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How Do You Know If You Are A Starseed Or Starlighted Soul?

By on February 3, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

How Do You Know If You Are A Starseed Or Starlighted Soul?

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by The Guiding Lighted Network,
Guest writer(s),

Many of us have asked this very question countless times. Starseeds are naturally inclined to be Healers and have natural Psychic abilities from childhood. They are usually the “misfits”, the “Black Sheep”, the “wallflowers”, and the “weirdos”; with odd personalities and an exceptionally goofy off beat sense of humor. And or are very dry and sarcastic by nature. They are usually very introverted and tend to watch how others act and interact from the sidelines. They usually avoid large gatherings and tend to only have a few close friends that they keep from childhood. They see through illusions and can spot a liar a mile away if their heart is in the right place. They tend to be very loving people who get hurt very easily due to their incredible ability to love others unconditionally. They tend to lose themselves in other people and things very easily, making them heartbreakers and addicts.


Starlights are Starseeds from Sirius A, B, & C, and they are the nomadic gypsies of the Galaxy because their home stars were destroyed in the galactic war in the future of our current timeline-d reality. They have returned to Earth at this time to rewrite history to change the ripples created by the fear, hatred, and greed of Humanity. They have a very specific mission in our Galaxy; they heal the timelines by changing our fates and our windy past mistakes. They help us release our egos by showing us another way of being through their giant gibing hearts and powerfully healing words of inspiration. They teach us how to connect, create, and live our lives through our higher selves, and share their wisdom to the world around them by living in the light of their own being.

Not all Starseeds are Lightworkers but all Starlights are connected only through the light of the stars in our Galaxy. Starlights have traveled to every Star System in the Galaxy to complete their Divine and Sacred Missions; Starseeds are just beginning their journey outside of their home Star System. Starseeds are sensitive to the harsh negative energies on Earth and are allergic to most metals; which also causes food allergies and food related intolerances, due to the metals found in the chemicals used, to treat our food. Starlights are even more sensitive to metals and animal products and find that following a strict Vegan Diet is the solution to their digestive and weight struggles. They both have super sensitivity to negativity, but Starlights are even more affected by these energies; causing them to find escapes from the harsh realities of the negativity found here on Earth.

They become Addicts; not just to Drugs, but to Alcohol, Sex, and Food. They become Workaholics, Obsessive Students, Starving Artists, and Dreamers. They lose track of who they are over the course of their lives and find that they have many struggles as teenagers and early in their adult years. Many Starlights find this negativity too much to bear and they become victims of their own escapism and fall from the light of their own light within and end up taking their own life to end their pain and suffering.

While everyone has a Twin Flame; only Starlights will find theirs in this lifetime. After many dark nights of the soul, and many lessons on life and spirituality have been remembered. There is no turning back once a Starlight remembers who they are as a Soul from the Sirius Star System. Neither Starseeds nor Starlighted Starseeds have ever been on this Physical level before. They find themselves struggling to cope with the harshness of this world and how people treat one another on this level. This causes them all to seek answers inside of themselves to find the reasons why they find it so difficult to relate to humanity.

Many Starseeds find Earth intriguing and love solving the mysteries of the world in their own unique way of understanding. Others become Healers and Psychics to share their natural gifts with others to help them open up to their own inner light and healing abilities hidden within. Very few are able to tolerate death, but some become Mediums by working through the Akashic Records. Cruelty is also something they cannot tolerate and it literally makes them sick to their stomachs or their hearts break to see any being, abused in any way; which is why many of them become activists, counselors, policemen, and doctors.

Starlighted Starseeds are very old souls with unlimited resources through lifetimes worth of experiences; that is why many of them find themselves working with children in some way, and some of them become teachers to guide the younger direction. Other use their higher understanding to help others by becoming Life Coaches and Spiritual Teachers; they use their Universal Wisdom to heal others by speaking, writing, and creating music; that uplifts and empowers others to shine in the light of their own heart. All Starseeds ignite the fires of Passion in everyone that they encounter by inspiring them with their many interests and talents.


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Starlighted Starseeds from Arcturus are writers, speakers, and heartbreakers; they help you heal from previous relationships by shining so bright in your heart, you forget why you were so sad to begin with. By loving an Arcturian Starlight, you lose your will to dwell on the past and learn to live fully in the present moment. They are adventurous and free spirited in nature, and you can almost always find them out in nature exploring. They feel safer by large bodies of water and many live near the beach as a result; the ones who do not; feel a deep desire to travel to and live near the ocean.

Starseeds from Sirius A are the oldest Starlights in existence, they’ve been everywhere in our timeline; Past, Present, and Future, this makes them incredibly gifted at time travel and astral projection; to change events, according to their life mission. They have figured our many ways to alter the course of their fated future, by traveling through time portals through their hearts; to reconfigure how it affected their waking reality. Many of them have memories of past lifetimes in Ancient Egypt and the Lost City of Atlantis; although none of these memories existed on this Earthly Dimensional Plane of Existence at all. They are memories from other dimensional earthly levels from the future, after the most of the Galaxy was destroyed in the Galactic Wars started by Human Beings.

We as Human Beings believe that we are moving forward by Evolution, but we are in fact, devolving from our futures by supporting War, Hatred, Greed, and Resentment. Starbeings teach Peace, Love, Abundance for all, and Forgiveness, by loving us unconditionally and forgiving us for being the cause of all the destruction in the Galaxy, even destroying their home planets by blowing up their Native Stars from Earth with Nuclear Lasers. They want to help us as a Civilization; grow and expand our awareness, to help us Evolve Back to our true Purpose in the Galaxy; as Innovators, Engineers, and Creators. We are the youngest Star System in our Galaxy and as such, we are still learning our role in the bigger picture as Universal Creators. It is time to show the Galactic Federation of Light under Ashtar’s Command, what we as a People of this Blue Planet Earth are made of; before we become a distant memory in the Locked Halls of Akasha. It’s happened before, how else do you think the Reptilians became homeless?

Starlighted Starseeds from Sirius are not Reptilian; we are Cobras, and we eat ALL Energy Vampires for breakfast!

We are the Guiding Lighted Starseeds from Arcturus; Rainbow warriors it’s time to awaken to finish our Mission!

-The Guiding Lighted Network :

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