I feel strong in my physical body? If not, could I work on increasing my strength just a tiny bit?
  • Is there a situation in my life now where garnering more inner strength could possibly improve the situation?
  • What would ten percent more strength in my life look like? What would it feel like?

Courage: This Divine Masculine trait is similar to strength, but with its own unique flare. Courage requires strength, though not necessarily physical strength. Courage most often shows up in our life when we are being asked to take a risk.

We all can think of situations in our life where we took a risk and it paid off. Perhaps you followed a hunch and found yourself rewarded; or perhaps you said ‘screw it’ and did something fun that was a bit risky. Maybe you decided to take a job in another state and you ended up meeting your future partner. You needed to access your courage in these instances.

Oftentimes, a soul will write into the life plan one or several ‘big’ situations where courage is one of the intended lessons to be learned. You might be presented with a big opportunity, however perhaps it might require moving out of your comfort zone. If you take the risk, it might mean you pass that particular lesson (not that it will likely be your last lesson in courage); while if you decide to play it safe it likely means you’ll get another opportunity to show off your inner courage down the line.

Ever get that feeling that you should just take a leap of faith and go for it? Those are the exact instances where you will find inner courage paying off handsomely.

Here are some questions to consider when pondering the role of courage in your life:

  • What situations can I recall where I acted on the courage of the Spiritual Warrior within me? Does this mean that I can access this courage any time I need to?
  • Is there a situation in my life right now where I feel the Universe is asking for me to take a risk?
  • How could taking more risks in my daily life lead to a greater sense of fulfillment within me?
  • Am I speaking my truth or am I still afraid to show the world the true me?
  • What would ten percent more courage in my life look like? What would it feel like?

Perseverance: If you listen to any successful athlete, entertainer or business leader speak about their career, they will inevitably talk about perseverance. The ability to persevere through obstacles is what usually separates those who become successful in a certain field or talent from those who don’t. No one has an easy ride to the top. Nearly every elite-level athlete, actor, or musical artist has been told at one time or another that they wouldn’t make it to the top. Nearly all of them were rejected at one time or another by someone who didn’t think they’d cut it.

One of the biggest misconceptions out there in the spiritual community (among many) is that if something is difficult it’s not meant for you. Yes, it is a beautiful thing to step into ‘the flow’ in your life where things start to come with grace and ease—however there is usually a period of hard work and perseverance required before you can step into that flow. And once you do step into the flow, it doesn’t mean you still won’t have obstacles!

I’m thrilled with where my career as a healer is at right now, however I want to expand. I want to reach more people. I can’t tell you how many podcasts have rejected me for one reason or another. But did I decide that because one particular show couldn’t see the value in having me on as a guest that it means I should just give up and stop talking? Nope.

Facebook deactivated my account without warning or explanation. I lost access to communicating with nearly 10,000 followers. Should I have believed that it was the Universe trying to tell me to quit? Nope! I took it as small road block that I can swerve around. I still have other avenues (like this website) to spread my wisdom. I refuse to let Facebook AI’s ineptitude ruin my career. I persevere.

Anyone who is currently struggling with chronic illness certainly knows the value of perseverance. Chronic neurological issues haven’t stopped me from becoming the healer that I was always meant to be. If I thought that I needed to be one-hundred percent physically healthy myself before I could start working with people, I wouldn’t have already changed the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who have listened to me speak.

I wish for all of you to access the perseverance of your own inner Spiritual Warrior. I hope that you decide that the things you want most in your life are too important to not persevere through the frustration of temporarily not getting what you want. You’re worth it and you deserve to manifest your dream life!

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Here are some questions to consider when pondering the role of perseverance in your life:

  • Do I tend to give up too easily? Am I easily dissuaded?
  • Do I truly feel like I am worthy of my dream life? If not, what beliefs am I holding onto inside me that are preventing me from feeling worthy?
  • Are there some situations in my life currently where I intuitively feel like I should persevere through the obstacles and frustrations?
  • What would ten percent more perseverance in my life look like? What would it feel like?

Discipline: The famous quote “You are what you repeatedly do…” (which has been misattributed to Aristotle) is certainly true. Your daily habits become your reality. Many people want to live a better life, whatever that means to them. Maybe they want more money, a bigger house, or a better relationship. Maybe they want to be fitter or to have a career they enjoy. It’s easy to want stuff, but are you willing to put in the work to get what you want?

If you want to get good at anything in your life, it requires discipline. If you want to be a good psychic like me, it takes the discipline to practice your art. If you want to become more relaxed and at peace, you need to incorporate daily meditation and/or visualization practices into your schedule.

When you dabble in something, you can only go so far. But when you spend time developing a skill or working on something every single day, you’re going to become a master at it.

Prioritizing your schedule goes hand-in-hand with establishing discipline. Many people have their hands in too many jars at once, and because of that they don’t progress as quickly in their career. You’ve got to be able to prioritize what is the most important thing in your life at any given time.

For example, if you are struggling with your health and you want to get healthy, but you’re still working 10-hour days, taking care of your kids and not sleeping enough, your progress is likely going to be minimal. In this situation, you’d probably need to find a way to delegate responsibility to others at work, or find another job/career so that you could have the time to cook your own food, meditate, spend time in nature and exercise. You might think that it’s not possible but remember that you do have the power to create your own destiny. Why can’t you manifest a job or create a business that supports your well-being and allows your health to recover fully?

Here are some questions to consider when pondering the role of discipline in your life:

  • If I were to be more disciplined with my spiritual practices, what positive changes might I see in my life?
  • What are the types of activities or timewasters I would need to cut out of my life in order to have more time to have disciplined spiritual practices? Would I be willing and ready to cut out these timewasters, or not yet?
  • What could having more discipline do for my career?
  • What would showing ten percent more discipline in my life look like? What would it feel like?


With Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of love and relationships, both in the sign of Scorpio, there will be no hiding from secrets in relationships over this Full Moon. The energies are ripe for either destructive ‘blow-up’ arguments or productive ‘air-clearing’ discussions to occur in any type of close relationship.

Honesty will absolutely be the best policy around this time. Scorpio’s energy will pull deep secrets and unexpressed feelings to the surface so they can be properly dealt with. If you have been feeling like you have been pretending in a certain relationship, your mask will be likely to fall off naturally and you will want to tell the other person how you really feel.

With Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus Retrograde in Taurus, we have an aspect that may really challenge and push existing relationships. The days around this Full Moon could feel like a ‘make-or-break’ time for some romantic relationships. We will feel like we have to be true to ourselves, and if deep down we are desiring to get out of a relationship, the pull to do so is going to be quite strong around this Full Moon.

The energies around this Full Moon would support the old fairy tale of a woman leaving an old stale marriage—to the dismay of her family and friends—to pursue the man she truly loves. It’s all about being true to oneself. If you can’t feel like you are being true to yourself in a romantic relationship, then what’s the point? How can there ever truly be harmony in a relationship if one person (or both) are constantly wearing a mask?

If you’re not sure if a relationship needs to end or if you need to perverse, ask your Inner Guidance. Visualize your future and see if that person is in it. The hardest thing about it is being totally honest with yourself. Sometimes what we want to happen and what we know is the right thing deep down are two different things.

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Sometimes when two people separate, they are meant to come back together soon after. Other times, however, people may need to stay separated for awhile before reuniting; or perhaps they will find each other again, but this time as friends. Sometimes, though, two people have completed their Soul Contract and they won’t come back together again. In these cases, you will almost always discover later on why this person needed to leave your life permanently—as you will see that it wouldn’t have worked out anyways.

If you’ve just started dating someone, these energies may make you think you want to fly to Vegas this week and get married. Just hold your horses a bit—Uranus’s influence on Venus in Scorpio could make you want to jump the gun and believe like you’ve met ‘the one’. Have patience and allow things to unfold naturally. You’ll find out in due time if it is ‘the one’ or if you were being overly optimistic.

I’m wishing you an energizing and reawakening Full Moon in Aries. Remember to find time to be alone with the moon so that you can truly soak up Her energy.

With Love,

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Matthew John

Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Intuitive Healer, and Quantum Energy Healing working directly with the Ascended Masters. He offers inspirational and educational articles and videos on his website. He also offers powerful private sessions worldwide via phone and Skype, including Quantum Energy Healing & Coaching Sessions, Soul Plan Readings, Spiritual Mentoring (Awakening Coaching) Sessions, Starseed Discovery Sessions, Intuitive Nutrition Readings, Chakra

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