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Shifting Paradigms – How To Anchor The 4D And 5D Realities

By on December 22, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Shifting Paradigms – How To Anchor The 4D And 5D Realities

by Kate Mathieson,
Contributing Writer,

There is a new world that has been with us for some time now – the 4th Dimensional transition space and the 5th Dimensional infinite love space. Which means there is a falling away, and has been for a while – of the 3D density and also older, spiritual paradigms.

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This is not to discount or discredit what came before at all.  The old spiritual paradigms were stepping stones of development that had to occur in order to get us where we are today.

That doesn’t mean we need to continue to stay there.

Now, more than ever, is the time to realize the burning bright light of illumination that we all are. We can anchor in that amazing light by seeing how far we have come and developed, and by understanding the new paradigm available to us as we shift towards 5D new way of being – a place of infinite love and total illumination.

As the new 4D and 5D paradigm replaces the old 3D, some individuals, particularly those that have been on the pathway for a while, are eager to move up, to learn, to develop and grow and surrender to how life unfolds at a different level. But the reality is that the old paradigm still survives for those that have not discovered the new or who are not yet comfortable with it.  That is perfect too.

Should you want to anchor in the light transmission of the 4D and 5D realities, read the third column.  Use these words to say to yourself to anchor in the new transitions.  Remember what you already know.

Side note: If anything here triggers you – amazing!

To be triggered – which means to carry a charge about something – is usually accompanied by an emotion – anger, frustration, sadness, apathy, happiness (not joy bliss, but I-got-what-I-wanted happiness).

Triggering is a brilliant offering and way to wake up out of the old conditioning and cycle. There can be triggerings at all different levels, depending on your beliefs and expectations – small ones and large ones.

Sometimes when you’re triggered, especially a BIG one, it feels like a cannonball shooting right through your life – ripping it apart.  This makes way for the old parts of you that no longer align to be absorbed into the realization of the burning brightness of your being.

3D Density 3D Old Spiritual Paradigm New Spiritual Transitions (4&5D)
Life is hard. Shitty things happen.  Good things happen. They are arbitrary. Karma comes back to get people – both good and bad. Everything is a gift, an offering to learn and love more about ourselves and love ourselves and others more.
Everyone has issues. That’s just the way it is. Get therapy or get on with your life. I have to look at my shadow self and see what is there to work on.  I need to fix these things about myself. Everything is love, waiting to be loved even more.  There is no light or dark. No duality.  There is nothing to be ‘fixed’, just things arising to be loved.


I need to go to work to make money. It takes time to save up for things. Law of Attraction – I can manifest things into my life, I must avoid any negative thoughts in my life and think only about what I want, otherwise it creates a scarcity complex Abundance of all is the only state that exists. Everything is perfectly positioned.  If I view myself as having a ‘lack’ then there is something in me, a trigger or an offering, to overcome with love.


The way life unfolds has nothing to do with what you do with your mind, or what you have taken the time to desire. You are not the reason why you are sick, why things don’t work out, or why things did.  These things are nothing to do with manifesting or not manifesting.


Things unfold as they do, and you choose whether or not you are triggered by them or not.  If you are, and if you are not, both gives way for sending yourself more love.

I go on holidays to the places I want to go. Beaches. Islands. Cities. Mountains. Certain places in the world hold a stronger spiritual connection – way lines, sacred sites, etc.  It makes it easier to tap into that information. You can tap into higher dimensions from anywhere – from your bedroom, from the top of a mountain.  All the same energy. All the same thing.
There are different religions that mean different things.  And new age stuff. There is a spiritual hierarchy – up through gurus, ascended masters and archangels, etc. There are no angels. Or ascended masters. There is just ONENESS. Infinite source.  This energy may show up to as an angel, but it is really the ALL energy, of which you are a significant and insignificant part. You are one part and the whole. As is everyone else.  Oneness.
The world feels like it’s falling to pieces a little. So many wars and famines, and people not feeling safe. There’s feminism and racism and discrimination etc. We need to create a social evolution to get everyone awakened. To act against what is happening in this world.  Let’s sage it. Let’s send ‘love and light’. Let’s pray for it. Everything is perfect, just as it is. I keep loving myself more.  And keep loving others more.


The divine unfolding continues every day.

When are people going to get their stuff together? I don’t want to hear negative stuff. I have absorbed someone’s energy and need to get it out. It’s not mine. My boundaries must have been down.   I need to work on that. We are all the same energy. There are no boundaries.  I am always the light.


If I am triggered or unresolved things arise for me – and it feels like I am pulled out of the light that I am (even though I’m not) then I choose to love that about myself even more.


Other people showing up with pain, anger, violence and injustice (etc) doesn’t remove me from standing in the light. Just by listening, they release the pain, and may realise they too, are standing in the light. Or not. Doesn’t matter. All perfect.

I feel bad sometimes, I feel good other times I need to work on my chakras – my X chakra is out. Chakras don’t exist. They existed purely because we needed something to focus on, to concentrate on the connection that we have always had with source.  Once that connection is constantly held and anchored, no need to chakra!


We are an infinite life source of love always. No matter what is happening.

My purpose in life? I don’t know. To have kids.  Keep this world turning. Guru-ism. I need to find a Guru, a spiritual mentor or teacher to find the way, to help me find my mission and purpose. The only mission we came here, to do, is to love ourselves and each other. That unfolds in many different ways for souls.

When we do love ourselves and each other infinitely, we will be ready to ascend.


There is no entrenched hierarchy, there are people who may give us key insights as we step our way down our path – but the old form of Guru-ism, to give over our power or worshipping others slips away.

About the author: Kate Mathieson is an Author, Writer and Soul Mastery guide.

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