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How A Hypnotherapy Client Found Freedom From A 40 Year Entity

By on November 15, 2019 in Health with 0 Comments

How A Hypnotherapy Client Found Freedom From A 40 Year Entity

by Karen Turpin,
Contributing Writer,

For the past 25 years, Karen Turpin has worked as an energetic healer / etheric surgeon and ascension facilitator.  In 2017 she added a new element to her work – that of hypnotherapy.  A short time later, it became obvious to Karen that some clients need all her skills, and thus a new modality, Multi-Dimensional Hypnotherapy was born.

“I knew that pretty much every issue that my clients brought to me could be addressed at the level of the subconsciousness mind – so I set out to master a technique that would allow my clients to easily access past trauma. They would be able to see the decisions they made in the past which continue to have an impact on their life now.  It turned out to be a brilliant move, as I worked with more and more clients to resolve issues such as childhood trauma, weight loss, fear, and so on.

“But it only took me two weeks in my new career as a hypnotherapist to realise that I couldn’t leave behind 25 years of experience as an energy healer, psychic and medium, quite so easily.  I thought that as a hypnotherapist I could help people with their everyday stresses and strains, without having to explore their multi-dimensional selves. But it seems that the more clients I saw for hypnotherapy, the more my other skills were called for.

“Here’s how the two streams of my worked merged into one, creating the new healing modality of Multi-dimensional Hypnotherapy.”

Jane* came into my office, telling me that she felt fearful about her future.  Something was holding her back and she couldn’t get rid of it, and this ‘something’ had been there for as long as she could remember.

(*Not her real name.)

So I proceeded to take Jane into hypnosis and was able to regress to the moment where this fear of the future was created.

In the first scene she described, she was happily playing with her baby sister in the garden. She knew immediately once her sister was born that she loved children and wanted to be a teacher. She was four years old and she already knew her purpose.  She did in fact become a teacher.

In the second scene, she now had a baby brother – but he was sick in the hospital and she was pacing her room at home, waiting for news of him. She was looking after her sister and was trying to cook dinner for them both. She was ten years old and she had already become the carer of the family. Dad had gone and Mum wasn’t coping well.

In the third scene, she was alone in bushland by the beach near her home. It was dark.  She had no idea where her baby sister was; her mother was away in the distance. Jane felt very cold and she was shivering. She didn’t feel afraid but something “came over her” she said, and she never felt the same again.

We looked at the scene together. Nothing seemed to have happened – there was no physical or sexual abuse, and it seemed that there was no trauma in this scene – but she knew in that moment that her life would never be her own. She knew that she could never really succeed in life, no matter how hard she might try, because she was only here to serve, and never to be successful in her own life.

In that moment, I knew what had happened to her – I had seen it psychically – and I was struggling within myself.  Do I keep to the hypnotherapy method that I had trained in, or should I break the rules, and help her by using all the tools at my disposal?  I didn’t know how she would deal with ‘otherworldly’ things – after all, she had come for a hypnotherapy session.

I continued with the hypnotherapy model for a while.  There is a particular process in which you revisit those past scenes that you have recalled.

As she re-iterated the idea that ‘something came over her that day’, Jane said: “I want it to leave because it’s not me, it’s not who I really am”, and I knew that this was the moment for me to help her to release the entity that had lived with her for the past 40 years.

As Jane was berating her mother for leaving her alone that day (something that Jane as a child was unable to do) some of her power returned – enough to momentarily weaken the hold the entity had over her.  This was my chance to clear the entity out of her physical and etheric bodies, while continuing with the hypnotherapy model.

A few minutes later the session was complete.  I asked Jane how she felt, and we talked about what she had seen.  Jane tipped her head on one side and asked, “Did you clear something dark from me? I saw this black thing leave, right at the end there when I was alone in the bushland. I know that thing. It’s been with me for ever, that’s the thing that was sucking me dry and holding me back from ever having a life of my own – my mother sold me out and I was in servitude from the day it came, but now I’m free.”

From that experience, I realized that everything I had learned and practiced so far in my life can be put to use, and there are no rules!  Nothing is ever wasted.

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So, when clients come and their session is straightforward and follows the hypnotherapy model, I feel blessed that I was able to help them, because the therapy itself is wonderful.

But if a client comes in and we go on a multidimensional journey through space and time, into other lifetimes, I feel absolutely delighted that I was able to facilitate their healing through using my own very rare and unique gifts and talents.

It gives me the opportunity to fulfill my own purpose and mission, to help clients to release the energy blocks that hold them back from being all that they truly are.  And for that I feel humbled, divinely blessed and forever grateful.

About the author: Karen Turpin is a multi-dimensional energetic healer, facilitator and hypnotherapist. She is available for private session work in person from her office in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or worldwide via skype or zoom.  Please visit her website at or find her on Facebook at

Image: Pixabay

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