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Healing Victim Consciousness Within

By on May 10, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Healing Victim Consciousness Within

by Allison Engel,
Contributing Writer,

Within the structure of the unconscious mind, there are many cogs or archetypes working behind the scene. In order for the system to stay intact and remain one individual identity, an experience triggers a ping resonance with an unseen archetype and cause friction within the field to keep those underlying pieces hidden.

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What we have been taught in our experience is to hide those resource giants and stuff those unwanted emotions out of plain sight. The healing mechanism of the field is to “know thyself” and explore the underlying behavior.

When an upset or trigger occurs in a child or the adult, it is experiencing an unmet need of an archetype that wants to be healed. The trigger point is the access point to healing these wounds once and for all. Becoming the observer of the experience itself is then crucial to exploring what the field is bringing forth to be understood, digested and re-aligned by honoring and validating each archetype in its entirety.

The soul speaks in imagery, metaphor and feelings. When we align with the field and become the observer of the experience, the field will bring forth a wealth of hidden resources that are the very density that keeps us from experiencing freedom, joy and abundance. When a trigger pings a resistance, we can go into the behavior mechanism and watch and validate, as the observer, that this analog is not in alignment with what I choose to have in my experience. The exploratory journey has begun and the archetypal hero’s journey is well on its way.

When we understand the physics behind the subconscious mind, everything then becomes experiential data. When an experience comes that isn’t validating the resourcefulness of the field itself, that data set then needs to be re-oriented and understood from the perspective of its origin. Within this realm of consciousness, behavior mechanics become a playground of digressions into a state of awareness and abundance consciousness. There is no longer a need for the victim to remain a victim but then becomes the volunteer. Then the groundwork is laid for the dynamics at play to reach into the stratosphere and the Volunteer becomes the Victor.

The polarity in experience will bounce up and down until it evens out into the quantum field. A healed archetype is thus, the equal sign. There is no polarity, and no mathematical equation yet. It is the observer observing itself. Or the field healing itself. From this standpoint then, we heal all the cogs to be aligned with the virtue of the individuation for the self to become autonomous.

When authority is seemingly coming from outside of us then, we remain the victim. When we bio-hack the main frame of reference and restore the system with the metrics of the field itself it can turn the witless into the witness archetype. There is no dumb-dumb here, just the field moving through the field of awareness in and of itself, for itself, by itself.

Aligning with your own validity and power is a very personal and powerful path to be on. Without knowledge of the mechanics of the field it can be a scary and stark reality for those without the data set to understand its logistics. “The more you let go of the need to be the individual controlling the outcome, the more the field, which is self-intelligent, self-aware, self-transcendent can move through you.” Trust is the key mechanism of the field. When the field has brought you to maturation, there is no longer a separation, just the field. Then chopping wood and carrying water is a very satisfying experience, as it is aligned with a dutiful existence of unity consciousness.

Each archetype has its own brain mapping, its own psychology, emotionality and physically that literally draw the experiential data into its field. When we go into the victim we can easily tell that we are in a shame, blame and guilt mentality. The field will then generate more things that come back to the creator (the subatomic particles or subconscious mind-the belief system manufacturing the decaying artifacts) that it is in fact a big old loser. The thoughts, beliefs and emotions are then validating the projection overlay on top of reality.

We don’t experience reality as it is, we experience it as we are. And now we know how to heal the field of its polarized counterparts and send them back into unity consciousness. This journey then becomes to heal victim consciousness within, through all the layers of the archetypes and then to validate and hold space for others who are becoming aligned with their own hero’s journey.

Allison Engel

Exert from upcoming book Constellation of Psyche |

Image: Pixabay

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