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Gravity Theories Exposed

By on June 23, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Gravity Theories Exposed

by Rich Fiori,
Contributing Writer,In5D,.com

Newtonian Gravity

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Gravity isn’t what we think it is. Newton defined gravity in terms of an attractive force proportional to the combined object masses that declined proportionally with the distance between two bodies. We visualize this as if the two bodies actually have something inside them that makes them attract one another. Newton described the phenomena strictly with ordinary matter – no knowledge of subatomic particles, which were as yet undiscovered. The theory goes on to describe the differences between spherical objects and non-spherical objects.

Einstein’s Gravity

Gravity is, according to Einstein, an unknown force generated by momentum and energy of matter and radiation that causes the distortion of space-time. He defines gravity geometrically. The theory includes time dilation, time delay, space curvature, bending of light, and Doppler effect of light; the latter commonly called redshift.

As with Newton’s theory of gravity, there is something missing. That something is a result of understanding the physics surrounding the Big Bang, quantum mechanics, and the first several microseconds in the formation of the current scientific universe.

The unanswered question is: Does gravity fit into the quantum mechanics model? In other words, is gravity itself a subatomic particle (called a graviton)? The scientific answer is We don’t know. Not only don’t know but we’re not even close to an experimental or theoretical solution. This after over one hundred years of the acceptance of Einstein’s theory.

Exploring this further, if there is a graviton particle, it has some of the same characteristics as other particle waves. It has to be ubiquitous. It has to be speed-of-light energy. It has to act as a binding agent (a boson). It has to be measurable using quantum mechanics – i.e. discrete energy packets. Unlike other bosons, the theory goes, gravitons can create themselves; in a tiny space the process can go on indefinitely unless we introduce concepts from String Theory. String Theory, a strictly mathematical set of equations that attempt to approximate the desired reality, reduces the proliferation creation problem.

More complications arise when attempting to experimentally find a graviton particle. The complications  include: 1. Gravity is a very weak 3D force (compared to the other three forces) and 2. Gravity distorts space-time (proven through experiments). Looking at the first complication, experiments can be conducted in the presence of a large object like Jupiter and even then there would be interference by other forces (electromagnetic, etc.). Or the experiments can be conducted at the Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. But this presents a dilemma, gravity should/could be multidimensional. Looking at the second complication, gravity distorts itself by creating a feedback loop, a prediction of the mathematical models. And scientists would have to discover another dimension within which the greater part of the energy would dissipate. In other words find a hole and an absence of energy conservation as a result of the LHC experiment.

The trampoline model, a metaphor, explains visually how gravity works to create stars, planets, solar systems, and galaxies by curving and distorting space. This is easy to understand and visualize. Nevertheless, it is only a metaphor. The trampoline is only a 2D representation of the deflection, which may be multidimensional (at least 5D). The model cannot, for example, describe the dilation of time. Gravity, in this example, is a spiral vortex attracting matter and encouraging it to condense and matter condenses as gravity builds a stronger vortex forming a feedback loop.

The quintessential example of gravity is the Black hole, which presents another complication to understanding Einstein’s gravity. Black holes are enigmatic in that we know little about what occurs beyond their event horizon. The event horizon is the rim of the black hole beyond which all events can no longer be seen. Black holes are formed when a large star collapses into itself and the gravity creates a space time vortex distortion. This in turn attracts additional surrounding stars, solar systems, and galaxies to create an even greater vortex distortion. If gravitons exist and they dissipate their energy in higher dimensions then black holes are pumping considerable energy into these additional dimensions. In the 5D theory the graviton is replaced by what is called a graviphoton, a 5D particle wave that has characteristics of a graviton and a photon.

In this description the graviphoton resolves some issues of Supersymmetry, which predicts/requires an anti-particle definition for every particle. The LHC in CERN has discovered antiparticles, this is not in question. In String Theory, the graviphoton is also its own anti particle just as the photon is its own antiparticle. It’s important to understand that an anti particle has nothing to do with anti gravity. It is more important to think about a 5th Dimension than what the anti particle is because most theories predict anti gravity in the 5th dimension (or higher dimensions depending on whose model is used). This means a 5D world where a fifth fundamental force exists that repels other particles and object.

There are still unanswered questions in this expanding, complicated theory that relies almost completely on mathematical models, of which there are numerous equations and partial derivatives, etc.

Tesla’s Gravity

Nicola Tesla challenged Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity. He theorized and developed a dynamic theory of gravity. Tesla challenged both of Einstein’s theories, the equation that E = mc2 and the gravitational distortion/curvature of space time (the trampoline metaphor).

Tesla thought that gravity does not curve space time but rather there is an ether “gas” (aether, prana) that contains abundant energy and acts at times as a swirling electromagnetic vortex to create matter. He conjectured that matter does not contain energy in an of itself but rather gets its energy from the ether through the electromagnetic swirl. Einstein’s theories and experiments gave us atomic power and they were never classified, even though atomic bombs are annihilating devices. Tesla’s theories were geared to give us unlimited free energy by taping into the ether. Tesla’s theories and experiments are classified as national security by the US Government under FOIA.

Tesla stated that electromagnetism is the pervasive and most important force in the universe. He posited that mechanical motion is universally caused by electromagnetic forces. However, there is no public record of the mathematics to support these theories. We know that all matter has electrical properties (composed of electrons, excited by photons). From this and other properties of the earths dynamic microwave properties, Tesla experimented with and was said to devise an electromagnetic machine capable of flying without wings, propellers, etc. In other words, he ostensibly discovered and proved his theories experimentally.

Tesla did not live long enough to give the world his unified theory of electromagnetic gravity.

One major result of Tesla’s theories is that electromagnetic entropy can return energy through the ether by storing it there as potential energy. This contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics and explains that entropy like energy is conserved; the result of which brings order back to the universe.

To offer an explanation, which is only somewhat accurate, Tesla’s flying machine (ethercraft) uses potential energy stored in the ether to create the effect of lift by creating an electromagnetic force (EMF) surrounding the ethercraft. This force can be plied in any direction by varying the amplitude and frequency of the generated EMF. The ether continuously provides the energy needed for propulsion and anything else needed. Additionally, entropy is conserved by returning energy back to the ether, creating a dynamic machine that conserves energy and entropy. This energy (according to Tesla) exists everywhere in the universe.


Tesla’s Theory unifies the electromagnetic and gravity forces elegantly and his experimental results may have demonstrated its validity. Tesla discovered and produced the electric motor and proved alternating current superior to direct current for powering electrical devices.

Following the financial resources given to each Theory, it’s clear Relativity Theory has the numbers. All the relativity equations have been proven accurate, including the curvature of space time.

When looking at some of the ancient structures, especially the pyramids, it feels intuitively obvious that their construction was at least aided by the forces discussed in Tesla’s Theory.

Tesla’s Theory of gravity uses a different vocabulary than we’re used to. This requires some mental conditioning to fully comprehend his descriptions and predictions.

Since Tesla had an eidetic memory, he didn’t need to write down anything to remember it. This contributed to the lack of documents surrounding his work.

Like Einstein’s theories put into practice, Tesla’s theory requires a considerable amount of financial backing and dedication to prove or disprove.

It is in the interests of the powerful and rich to keep Tesla’s Theory concealed at least until fossil fuel actually begins to run out.

Einstein’s Theories and Tesla’s Theory need not be mutually exclusive. For example; Special Relativity like Tesla’s theory, predicts enormous amounts of potential energy that is available. And like Plato, Galileo, and Newton before them, Einstein and Tesla are destined to be superseded.

Imagine with all your positive emotions and thoughts that someone will develop Tesla’s dream of abundant energy for everyone and give it to the world.


About the author: Rich has a masters degree in mathematics and maintains hobbies in particle physics and music. He has dedicated his life to finding the truth.

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