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Geoengineering – Chemtrail Flu And Flu-oride

By on April 13, 2015 in Health

Geoengineering - Chemtrail Flu And Flu-oride in5d

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

According to Dane Wigington, life as we know it may not last much longer due to chemtrails and geoengineering.


Wigington is an activist and researcher who has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment known as geoengineering, including the research of chemtrails and HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

Contrails vs. Chemtrails

As an example of the difference between contrails and chemtrails, Wigington stated, “If you in a very cold day and you’re walking down the street, your breath is condensing as you go… you don’t look behind you and see a trail stretching out for the last mile, expanding and covering the horizon.”

NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) original criteria for naturally occurring condensation has been scrubbed from the internet and replaced with new criteria which were raised by 10,000% according to Wigington’s research.

Wigington stated that “Global Dimming” is estimated to be about 20% due to chemtrails and geoengineering which means 20% of the sun’s direct rays are no longer reaching the surface of the planet.

“There’s a hell of a lot of metal up there.”


Some shills may say that the above video is ” a demonstration video for their 747 supertanker, a firefighting aircraft” but if you Google ‘Evergreen Air GeoEngineering Exposed‘ then you’ll find the real answer.

Chemtrail Flu

Many people are experiencing flu-like symptoms of sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, phlegm and coughing that Wigington attributes to chemtrails.  “It can’t NOT be connected (a double negative which means it HAS to be connected).  It must be connected.  There is a mountain of metal raining down on us, period. It wasn’t here before.  In the last 10 years, we’ve seen rain test samples escalate from 7 parts per billion (ppb) up to 3,450 ppb (in Mt. Shasta, CA).  That’s nearly a 50,000% increase in aluminum in the rain.”

The nanoparticulates in chemtrails are the most destructive part of them. “The smaller the particle, the more destructive (they are) to the respiratory system. According to statistics from 2005-10, respiratory mortality in the U.S. went from 8th in mortality to 3rd.”

Wigington inferred that other illnesses, such as Sinusitis, ADD and Alzheimer’s, are attributed to chemtrails.

“As we see the metals go up, that are directly related to these programs based on all available data, we see all of these ailments go right with it.”

“After one examines this data to a certain degree, the conclusion is reached that short of thermonuclear catastrophe, there is no more immediate or dire threat to all life on earth than these (geoengineering) programs. They’re thwarting the web of life from the atmosphere to the ground.”  ALL of life is and will be affected by geoengineering, from anything that flies to the dirt on the ground.

Why Are They Geoengineering?

According to Wigington, the reasons include control and power, adding that geonengineering programs started as early as the 1940’s.

Wigington added the world governments have “triggered things that cannot be stopped.  The greatest single factor in climate destruction right now is geoengineering.  They’ve damaged the climate so horrifically and they’re trying desperately to spray more, and manipulate more, to try to cover up the damage they’ve already done, and that’s a pretty viscous circle.”

Agencies such as The Weather Channel and NOAA are all run by the same people who run geoengineering, according to Wigington.  NOAA’s weather modeling is done by Raytheon, the same company who does the same modeling for the National Weather Service and owns the patent to HAARP, which has been long suspected us using ELF frequencies to modify weather.

Population Control

“We know that they (the government) knew the harmful effects (of geoengineering).  It’s common knowledge at this point and they continue to spray, anyways.  At minimum, one can only conclude that this massive health implication for life on Earth is either an accepted consequence or worse yet, a desired objective.  We know that it’s not just these metals, Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, that we have identified, but there’s a toxic synergism between these metals and other metals that we’re exposed to like Mercury in the vaccines.  We were given studies that indicated that if you combined aluminum with mercury under the right conditions, toxicity can increase up to 10,000%. When they are combined they become much more harmful.”

Wigington  mentioned “Artificial Ice Nucleation” better known as artificially induced snowstorms, and attributed them to several possibilities: 1) to create the resemblance of winter and 2)  to increase the Earth’s “Albedo” (the Earth’s reflectivity).

When Artificial Ice Nucleation occurs, people are noticing snow falling at higher temperatures anywhere up to the mid 40’s F (4.4+ C) and the snow is heavier due to the additional chemicals.

Blood Cleansing For The Elite

On an interesting side note, Wigington mentions how the elite are using a “blood cleansing  method” to clean their blood from these nanoparticulates and heavy metals.  This process is apparently very costly and not an option for you and me.

“The results are quite profound,” stated Wigington.  “This may be a way that they feel they have excepted themselves from the consequences the rest of us are suffering.”

Fluoride In The Chemtrails

Wigington stated that in the last 60 water tests from Norway and Germany, fluoride is now showing up in the results and is not the result from any industrial process or processing.  It is interesting to note that water fluoridation is not allowed in either of these countries.

The Resolution To Geoengineering

Wigington believes that the majority of people who are actually responsible for spraying these chemtrails are unaware of the damage they’re doing to all of us globally.   “The vast majority of people participating in these programs have absolutely no idea what they’re participating in.  They’re being told it’s some benevolent task for the common good.”

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The answer, according to Wigington is awareness by getting the word out to enough people so that eventually, those who are responsible for spraying will no longer agree to participate.

“We’re not dealing with sanity and at a certain point, they didn’t intend to trigger these climate feedback loops and I think now they’re desperately trying to shut them off (with) a very futile effort because they realized that they have pushed the envelope so far (that) they’ve torpedoed their own ship.”

“If this continues, all of us will be in the same boat soon.  Organisms can only take so much of this constant exposure before they succumb.  The strongest of us will succumb at some point if the spraying continues.  It simply must stop if we are to have any chance.”


With the government and the mainstream media unwilling to talk about this issue, it has become blatantly clear that ALL administrations in the United States since the inception of geoengineering in the 1940’s (and most likely all governments around the world) are being controlled by either a shadow government or through a eugenics “agency” such as the Rockefeller founded United Nations.

Because no global citizen has been asked for permission or given consent to be a literal guinea pig in this geoengineering project, all government officials should be held accountable and tried for crimes against humanity.

What are your thoughts?  Comment below!

Dane Wigington’s website

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S., is the founder and editor of  In5D and Zentasia. In 2009, Gregg launched In5D after experiencing what he describes as a “galactic download,” which provided him with the name “In5D” and the guidance to create the website. He co-owns In5D Club  with his beautiful wife, Ali. His In5D Facebook page has over 370,000 followers, and his In5D YouTube channel has amassed 146,000 followers. Gregg is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Follow Gregg and In5D on various social media platforms, including Rumble, YouTube, Gab, TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and TruthSocial to stay updated on his latest content and events./

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