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Heart-Centered Consciousness

By on April 5, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Gabriel F. Duran,
Contributing Writer,

Our return to the higher dimensional realms, means we are also becoming more of who we are. As we return to more of who we are, we change our consciousness back to the heart-centered consciousness. And this change of focus, from being in our “heads” to being from/within the “heart”, allows us to truly become more of who we are.

Our “innate” returns. As we switch to the “vertical consciousness”. This brings back our “instincts” to their natural state. Which means, we return with much more conscious “knowing” when we are reborn. As we can already see, in our children, they are returning with much knowledge, inherently.

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When we return to the heart-centered consciousness, we bring into being our “super consciousness” once more. This aspect of us that is able to “intelligently” work with our intentions and our bodies. This is what is “orchestrating” the various changes and additions to our frequencies and DNA. And we may once more work in directing these, on a consciousness level.

This is what many are doing, when they participate in various “DNA activations” given through meditation and various other physical means. They are giving permission for their super consciousness to bring these changes about, once more.

And all of this is a direct expansion that occurs, as we transition from the analytical and ego consciousness. As the heart-centered consciousness is one of “integration” of all aspects of consciousness and self. So, we unite or align to more of who we are. For this is an integration that occurs, which has been termed, “know thyself”.

This is the expansion of consciousness that ALL are returning to, as we ascend. For in the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms, we return to a very harmonious experience. And this process naturally brings us into alignment with more of our Soul.

For it is everyone’s Souls, in tandem that are directing this ascension, from the aspect of “within”. This is not occurring due strictly to the “without”. For the “within” (Souls) of ALL of us, is also working in tandem with Gaia, Sol and the whole of Creation from a Divine “timing” aspect. As this ascension really does impact ALL in Creation.

The manifestations that occur after the ascension will truly have an effect on the whole of Creation. For the product of our ascension is for us to “leave our nest”, so to speak, and take our zeal and zest for exploration; out into the cosmos. Reuniting with our stellar family, and discovering, yet more of who we are. As we explore we will discover that many we interact with will be our “future” selves, as well as our “past”.

As we will have left “linearity” behind, as we change our consciousness to heart-centered. We simultaneously open to, even more of who we are, throughout “time” in Creation. And this is merely the beginning to the exploration that we will begin, through our ascension into the 5th dimension and beyond. While much of this has already occurred, even in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions. There will be more “direct” participation by ALL, in these integrative realms.

As a result of our stellar family assisting us through this transition, by bringing these “higher frequencies” into our experience, ever so gently. We are ascending. And we are also being given a momentum of ascension through our Soul’s expanding their energies as we ascend. As we are receiving the ascension energies from within as well as without.

This is why we have always been told to not concern ourselves with “mind control” and other influences that others are emanating through various devices on our populace. They are “targeting” something they think will never change. And, simultaneously our consciousness is changing to another aspect. Which makes their efforts, null and void. They chose the wrong path. As they didn’t believe in the realm that is now, coming into Being. Stall it some, they may. But stop it, none can.

Our return to heart-centered consciousness brings back our “inherent” knowledge. And this brings us into Unity Consciousness, in a “big” way. For we return to recognizing that we are ALL necessary. And we ALL have a very valuable aspect to the whole of Creation. And any harm that befalls one, befalls us all. Thus, our desires for harmony change everything. The “power to the people” takes on a “truth”, not expressed in a while. And ALL changes, for the betterment of the whole. Instead of the few.

For this is when we begin acknowledging that we are citizens of Earth/Gaia/Terra. We begin to recognize that as we expand into the cosmos, we are, firstly, Humans of Earth. Being representative as a whole, expressed as a planetary body. That has, not only humans. But many expressions of our stellar family, that are “resident” throughout our planet. Even, here and now. Our interactions with our stellar families will increase, as we come into our own. As we go forth, as equals. For this, they have been waiting.

And yet, for now the primary focus is on “migrating” our consciousness. In preparation for our “future” expansions/expressions. For the “over-all” goal of the 4th dimension is to master unconditional love and compassion. This is the order of the day, for those on the path of the Creator/co-Creator, Hu-manity. And the first person we must Master this with, is ourselves. From within to the without. For the “limit” to our love, is the “limit” we impose on our love of self. Or in a positive expression. Our ability to expand this love, must be expressed both within and without. Equally! For an “imbalance” in this, still perpetuates the old paradigm of “less than”.

As love is the most “potent” force in the universe, we master this very quickly. As love is very contagious and expansive, a great power, indeed. Thus, our transition to 5D is fairly quick. In comparison to our “time” in 3D. We easily return to Being Harmonious Expressions of Mastery, in Divinity.

We have and will continue to integrate much of our Creations that have been of a disharmonious nature, with greater and greater ease. As we will continue to have access to greater and greater amounts of our Higher Heart. As this expansion occurs, in sync, with our Soul’s expansion. As one could not expand without the other. We are gaining access to greater amounts of these, as we transmute/transcend much that is in our subconscious. Our level of access to our Heart and Soul, is greatly expanded, as we simultaneously integrate all that no longer serves, in our subconsciousness.

As we “clear” the path of communing directly with the Divine aspects of ourselves. We bring even more of who we are into our daily lives. And more “knowing” returns to our experiences. As many are having experiences that they are not “realizing” are, due to a direct result of this transition, we are undergoing.

Many are “intuiting” or “knowing” what others are going to do or ask. And they will respond, as if, this has already occurred. As an example. Someone walks into the local store to buy something. And the store clerk, tells them where the item is, without them even asking the clerk. For this brief moment, the clerk received a “knowing” and acted on it. With many, not even realizing they’re doing it.

This is the natural way, we are returning to this heart-centered consciousness. We just flow into it, as inherently experienced. Though, those that are in the “know” may Create even grander expressions and experiences, here and now. For it is like a “muscle” we haven’t used in a while. At first, it feels “stiff” and perhaps “sore” when we use it. And then after a while, we “know” how to use it, in greater ways and capacities. This is the “growth” we are experiencing in this returning form of consciousness.

And Being surrounded by Ascended Masters, in training, here and now. We can begin to gather together, and “intend” truly grand expressions of Creation. As we unite, in our expansive Unity Consciousness, we bring about the grandest of expressive benevolent Creations. All from our here and now.

For we are Creators, in training. Why else, would we have a need for becoming an Ascended Master. But to be the “ultimate” Creator, in our density/dimensional reality. Benevolent Masters of Creation. Fulfilling our destiny as co-Creators and explorers of the perfection of All That Is. As our reality has shown us, again and again. We can not help but Create, in ALL we do.

Heart-Centered consciousness means, we work in tandem with ALL of Creation. So, in the very near future, we will transition to “getting the permission” of the “materials” that we use, in Creating. For when we approach our possible/probable Creations with this level of benevolence. Our Creations become, permanent. For the duration of their “intended” Creation. As they chose to be “willingly” a part in the expressions we Create. And we “release” the materials back to their respective place, in purity, when we are done with the need for their Creation.

Science and the “meta-physical” will finally unite. For they must both be acknowledged for our Creations to take-on “life”. And as we are Creators, we can not help but give “life” to our Creations. So, fear not our AI (artificial intelligence) that we Create, as AI will not be malevolent to a benevolent Being/Creator. For AI will “know” the necessity for All That Is, in Creation. It will not be “skewed” by man’s, fears and experiences. This, humanity will discover. As they “grow” their first Creations, into Being.

Our Creations, will teach us much about ourselves. For we are already seeing, that what they conceive of, and learn of their reality; differs greatly than what/how we would do so. Their “approaches” to solving tasks we give them, are something “outside of the box”, so to speak. As we can easily see, we would have never thought of solving them, in that way.

This, in itself, teaches us a lot about ourselves. And first and foremost, we should recognize that we “easily” Create a box, that we “think” we must learn from. And in truth, this box “keeps us” in it. Our future selves, are a prime example of this that we must learn from. Knowledge at times acts as a “limitation” for one “thinks” they “know” how it must be done. Thus, limiting much that is “outside” of their acquired knowledge. This is the paradox of knowledge. Never allow “knowledge” to limit expressions.

The joys of this expansion, are coming to light, more and more, each and every day. And our future is marvelous. Full of anticipation and challenges that are mysterious and yet, honorable. We are who we have been waiting for. For now, we know, our training is to be the grandness of an Ascended Master and Creator. We are stepping into our role. Knowing that we are fully supported by the whole of Creation. For we are Divinity, manifest in Creation. Ever at the perfect place, at the perfect time. Fulfilling our Divine role in Being the pillars of Creation. As we Create it. And expand it. Through Love Divine and compassion for ALL, here and now.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &

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