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How The Multiverse Is Manifesting Ascension

By on May 26, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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How The Multiverse Is Manifesting Ascension

by Sean M. Akers,
Contributing Writer,

Stephen Hawking’s passing from our shared reality was a heavy milestone for many in the scientific, academic and general community at large.  Bound to his wheelchair, confined within his mind from a disease that essentially paralyzed him almost completely, his mind was in a sense set free to explore concepts and ideas that many of us would never dare broach.  In one sense, that was his cross to bear.  This state compelled him to traverse the thought boundaries of astrophysics, black hole theory, and the universe.  Had he not been forced to sit and think he might not have published or worked on manuscripts that were written in the style of thought that they are.

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One of his last published papers was on the Multiverse Theory.  In summary, what Dr. Hawking proposes is that our Universe is but one of many.  Our universe does not continue to inflate forever and ever, giving way to infinite expansion.  At some point during the inflation process, it will reach a threshold and smoothly find a boundary that is akin to gently “pumping the brakes” on inflation.  In the illustration below, Universes contained, yet connected pockets of potentially unique physical rules and behaviors.


I found this to be a rather fascinating concept of the Multiverse.  It does illustrate that many Universes are connected.  While some in the image above do not appear to be connect, that is only an illusion because we are viewing a static image (non 4th dimension of fluid time) in 2D.  The image lacks depth.  There could be Universes behind others that have no apparent connections to other Universes.  Considering this, the image makes its point very well.

More recently, I was relaxing at home after work one evening, and I was somewhat in the throes of energy waves as they were crashing into our Mother Earth back during the week starting May 6th, 2018.  Many people reported feeling massive energy waves coming through at that time, and many required extra rest.   To share some personal details with you of what I was experiencing at that time, I had decided to undertake, for the first time, a 5-day water fast.  My fast began on Sunday evening, after dinner.  From that point forward, I only consumed water, coffee, and water mixed with pink Himalayan sea salts for electrolyte supplementation.  At times, it was very difficult to navigate my thoughts as they screamed for me to break the fast, but I persisted, and it paid off.  It was a very profound experience.  It was during this time, coupled with the massive energy waves, that I had a moment of insight about the Universe, the Multiverse, Singularities, and Ascension into higher vibration, energetic dimensions.

I was sitting, listening to a podcast, and holding a pyramidal-shaped quartz stone.  This stone was new to my care, and I partly attribute what I saw as an internal vision to this new gem, presently in my company.  I was holding the quartz stone in my right hand and closed my eyes because I was becoming overwhelmingly tired and decided to “rest my eyes” for just a moment.  The image came to mind of the “big bang” model of how our Universe came into existence.

It was at that moment that I realized that this image was only half of a fraction of the total picture.  What I saw in my mind space at that very moment was the image in Figure 2.  The Universe became symmetrical as illustrated in Figure 3.


Let’s step back for a moment and recall together that Science used to tell us that the Earth was the center of the Universe.  With enough research, man understood that the model of the Universe as Earth-centric was incorrect, and that the Earth revolved around the Sun, also known as Heliocentrism.  Eventually this perspective was downgraded, and we understood, relatively recently I might add, that the Sun was not the Center of our known existence but is part of a massive conglomeration of other “Sun” stars that form a galaxy which is rotating at seriously high speeds.

[Note: The reason you cannot feel the speed of galactic rotation is because the rate of velocity is relatively constant.  If you are always moving at the same speed, then you do not notice.  Acceleration is the difference from one speed to another.  It is the rate of progression from one speed to another, especially acute acceleration, that one takes notice that a change in velocity is occurring.  An example would be when you are sitting on an airplane on the runway, and the pilot shifts the engines into high gear.  You immediately notice the acceleration from low speed to high speed.  Once you are in the air travelling at 220-300 miles per hour you do not notice anymore because the acceleration has leveled off, and you experiencing a constant travel velocity.]

Then a collective realization came forward and we now understand that our galaxy is part of super clusters of galaxies.  This can go onto even larger scales, but there is a limit to which this continued expansion of scale can ascend because eventually we either arrive at the edge of the known visible universe, or we arrive close to the singularity.

Borrowing from the point of post-humus Professor Stephen Hawking that there are multiple universes that, together, comprise a Multiverse, and that they are connected, our known and shared reality of our Universe is part of this construct.  We do not sit idly by in the wake of the created fabric of reality emanating from the center of our Universe’s singularity.  We reside INSIDE the center of our Singularity.  Your consciousness alone is a Singularity that cannot be touched or altered directly.  Our Singularity is not some static speck of light that sits in the vastness of Meta-Space in which the Universe floats like a lily pad in the middle of a pond.  Our Universe, the Singularity that resides in the center, continuously emanates a reality fabric around itself through higher dimensions, Meta-Space.

Let us define Space, Meta-Space, and how Space resides within Meta-Space.  Space is the distance between two bodies of material within our, or a, Universe.  It would be akin to labeling the distance between the Earth and the Moon as “Space.”


Meta-Space is the vastness through which a Universe, and ultimately ALL Universes, reside within.  It is the “space” between Universes within the Multiverse space.  For this article, we will use the term “meta” to define this region of space based upon the Greek etymology of the word “meta,” which is defined as “with, across, after.”  Meta-Space is “after” or “across” the space contained within the reality fabric or energetic-wake of a Universal Singularity.

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It all fits together in that Space resides within Meta-Space because Space is unique to a Singularity’s reality field or fabric.  Space resides within its own Universe.  The Universe resides within the Meta-Space.  The Singularity, and in the plural sense, Singularities, float through Meta-Space.

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Meta-Space is likely comprised of higher dimensions.  Our known Universe is moving through a Meta-Space.  There is space outside of our Universe’s boundaries, or “event horizon”.  Our Space, the distance between the Earth and the Moon, resides within our Universe, and still yet within Meta-Space.  Our Singularity that seems to have given rise to all that is right now is moving through Meta-Space!  It moves through the Meta-Space leaving behind in its wake a wave or reality fabric/ripple of energy.  It is a dynamically moving marvel, not some stationary point on the X,Y,Z coordinate plane that we define as “the beginning” from which all we know comes forward.  That last part is true, that within our Singularity, Our Collective Soul Family Consciousness arises, but it is not the only one or the beginning, it is part of a family of “beginnings” that are moving, via kinetic action, through the Meta-Space.  Figure 7 attempts to elucidate this concept.

Now, taking Figures 1 and 7 and placing them side by side makes the picture much clearer.  It’s two ways of looking at the same concept.

If we can conceptualize that many Universes are moving through Meta-Space, then where are they all heading?  Could it be that there is a higher order?  Could it be that most of the Universes are coordinating to move towards each other to construct something bigger than their own entities apart from all else?  This train of thought leads up to a concept of “Order Out of Chaos”.  That term has been tainted because of nefarious persons who knowingly capitalize off this natural law, but it is a natural law nonetheless which does not make it bad or evil.  “Intent” is what makes something bad or evil.  Regardless of whether there are entities that use this natural law to their perceived advantage, a positive, higher good and love rules over all else, and will, in the end, assuage fear.  Creator is not to be feared.  Creator created all that is, can, and will be.  Creator is just getting started.

So, what happens then if the multiple Universes start to coalesce around each other, or combine to form something that has yet to make its debut on the stage of awareness?  What might the product look like, just before the moment of conception, or inception?  Maybe it might look something like the following.  The Universes are moving towards one another in a grand, orchestrated dance.

My hypothesis builds from prior articles.  If you are the Print Master, a Universal Singularity who has broken through the 5-Sense Reality Construct, has become “Creator” conscious [implying that you are “awake” to know that your perspective is one of an infinite number of points of awareness of “Creator”], and are in the process of traversing beyond the Veil to a higher dimension, then you understand where this is headed.  We are moving to a higher realm or dimension of possibility.  One in which fear has been acknowledged, but not indulged.  One in which Compassion, Humility, Empathy, Respect, and Love are revered and are part of each decision made in real time.  This “Happening”, or “Event”, is coming in waves.  It doesn’t happen all at once.  That would be two abrupt.  There must be a medium of conduction.   There must be a conduit through which these energies move through to elevate us all.  This process or action is appropriately called an “ascension,” and we are moving through it right now, together, effortlessly.  It is not always a state of bliss.  Sometimes the ascension process hurts.  Karma is rapidly exchanging itself rather than waiting for years to return.  The karmic laws and how they resolve experiential lessons is accelerating.  Time is speeding up so that we can be aware of our own imperfections.  We need to acknowledge those imperfections, face them, and then learn from them.  Only then are we made stronger as individuals, and then by proxy, stronger as a Soul Family.  That means you are encouraged to Love Yourself.  That’s not coming from a place of ego gratification.  It is meant to imply that in order to help others, you first must be able to function, and that comes to the care of yourself.


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When we all unite under the same energy field through which we’re moving towards, all that is required is that you participate.  This is a voluntary action.  You do not have to participate if you do not wish or want to participate.  You always have a choice, but your perspective, thoughts, and frame of mind are highly valued.  You are encouraged to walk through the Veil and be part of the Ascension process.  The moment of activation is further catalyzed by your participation, from your perspective.  The “Event” will occur whether you choose to participate or not, but you will be aware of the “Event” if you are making the effort to complete your internal work to wake yourself up and understand who you are, where you have come from, and acknowledge the potential that you harbor within your Source Light of All Creation, your Soul.

You are a key to a better world!  When all the Universes/Singularities combine, and the last puzzle piece is approaching the point that will complete a new, grand, epic picture, tale, or play, then a new chapter begins.  An emergence into a higher realm with higher possibilities.  Ascension.

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sean akersAbout the authorSean is a researcher within many avenues in need of exploration. His passion is to discover and share the actual, real truth in order to catalyze the betterment, empowerment and mass self-actualization of love, compassion, empathy, remembrance, healing and humility to all conscious persons engaged in this experience we are collectively sharing through life. If you wish to contact him, please send an e-mail to His written materials and additional shared resources of inspiration can be found at

Image: Pixabay

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