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Higher And Higher We Go

By on April 30, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Susan Vivyan,
Contributing Writer,

Anyone, anywhere, anytime can access higher levels of consciousness that surround you and that are within you. No need for hesitation or doubt as guides, angels, former friends and relatives that have transitioned are there for support and guidance. Yet your inner guidance system is available (with discretion) for your use for any decisions major or small. The higher realms and your own inner being are working together to create a new paradigm of oneness. Each moment you breathe, be grateful for the opportunity to witness your own evolution along with others as well as earth’s magnificent transition into wholeness.

Do not disparage the separation (an illusion) which is apparent if you focus on its manifestation in your world. Take each step with decisive movement to a grander version of yourself and we will be there (invisibly and visibly) supporting you with every breath you take.

Put aside fear, limitations & doubt and go forth with confidence and zeal. Be happy. No need to worry about mistakes, losses, any perceived limitations. All is well. Relax. Enjoy life. The transition into wholeness for all is occurring.

Others who are not resonating toward their own grandeur but who are caught in the illusion will be caught in their own web of their own making. Their choice. Not your responsibility to be caught in their web of deception and lies. Cleaning house.  Be grateful and give thanks for those who have chosen to sweep the madness away.

Focus NOW on your gifts, your time, and your opportunity to serve.

About the authorSusan Vivyan is an artist, art transformative teacher and intuitive. M.A.T. Art Therapy; B.S. Art Education with additional coursework in Guidance & Counseling; Organizational Development. 

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