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How Do You Know If You’re An Empath?

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How Do You Know If You’re An Empath?

by Erik Chavez,
Contributing Writer,

Many people are feeling intense from the energies coming in. If you are an empath this will naturally be heightened as your senses are at a heightened state originally. It’s not just this new energy coming in, most empathic people have felt deeply their whole life. Most star seeds have come in great love now to support this grand master plan of ascension. If you have read and felt anything up to this point, chances are you are not only an empath you are a star seed!

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It may be a lot of information all balled up in one short paragraph, so it will be best explained further. First off, the only thing in your way is your own emotions. So what we must all do as empaths is master these emotions through love. Every person who has the capacity to perceive feelings and emotions is already to some degree empathic. This means yes, we are all responsible for our own emotions. Those emotions are always shared and felt in some way shape or form by the collective. This article is written to induce emotion and contemplation with that deeper question we should all be asking!

How Do You Know If You’re An Empath?

The question all hearts ask in the deepest desire, is how to receive truth of self-discovery. Why is all of this so important (star seeds), and how does it involve ascension? Many reasons can be explained, so for the sake of time awareness of all, we will discuss some key reasons. One major reason is that our thoughts create the shared reality that we exist in currently. If we as a collective consciousness understand what we are, what we like and dis like, would that not be exactly the road map we need to shift this realized reality to the most harmonic temporal reality. When all on this planet or most are connected to their hearts, this shift would be easy. Yet we are still living in this reality because many are still not connecting.

So what about being an empath and how is it important for this time line? The sensitive ones are like the markers that allow the collective to receive direct feed-back. Collective and direct feed-back, what does this mean some may ask? The collective consciousness is the combined accumulative thought form that blankets the created reality in which we all exist. Simply this information would be available to any being sharing the reality. So here you are: if you are experiencing a raised heart rate, it is okay. Remember that in most trying moments all that is required of you, is simply to breathe. When you take that moment and inhale slowly, remember that it is not just air and oxygen, it is the Prana. The life force consciousness you are receiving in to your body and awareness is pure divine love.

So you feel deep and you are connected to all things giving you the ability to feel so much more of what other people are feeling. Some may not like feeling overwhelmed with emotion, so remember the breath as stated before. Now for the star seed, this may be a mystery in itself; but it can also be very simple at the same time. You may or may not know how or where your soul originated, and that is fine. Again, a way to a complicated story of self-discovery. For those of you that get a positive feeling inside your core when you hear or read the words star seed, you either are one or you are an Earth soul that prayed for us. With that being said search your feelings and allow intuition to guide you to your truth.

In conclusion time may not exist or even reality, so what we have is what we have always had, consciousness! These so called times that are always changing have been trying to the emotional body, so collectively let us use these bodies to transform these times in to the best times. If you feel deep, you are an empath to your own heart; and that in its self is one of the best blessings a being can have. So if moments and times seem trying, take that moment to breathe in solace, and find gratitude for the wisdom of the lesson that moment has to offer. Together we can discover how truly amazing and powerful we are and take that wisdom forward in a co-creative step to having Heaven on Earth. In service to love and light, may all hearts that read these words be blessed with joy and enlightenment.


Erik Chavez

About the Author: Erik Chavez born in this life on mother Gaia year 1980 in Denver, Colorado. Like many experiencers in the esoteric field, Erik began his search for truth at a very young age. Having a background being raised in a very catholic family, Erik never truly resonated with the information being conveyed. While a youngster still in grade school Erik quickly discovered that truth was not a prevalent expression there either. Having an intuitively deeper connection naturally and not understanding the message the world had to offer catalyzed Erik to begin searching. After his two year old daughter was tragically murdered by her own mother he became even more catalyzed for the greater truth and now has a drive to raise his own energy consciousness to be able to connect with her once again. As part of this journey Erik has discovered that not only he but also his daughter are both Arcturian start seeds from the seventh density. His mission is to be the ambassador for the Arcturian High Council. His message and teachings that will be implemented in bringing Gaia Sophia into her new light body with as many souls as possible. Finding it very challenging to be on Earth in the third density Erik has chosen to stay regardless due to his deep understanding how dire the planet needs support in these times. Having a seventh density soul incarnate here in third density allows Erik to tap in to higher plains of contemplative consciousness. This has allowd Erik to break through the matrix coded reality that has been falsely established and is one of many here now to help correct what went so wrong in this grand Earth experiment. Erik is seeking to fulfill his mission by connecting to as many kindled souls as possible to help remind them who they really are. With golden light and love may these words receive in to you and lift your soul’s vibration to a more loving harmonic expression. Namaste.

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