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by Matthew John,
Contributing writer,

Happy Full Moon in Leo!

This Full Moon at almost 28 degrees of Leo became exact at 11:56 AM New York time (16:56 GMT) today—Wednesday, February 16.

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Leo is a fixed fire sign that is represented by a lion—an animal that exemplifies pride, beauty and power. Fixed signs in the Zodiac come in the middle of a season and bring the energies of stability, endurance and stubbornness. Fire signs come with high energy, vigor, passion and outgoingness.

Leo is ruled by the sun, which is the ball of fire that all planets in our solar system rely on for light and sustenance. Leo rules over the 5th house, the House of Pleasure.

The sun currently resides in Leo’s polar opposite, the fixed air sign of Aquarius—though 48 hours following this Full Moon we will find ourselves in Pisces season. Unlike Aquarius, which is focused on how the many can work together in unison, Leo is focused on the individual, on the ego. This is why so many celebrities are Leos!

Let’s discuss the ego-self and the personality—and how to bring out the highest aspect of yours! My rising sign is Leo, so I love discussing this topic!


The ego is not inherently bad. The ego is much more complex than that. The truth is, the ego (actually a better term for this is the ego-personality) is the vehicle that is necessary for the experience of being almost any type of physically incarnate being.

If you’ve ever played or seen someone play the computer game The Sims, you’ll recognize this example. The soul is the game-player who creates the Sim, and the Sim is the ego-personality. You can’t experience the ‘Sim World’ as the game-player (soul/consciousness) unless you create an avatar to experience the ‘Sim World’. This avatar is the ego-personality.

I believe that the day and time that you are born is predetermined by your soul, meaning that your astrology is also predetermined. Your natal chart pretty well determines your personality.

Your soul chooses a particular predetermined personality that will allow the soul to experience life from a particular individuated perspective. That particular individuated perspective forms a balance with another particular individuated perspective from another lifetime that represents the polar opposite; and together, the hundreds (or thousands) of unique individuated perspectives that your soul experiences in human form on earth—in different timelines, time periods, and geographic locations; and in different types of bodies, with different ethnic backgrounds, families/upbringings, cultures, economic climates, and geographic climates, etc.–form a complete ‘wheel of experience’ (to simplify, think of it as your soul experiencing the unique perspectives of all 12 signs of the Zodiac wheel, over and over again, so that it can experience the totality of the Zodiac wheel).

So your soul wants to experience life through your unique perspective. Your unique ego-personality is not a barrier to Ascension; rather, it is the vehicle through which you are meant to experience Ascension.

Now, as you go through your Ascension process, your personality will inevitably shift and evolve. Some of the Shadow aspects of your personality that show up in your birth chart—the negative, immature, and unhealthy tendencies and aspects of ego—will dissolve away and you will embody more and more of the most positive, healthy, and Spiritually Mature aspects of your particular ego-personality.

In fact, as one Ascends, what is really happening is that the aspects of the personality that come directly from the soul are starting to shine through. Yes, it’s true. The soul has a unique personality too! And it’s likely that if the soul has a personality, so does the oversoul and the monad. I believe it’s likely that all individuated aspects of the All-That-Is have a unique personality. Perhaps it’s a logical given, considering all individuated aspects of the All-That-Is have a unique perspective due to having a unique experience of existence.

So we shan’t be ashamed of our egos! We only should strive to transmute any of the negative, unhealthy, immature aspects of ego. I did an entire webinar called Dissolving the Ego that contains 12 energetic activation to assist in transmuting the negative aspects of ego. You can check out a preview of this webinar and purchase the recording here:

One of the best ways to bring out that Highest Personality is to focus on purity. As empaths, we tend to sponge up ‘stuff’ from others, and if we don’t know how to set boundaries with others and shield or cleanse ourselves spiritually, we won’t be able to experience our Highest Personalities coming to life. You can’t be fully YOU if you’re expressing all sorts of ‘crap’ from others!

To experience more purity, it is important to spend occasional time in sacred solitude, and plenty of time in nature. Man is a social creature, yes, and that truth is illuminated during Leo season; however along the spiritual journey the importance of alone time cannot be understated.

It is also crucial to practice spiritual hygiene: take cleansing baths, use palo santo or sage, and use visualization and sound frequencies to keep yourself clear. Cut negative cords with people in your life. Also, exercise daily–it moves stuck energy out of your energy field.

Around this Full Moon and over the course of the next 28 days is the time to highlight the most positive and charismatic aspects of your ego-personality. I feel like as a Leo Rising I need to be an ambassador for this point. Don’t be afraid to let yourself loose, to let yourself shine! You deserve it!

I feel I have a pretty good sense of humor. Without my sense of humor, I think my life would be pretty boring and depressing, and I wouldn’t be able to meet so many cool people. So I consider my sense of humor one of those ‘soul’ aspects of my personality.

Here are some questions of self-inquiry to help you figure out which aspects of the ego-personality might be from the soul-self and which aspects you still might need to transmute:

Leo is also associated with the Inner Child. Let’s discuss.


Leo is the most childlike sign of the Zodiac, bringing with it an air of freedom, play and unabashedness. It is an aspect that we all carry within, though unfortunately most of us forget it is there as we journey from childhood to our teen years and into various stages of adulthood.

As adults, we can become so disconnected with how it feels to be a child. Sometimes I get nostalgic recalling how amazing and adventurous everything was when I was a kid. How my friends and I would spend from after school until sundown playing sports and games in my backyard, taking breaks to drink my mother’s delicious fruit punch. My yard was the biggest in the neighborhood, so all the kids would congregate there. In the wintertime we would build elaborate snow forts and go sledding often, taking full advantage of the overabundance of snow in Western New York.

Most adults in today’s Western world have become disconnected from their Inner Children. Society is structured in a way that most people don’t have time to connect with their Inner Child, as they are too busy just trying to earn enough money to survive. And many of those who do make more than enough to survive end up finding themselves lost in illusions/addictions like gambling, alcohol, drugs, pornography or sexual obsession.

In fact, one of the reasons that so many teens and adults find themselves so enamored with those things is that it gives them an outlet to play. (Note: I’m not saying there’s anything inherently wrong with gambling; alcohol; substances that are classified as drugs; pornography; or sex; it’s all about how they are used—is it a healthy experience of play/pleasure or is it addiction/obsession/escapism?)

But we can find ways to play in more innocent ways. We can dance. We can sing. We can make silly faces. We can make jokes. We can throw snowballs at one another.

Doing an Inner Child meditation would be a great idea around this Full Moon. I like to take myself in my mind to a beautiful forest scene and really sink into this setting. I then imagine my Inner Child approaching from a distance, and I ask him what is it he needs from me that I haven’t been giving him?
I embrace him, I hug him, and I make sure he feels like I am there for him and I am listening to him.

If you’ve never done an Inner Child meditation before, you may find that your Inner Child shows up at the age that you feel like you experienced the most trauma and abuse. This is because whatever basic physical or emotional needs that weren’t met by your caretakers at that age are what you then spend the rest of your lifetime healing.

The things that people say or do that trigger you most directly relate to those unmet needs of your Inner Child. As an awakening being, you now have the opportunity to heal your Inner Child and experience the liberation of being a fully integrated sovereign adult consciousness. To do this, we first must get to know the voice of the Inner Child and identify what needs he or she has.

When the Inner Child’s needs haven’t been met and then are continuously ignored during adulthood, the Inner Child must find a way to get the conscious attention of the operator of the consciousness. So, the Inner Child will put on a scary mask, so to speak, and become the Shadow. The Shadow Self can trigger you to act out in the darkest of ways, or even to attract people to treat you in nasty ways. The Shadow Self may sabotage your dreams and make it difficult for you to move forward.

The good news is that by listening to the voice of the Inner Child, the Inner Child feels seen, heard, and acknowledged, and thus doesn’t need to morph into the Shadow to get your attention. When we consciously make the choice to honor those needs that the Inner Child has let us know he or she has, we can make rapid leaps forward in our spiritual development.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you get into deeper communion with your Inner Child:


Following a tumultuous period for romantic relationships with the Mercury and Venus Retrogrades in Capricorn late last year and early this year, we now enter probably the best time for romantic relationships all year! Venus, the planet of romantic love and women, forms an exact conjunction with Mars, the planet of passion, sex and men, have a beautiful meeting in the sky, illuminated by this super-outgoing, fun and playful Full Moon in Leo. And with all planets currently in Direct motion, there are no barriers to this romance!

We can see this as a beautiful time for playful romantic love and sex, but even more so as a time for Divine Union connections to blossom. If you are in a long-term romantic relationship and your union survived the recent Retrogrades, this should be a pleasurable and happy time of deepening your connection with your lover and savoring it to the fullest. Being that these two lovers meet in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the seeds may be deeply sewn over the next 28 days for a long-term union to be successful.

If you have met someone new during the past couple of weeks when Venus and Mars have both been Direct, you may very well be in luck! You may have found the one you have been looking for! Same goes for if you meet someone new over the next 28 days.

Take the time to really get to know your partner during this time. Embrace the polarized masculine-feminine roles, regardless of your genders, sexes, or sexual orientations. Proper polarity between the masculine (Mars/yang) and the feminine (Venus/yin) is crucial for peace, happiness and long-term success in romantic relationships.

Here are some helpful journal prompts to assist you in exploring your masculine and feminine aspects:

If you are the masculine in the relationship, ask yourself:

If you are the feminine in the relationship, ask yourself:

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Venus and Mars trine Uranus, the planet of spontaneity, ruled by Aquarius (where the sun currently resides). Uranus, which is at a very auspicious 11 degrees and 11 minutes of Taurus, also sextiles Jupiter in Pisces. With all this positive energy around Uranus in this Full Moon chart, a great way to cultivate all the romantic energies that abound right now would be to go on a spontaneous adventure with your lover—or add spontaneity in little ways.

All of this being said, despite the energies right now, if your relationship isn’t working out, then don’t stay around in it just because the astrology is good for relationships right now. Be logical and practical about things.


The sun moves into the mutable water sign of Pisces on Friday, February 18. Pisces is represented by two fish moving in opposite directions, signifying duality, and reality vs. illusion. It is the final sign of the Zodiac and the ruler of the 12th and most mysterious House—the House of the Unconscious. It is the realm of all things that exist below the surface of our everyday consciousness.

Pisces is ruled by mystical, mysterious, ethereal Neptune. It is the realm of intuition and the unconscious mind. During Pisces season, it is a deeply intuitive time. Pay attention to your intuition and connect with your Spirit Guides. The veils between worlds may also be thinner during Pisces season.

What better time to refine your intuition than during Pisces season? Join me LIVE (or watch On-Demand) for my new and updated 2022 version of my Mastering Your Intuition Mastery Empowerment Course this Saturday, February 19 at 3 PM New York time/2 PM Chicago/noon Los Angeles/8 PM London. The link to read the course description and purchase your ticket is here:

Wishing you a Happy, Playful and Joyous Full Moon in Leo!

With Love,

Matthew John

About the author: Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Speaker, Starseed Guide and Energy Healer. He offers inspirational and educational articles and videos on his website. He also offers powerful private sessions worldwide via phone, Zoom and Skype, including Angel Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval Sessions, Soul Plan Readings, Spiritual Mentoring (Awakening Coaching) Sessions, Starseed Discovery Sessions, Medical Intuitive Readings, Past Life Regressions, Future Self Progressions, and Chakra Scans. You can check out his videos and articles and book readings and sessions at: Please note that the author is a contributing astrology writer to He does not necessarily endorse any information, views, or opinions expressed on (or any of the In5D social media platforms) other than those expressed in his articles.

Image: Pixabay

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