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Higher Learning From Your Spirit Guides

By on April 22, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Higher Learning From Your Spirit Guides

by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing Writer, 

What Is Higher Learning?

When you get on the second half of your kundalini journey to your Higher Self, you begin to have more consistent and clear communication with your spirit guides. This is because the kundalini energy has removed enough low vibrational fear based energy that your vibration is high enough to tune into that higher vibrational energy.

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Our spirit guides talk to us through energy. The higher your vibration gets, the clearer communication gets.

At first, you may just hear your name. This is the beginning of communication with your spirit guides.

Divination, such as a pendulum, also is communication with your spirit guides if you are using it for that purpose. The more you communicate, the stronger connection you develop with them.

Your spirit guides already know your path and your mission. It is already mapped out in your Akashic Records. They want to teach you what you need to know to accomplish your mission.

We each have skills and abilities and the higher our vibration rises the more stronger your gifts get and the more gifts you discover. I didn’t start my journey as clairaudient, but the higher my vibration got, the more I could hear energy. The stronger my clairaudient became, the more I could communicate with my guides.

You have skills and abilities and your spirit guides want to teach you how to use them. This is called Higher Learning. Just like we have a Higher Self, Higher Chakras, and a Higher Mind, we have Higher Learning. We learn new ways because we are now a higher dimensional human being. Higher anything just means you are operating and using your Higher Self more and more.

What Do They Have To Teach You?

They want to help you hone and use your skills. We were all born gifted and they want to teach you to use those gifts to help yourself and others.

It could be a healing method. I learned my energy clearing healing method from my spirit guides, not another person or a book.

It could be they want you to start a website or blogsite to reach out to others.

Whatever it is they want to teach you, it will help you first, and then you will use it to help others. You have unique skills and abilities that they want you to use on your journey, but you must first get your vibration high enough to tap into that higher level of energy. So, most of the first half of your journey will be raising your vibration. You raise your vibration by healing and removing the fear based energy that has accumulated over your lifetime as fear lowers your vibration.The kundalini energy helps you remove that low vibe fear based energy but the more energy you put into it the higher your vibration rises.

When I say the first half of your journey, this is not time wise as time is fluid. This is energy wise because the second half of the journey can be much shorter than the first half depending on how much energy and effort you put into it.

The old low vibrational way of learning is classes and books going to college and learning something you know nothing about because you haven’t experienced. Imagine that someone went to college to become a drug or alcohol counselor. They may have learned from a textbook what to say to their patient but they really have no idea how to quit drugs and alcohol because they haven’t experienced addiction.

Also, they do not have the compassion or understanding of addiction that is needed to really help someone. The high vibrational way of learning is learning by experience and using that experience to help yourself and others. If you haven’t experienced something, you don’t have the compassion and experience to help someone else going through exactly what you went through.

The higher learning your spirit guides want to teach you is using your life experiences and how you healed from them into a healing method to help others heal from them. Then, when you are ready, people that need you and your skills will be drawn to you. Your healing vibration will attract them to you and they will come. The higher or vibration rises the more healing energy we reflect to others.

A lightworker carries a light inside them and reflects like a mirror to others around them. At first, you reflect out your unhealed issues and people may react negatively to you as your light is showing them their unhealed issues. The more you heal, the more your light reflects back healing and people will react more positively to you and your energy.

Higher Learning is available to all the farther you get on your Higher Self Journey. You have unique and valuable gifts to share with the world and they are needed. The world needs you and your life experiences to heal. The time that you are needed is getting nearer and very soon. Your spirit guides are there to guide you through this journey to your Higher Self. The more you heal, the higher your vibration rises the more you can tap into this Higher Learning that they want to teach you. They want to teach you to be that badass lightworker you were always meant to become.



My name is Dawn Bailey and please visit my blog for energy updates and blogs about your lightworker journey. My blogsite is I am also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where I give energy updates to inform you about you about incoming energy so you know what is happening to you on your journey.

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