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How Do You Connect To Your Soul Group/Family?

By on May 29, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

Each week we ask a question in the Bridge To New Earth Facebook group and like to share the question and answers we get. We will be sharing the admin’s answers here, but Feel free to join the group to see answers from everyone in the group who participates:

The answers may come from automatic writing, meditation, intuition, higher self, guides, channeled, or from soul group.

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How do you connect to your soul group/family? 


“The ideology that you are separate from your soul group or family is more of a 3d barrier than anything. At any point, we can reach out energetically and connect with our soul families. The best way to bring them into your physical reality is by being true to your soul. The more in line you are with yourself and your higher self the frequency you radiate at will change, drawing your soul family near. As soul families are groups of souls with similar energy frequencies and existences, we all have an almost magnetic like pull towards one another. As one member of this family puts in the work to raise and strengthen their own vibrations, the rest of the family will feel the call to do the same. The universe, itself, notices these frequencies raising and reaching out for their counterparts, so it essentially puts into place arrangements for the physical embodiments of these souls to link up.” – Sekhmet


You may use a variety of ways to connect. The easiest way is to envision that you are at a gathering where you know everybody. You can normally start be visualizing yourself as a being of light. Sometimes you’ll see others before you see your Higher Self and that is perfectly fine because you may have planned it that way.

When you are in your heart space, think of something that brings you immense joy. Think of something that puts a smile on your face, even when you are sad. That is the place where you will find us… waiting for you to connect with us.

We may appear to you as family members that have passed. This is so that you do not feel fear. Once you become familiar, we will show ourselves as what we are, what we choose to be.

Understand that we are always around, always whispering to you and guiding you along the way. You are never truly alone.

One more thing, trust that we will appear when it is time. It will never be too late or too soon. Always in perfect synchronicity with the Divine Plan.

You are Loved.

You are Light.

You are One with the True Creator.

-Balthazar (spirit guide)


First, I’d like to share how I view a soul group/family. For me, my soul family is the group of beings I came into existence with when my soul was originally created and formed a group/family together. There are 13 members in my soul group total, from what I have been able to look into so far.

The other part of how I view my soul group is first by understanding Source. Through Source, all of us are connected. We are all part of the same cloud of energy, as an example. We are all one. We are each fragmented from Source in one way or another and can have individual identities/energy signatures, but are always a part of that cloud and connected to it. So, using the same type of example, I really see my soul group and other groups as smaller clouds within that big cloud. With a soul group, what one member experiences every other member experiences. The memories & information are shared within the group. I like to view this as a bunch of computers networked together where there are shared folders and information between those computers that any one of the computers can access and add to. It is, of course, much more than that, but that is an example of how it can be viewed.

Those of us currently incarnated on the planet, all of our experiences, thoughts, feelings, and memories of this time on the planet are all shared with the soul group. When they access this, it would be like they are the ones incarnated and having the experience. That is why so many various soul groups of beings wanted to get at least one member of their group incarnated at this time of the ascension. The groups wanted to be able to have that experience.

The main way that I connect to my soul group is through my heart space. When I go into my heart space, I set my intention that I’d like to reach out to my soul group and then find a space in there that I dedicate to connecting to my group. This could be some temple, a room, crystal garden, or anything. Once there, I start connecting to my group with intention, but also make sure that I do this through my own soul energy. Since my energy is one with the group, I’ve found if I put my attention on my own soul energy/signature then connect with that energy to the group, it works really well. This also helps tremendously with not having any interference for me. I generally view my connection like a hallway, or even like I’m inside a hollow cord. I make sure that connection is nice and clear, clean, and bright. If there’s any negative energy or anything in there, I just make sure to transmute it or clear it out with the violet flame energy, so I can walk through that connection and when I get to the other side I am connected.

From there, I generally see/feel my group appear in the place dedicated in my heart space. Whether that be a room, temple, garden etc… Sometimes the energy comes as group energy, so it’s just a cloud or ball of energy representing the entire group. For my connection personally, I’ve always been able to connect to 1 member of the group easiest and he has been my main communication with the group. Since we are all one in the group, he represents the group energy anyway, but for whatever reason, I have always been able to see and work with him the best so that is what I still do. When I’ve done self healings before, I have seen the entire group surround me and assist me, so I know they are there when I need them, but he is my contact and one of my main guides at the moment.

When you connect to yours, it will be unique to you though, so don’t get hung up at all on trying to make yours anything like mine. Whatever way your group can connect to you the best they will. Just like building and figuring out a connection to the higher self and guides, the soul group is the same. It may take some practice and eventually over time you will have an experience and either see them, feel them, or just know that they helped you and they are around.

Another method is put intention on connecting to your soul group. Again, I’d recommend going through your own soul/higher self energy to do this. Once you feel you have connected to them, you can then visualize/feel/put intention that the energy of your soul group come down through your auric field, into your crown chakra, and down through your chakras until you get to the solar plexus chakra. From the solar plexus chakra, you can move that energy over into your liver space. Then, inside your liver space, you can see if you get any clear connections to them that way. I have done this method before too and it has worked. My liver space is another sacred space I go into, but for me it’s mostly to receive downloads of information. It may end up being something else for you!

One issue I’ve had with connecting to my soul group was not allowing the connection to happen. Sometimes, it’s simply about allowing and receiving the incoming information from them. The example or image I came to understand this as, is imagine having two hand held radios/walkie talkies, one representing myself, and the other the soul group. Once the walkie talkies were both tuned to the same channel, they were connected. But then I was trying so hard to talk to them from my end. It was like I was constantly holding down the talk button on mine, which made it impossible for me to hear them because I was never lifting my finger off the button so they could talk and I could receive the messages. When I realized this, I was more focused on connecting, than just allowing them to come in and being open to receiving.

Another good practice you can do is send love or other positive feelings, like joy, through your higher self to your soul group. Then, ask that they send love back to you to your heart space. This is a good practice and a good way to really feel the love from them, so you know they are there, even if you aren’t at the point of having a conversation or other form of interaction yet.

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Love & Light


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