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How To Apply Sacred Geometry To Your Chakras

By on October 12, 2019 in Meditation with 0 Comments

How To Apply Sacred Geometry To Your Chakras

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by Twin Flame Chemistry,
Contributing writer,

I have always been interested in the “next level” of optimum health, how to become super human, and thrive in a world full of contrasted experiences.


Through my personal journey, I discovered that not just the outer actions were going to make a difference in my health, but my thoughts and emotions.

Recently on my quest, I have been more and more interested in applying quantum physics and geometry to principles and patterns I have noticed in our physical bodies, whether they stemmed from our behaviors, thoughts, speech or emotions. It’s all connected! We just get different type of information according to the angle and position we look at a circumstance (or “a problem” some may say).

How To Apply Sacred Geometry To Your Chakras

My recent “studies” led me to find pieces of information that I gathered to create this BASIC MEDITATION principle to apply SACRED GEOMETRY to each of our CHAKRAS, and in this case, they are called PLATONIC SOLIDS.

How To Apply Sacred Geometry To Your Chakras

The principle is simple. We are going to go into a meditative state, through slow breathing, either lying down or siting in a lotus position, and use the following tools for each chakra: a geometrical shape, crystals and colors.

Let’s start with the ROOT CHAKRA:


You are going to imagine your chakra as a flower, and put around it A CUBE.

This is the element of EARTH that you are calling in and “rooting” your beautiful Root Chakra Flower within this Sacred Space.

Call in the energy of the crystals MALACHITE & HEMATITE to support this healing. Pay attention to the images or sensations that may come up as you put your focus on your root chakra and create this space for it to be repatterned to a higher version of efficiency and self love. The colors you may use are any shades of green and brown.

Let’s move up the to SACRAL CHAKRA:

This time you are visualizing an ICOSAHEDRON. This is the element of WATER and you are creating this whirpool and sacred “pond” within that space. Call in the energy of the crystals MOONSTONE & CHRYSOCOLLA. Again pay attention to all images and sensations you receive in this time & space. You can use any shades of blue to support your healing, as if you were “painting” your own ocean.


You will visualize a TETRAHEDRON. This is the element of FIRE, and you are now channeling into this Sacred Space your own Sacred FLAME. This is your spark of the Divine within. Call in the energy of the crystals RUBY & FIRE AGATE to support any “inflammation” or symptoms that may rise from focusing on this chakra. You can use any shades of red and orange to support this healing.

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Moving upward to the HEART CHAKRA:

You will visualize an OCTAHEDRON. This is the element of AIR, and you are now expanding this Sacred Shape into your lungs and rib cage. Call in the energy of the crystals CITRINE and YELLOW JASPER to support this process of release and expansion. Draw in as much light and air as needed, and feel any past heaviness being lifted off your chest. You can use the color yellow and white to bring this energy through your nose and heart space.


All three are using the same geometrical shape: a DODECAHEDRON.

Start with the throat, then when energies are feeling open as you move through any blockages, move to your brow then crown.

This is the element of ETHER (Spirit), and you are now channeling higher frequencies in your higher chakras. Call in the energy of the crystals AMETHYST & CLEAR QUARTZ to support this process. You are elevating your physical body to its multi layers of existence through time and space.

That’s “it”!

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Please note that this is a “basic” method that can be deepened using different tools of awareness and your own guidance and wisdom.

Feel free to create your own using this basic principle and guidance.

Many blessings to you.

Twin Flame Chemistry


Image: Pixabay

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